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Monday, November 01, 2010

TNNWC UPDATE! Bulletin - New, Trends, Leads, Intel and Tools You Can Use


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TNNWC UPDATE! Bulletin - News, Trends, Leads, Intel and Tools You Can Use.- 11.01.2010

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends:

Thank you, as always for being a part of us, for growing with us and for contributing to the quality of our content and super-services for accelerated business growth. We work together in cooperation, collaboration and synergy. Our readership and our clientele are our purpose and our continued source of inspiration.

When one Member refers a new Member, or several new Members, each of the parties starts out with a (now world-famous) Mini-Media Buzz Blitz -- a way to introduce, or re-introduce every one of these parties, their businesses, their brands...their "secret sauce" as Mark Blankenship would say, to the rest of the world. It is a blast which would cost between $200.00 and $300.00 which is yours for free. And it's only the beginning. We have an unparalleled suite of services to build your business --- not just witticisms, anecdotes and re-cycled advice -- and not just the usual "downloadable web tools and programs," either -- we offer you (YES - YOU, BRIGHT EYES!) tools to effect rapid, sustainable growth, with real profitability.

Our philosophy and our commerce proposition are very, very simple -- we offer you a backpack full of tangibles to choose from, close interpersonal guidance on how to best use the ones that you need most, and you stay with us -- and you encourage others to join.

TNNWC is not a social club or networking group in any traditional sense. Our alien brain has three lobes, each with its own function, but with each complementing the others.

  • Publishing excellent newsletters, and providing ongoing news and intelligence for you to apply to your business and to your life. We have special publications available by email , RSS feed and by widget (we have a gallery of 'em). Dynamic content on trends, tools, tips and some life-changing bits of truly sage advice. We make it entertaining and interesting as well as educational and instructive.

  • Providing an unparalleled suite of incomparable and crucial business services -- comprehensive, fully user-friendly services with our ongoing personal advice and support. We want relationships...not just transactions. We serve Human Beings, and not machines; and these extraordinary Human Beings whom we are proud to call our Members (before "Clients"), are guided through the use of each serve by other Human Beings. Ultimately, commerce happens PERSON TO PERSON...and no gadgetry or gimmickery (sp?) can replace that magical interaction.

  • Promoting our Cooperative Business Community - a group of member organizations, publishers, and sellers of services and products who combine the sheer collective numbers of followers, subscribers, clients and members to get non-competitive messages out to giant audiences, far greater than any one individual's list could ever be. Incidentally, this is done without ever revealing or putting any opt-in or email subscriber lists at risk - those are not centralized or shared, because they don't have to be -- we have a system that keeps each individual list confidential and 100% spam-free). Can you imagine the power of getting your message out to millions when your newly-growing list is only 2,500? Exponentiality. Unite and conquer.

But then, we have other matters to attend to...

You've mentioned (to yourself) that you might wish to peruse (one should always sashay before one peruses) some of our services. You say that you want a list? Well, then:

News Releases, Publicity and Public Relations

Specialized Financing and Credit Enhancement

Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program

Merchant Payment Processing Solutions

Market Research, Surveys and Polls

Assessment Tools

Intelligence and Information Services

Instant Mobile Communications, Applications and Training

Advertise with TNNWC


TNNWC BLOGWORKS! (Did you know that every website owner should have several blogs as well? Did you that blogs generally have more search engine traction and credibility than most websites??? Well????) (that's's a blog)

International Connections Service (ICS) - GO GLOBAL!

Some of these services are up, running and available...others might take some weeks or months until we've found the right captains (actually Divisional Presidents) to oversee them. If you've heard that TNNWC is on a hiring and partnering binge, you heard correctly.

For those of you who MUST HAVE that Mini-Media Buzz Blitz, you can still get it at the mere touch of a button: It is available as a .pdf download.

Your Message to MILLIONS
*For a .pdf download.

