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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

Zhanna Kens WINS Gold with Her Figure Skating Dress Designs

Zhanna Kens, an International Dress Designer in Fine Dancewear, is very grateful for her clients. Her dress designs play a big part of her client’s life. Most of her clients have great victories wearing her unique and fresh in style creations. As you know, Dress is Very Important.

She finished her 2010 with great accomplishments. Zhanna’s clients, rising stars in Figure Skating World were on the covers of magazines wearing their Gold medals and Zhanna Kens dress designs!

She is now preparing for a Fashion week in Tampa Bay and in Miami in the fall.

Zhanna Kens

Zhanna Kens

Beverly Gun-Munro WINS with The Entrepreneur Woman Workshop

The Entrepreneur Woman "BluePRINT & StartUP Your Dream Business" workshop held in Santa Monica last Friday night was a tremendous success. We covered "The 7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make" "7 Strategies Successful Women Entrepreneurs Use" "7 Steps to Launching Your Dream Business" "The C's of Success". A 2 hr. jam packed evening of inter-action, learning, sharing, prizes, networking ~ a great time was had by all ~ by all accounts/surveys and remarks on; They were over-booked and had a waiting list. People are already signing up for our next Meetup Feb. 18th. Wow!

Go to; ~ Entrepreneur Women ~ Santa Monica
Beverly Gun-Munro

Beverly Gun-Munro

Shellie Hunt is racking up HUGE wins!

This past weekend Shellie was a Judge with Barbara Walters and 10 other Luminaries for The Gracie Awards, Presented by Alliance for Women in Media.

In addition, she was recently petitioned by the Joint Chief of Staff to speak, because of her presence and her message. Go Shellie!

Shellie Hunt


Tony Eugene WINs with Life Support Medical System

Life Support Medical System sleekly designed, easy-to-use console, wearable remote transmitters, and a wide range of detection accessories. Our system provides the ultimate lifestyle support solution for the high-end market. It incorporates an advanced home health and safety system with a full-featured activity support system – so that emergency response, family contacts, and health care providers are reachable at the press of a button.

Tony Eugene

David Stacey WINS with Weekly Financial Seminar Series at UCF Incubator Program

David Stacey is now giving a series of weekly seminars at the University of Central Florida for participants in the university’s eminent incubator program. They have multiple facilities around the metro Orlando area and provide outstanding support and facilities for nearly 100 early-stage companies. Members of the incubator management team attended some of David’s seminars last year and asked him to put together a special program for their members centered around the theme of trying to build your business given the shortage of available capital. He got a great response to his first event this last Wednesday and he will be developing the theme over the coming weeks.

David A. Stacey
Chief Executive Officer
Office: 407 834 8419
Cell: 321 947 8419

David Stacey

Brian & Terry Hartley WIN with the Body Shield at 2011 FitExpo

Brian & Terry Hartley of The Body Shield had a very great week in Southern California and their world famous non-slip workout towels, made 100% from pine trees, were the hit of the 2011 FitExpo, the west coast's largest consumer fitness show.

They sold quite a bit of product at the show, but most importantly, got their product in the hands of big names such as current Mr. Olympia Champion, Jay Cutler, as well as Lou Ferigno, Titan, from American Gladiators, as well as making a connection with Iron Man Magazine, Joe Antouri, Founder of PROPTA - Personal Training Association, and Jami Eason of In addition, many of the celebrities, took photos with the product and gave permission to use photos on the website.

They also visited the Los Angeles Club of CEO Space, the largest in the world, and not only were guest speakers, but also aligned with a member who will introduce them to the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a key contact for the Dept. of Defense, for design of a military product.

They received support at the Expo by fellow CEO Space members Amy Wenslow of Products to Profits, and CEO Space Club President, Dave Phillipson.

When asked about their wins, Terry said, “Perhaps our most joyous win is sharing the gift of CEO Space, with our favorite vendors at the show.” ...truly cooperative!

Brian & Terry Hartley
The Body Shield

Barry Auchettl and Mary Ann Swan WIN – Advancing to Round 3

Last week it was reported that Barry Auchettl and Mary Ann Swan project were one of 50 who made it through to the 2nd round in "The Next Best Brilliant Ideas for Humanity" Contest. Barry Auchettl and Mary Ann Swan have now advanced to Round 3 with the Conversations Game in the online contest. They are one of 25 projects moving forward.

Barry Auchettl
Mary Ann Swan

Conservation Game

Barry Auchettl Mary Ann Swan

Conversations Game

WINS at Ball of Fire, Inc.

· Ball of Fire, Inc. launches Shedding the Bitch™ Radio with Bernadette Boas – every Tuesday at Noon eastern time,

· Shedding the Bitch™ releases E Book – “Ditch the Bitch or Kill Her with Kindness – A Girls Guide to Success -

· Bernadette Boas’ first book, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, will be available to ship March 10th – Pre buy today and get an autographed copy, bonus gift and a great price $12.99

Bernadette Boas
Chief Ball of Fire
Ball of Fire Inc.

Bernadette Boas

Featured Deal of the Week is brought to you by The National Networker, CEO Space Mid Atlantic and Rob Adams (pictured here).
Rob Adams

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