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Monday, November 01, 2010


Tug of War

by Adam J. Kovitz

I am not a politician.  In fact, I hate politics, especially in today's climate and being just days before a major election here in the U.S.

As an entrepreneur, I don't have time to waste with politics as I have a business to run, yet no matter where you go, it seems almost impossible to escape.  Like many who are reading this, I'm not big enough to afford a lobbyist to buy any favor and I'm too small to make much of a difference other than committing myself to vote.

Unfortunately, none of the politicians I know have a clue what to do about small business, entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises.  From the most left-winged, pinko-communist, "tax and spend" liberals to the most religious-right, family-values, conservative nut-job, it seems that all they know to do is fund more programs to empower banks to lend more money...this is not the answer.

So I try to stay away from it all...yet can't.  I am being inundated with every "wave the bloody shirt" campaign out there over the TV, internet and traditional mail.  I can only imagine the money spent on campaigning alone - it must be enough to at least fund several states' emergency unemployment programs, fund several entrepreneurial concerns or fund programs to help the poor and needy.

Feeling, as many do, of being caught in the middle of this tug of war, I was delighted to watch the live simulcast of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.  It was a "breath of fresh air for me" as it hit upon three of my main entertainment staples:  comedy, music (musicians featured were the Roots, Yussif a.k.a., Cat Stevens, Ozzy Osbourne, the O'Jays, Mavis Staples, Jeff Tweedy, Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow) as well as science fiction (obvious nerd-o-riffic references to "Star Trek" as well as a guest appearance of R2-D2).  The rally also spoke for those who are tired of the polarizing effects of politics through the lens of media.  Toward the end, Stewart, in his address to the audience said one thing that impacted me:  "If we amplify everything, we hear nothing."

That's exactly where this entrepreneur is.  At this point, I really don't care who wins.  I just know that after November 2nd, I can rest knowing that half my mail won't be laden with political rhetoric and campaign promises that hold as much water as a New Year's resolution.  I have stopped believing that government is going to solve any of my issues or those of other emerging enterprises so I am doing my best to disengage myself from the tug of war as there are no real solutions there...just distractions.

I have made up my mind to play my own game, invite as many of my friends, acquaintances, entrepreneurs, folks who understand and many more not just in the U.S., but across the globe.  Together, we will create a new game that's fair and has our best interests at heart.  This new game is called TNNWC and I'm glad you could make it.

All my best,


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