For those of you (or "youse" if ya from da Joisey Shaw) who are enthralled by the idea of our Cooperative Business Community -- you might want to join very, very soon if you'd like to be considered for a position on our Governing Committee -- you can take a peek at the mere touch of a button:

Cooperative Business Community -


If you would like to enhance your website, blog, newsletter, social media output and other communications with 1) rich, dynamic, interesting original content; 2) dramatically increased visits from new visitors as well as returnees; 3) a higher search engine ranking, position and presence; 4) longer stays per visitor to your site (increasing the likelihood of generating leads and closing more sales); and 5) reinforcement of your brand and buzz through the entire social media are cordially invited to take a trip to our widget gallery where you may choose from a number of wonderful widgets any one or more of which can can grab for free.

You should also consider visiting our "Who's Who of the BUZZARDS" of TNNWC Buzzworks. These people are dangerous, devious and diverse in their talents and backgrounds...they live to BUZZ your BRAND. Look at the whole crew of 'em: (aarrrgh!)

We are working on raiding other roosts to snag us about three or four more! We have them in our scopes, but we can't let the cat out of the bag (or the horses out of the barn) until they have finished passing a veritable gauntlet of tests.

Hey! You may be curious to take a wee peek at our Executive Team. Would you like the link so that you may conveniently click on it? No. We're not going to make it THAT easy. Visit the site. Navigate a bit. It's good for you.

We have some NEW MEMBERS who are about to be blitzed out of their rocking chairs. Please visit each of their sites (oh brothers and sisters!), Rate Them, Google Them and do other things with them. There are instructions below. They would seem to be a fascinating and accomplished group of people --- perhaps there is something to the Law Of Attraction (from time to time).

HERE THEY ARE [cue hoofbeats can be heard in the distance....], for you to welcome into our TNNWC GICBC (we love acronyms):

Mike Giles
Boston Office Space For Lease Commercial Real Estate For Sale  provides comprehensive non-biased market information, Specialized expertise, advisory and advocacy services, exclusively to companies that Lease or Purchase office space / commercial real estate for their business operations.
Boston Office Space For Lease, Commercial Real Estate For Sale, Broker, Consulting, Tenant Representation, Massachusetts.
GOOGLE both Member and Company; Visit and RATE THE SITE (just *click* for Rating Form).

Tony Humphrey
Member-based online club with 100's of 1000's of direct booking / purchase savings for travel, shopping, leisure activities, travel insurance in over 100 countries - new products added weekly.
Partners wanted, NFP fundraising, Loyalty program
travel club,travel discounts,travel savings,travel deals,travel direct,

GOOGLE both Member and Company; Visit and RATE THE SITE (just *click* for Rating Form).

Ayman Irshaid
specialized on social networking and concultancy services for telecom
telecom social

GOOGLE both Member and Company; Visit and RATE THE SITE (just *click* for Rating Form).

Jerry Ashton
Written Off - America and Americans
This book on the Great Recession is about re-inventing America's relationship with debt and debtors and will be crowd-sourced almost entirely on the Internet through Social Media resources such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Yes, thank YOU!
debt, debtor, owe, credit, collections

GOOGLE both Member and Company; Visit and RATE THE SITE (just *click* for Rating Form).

Victor O'Reilly
Victor O'Reilly - Letters From An author
NYT Best Selling Author Victor O'Reilly has returned to writing after military work with an explosive new thriller, THE BLOOD OF GENERATIONS, and his timely non-fiction work TITANIC NATION:The Case For Fundamental Change In The American Way Of Life -
New Books, NYT Best Selling Author, Blogger, Public Speaker, Historian, Economist, Counterterrorism Expert, Strategic Consultant
GOOGLE both Member and Company; Visit and RATE THE SITE (just *click* for Rating Form).

Once again; Welcome New Members!


Get the Javascript (in a nifty download) to put this button on your website, blog, or social media.

Now, Dear Readers; ENJOY THE ARTICLES.
With all of our best,

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle

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