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Sunday, October 03, 2010

TNNWC UPDATE BULLETIN! News and Developments at 10.04.2010 - Read These!


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TNNWC Update Bulletin! Developments at 10.04.2010
Dear Members, Colleagues, Readers and Eavesdroppers (if you’re looking over someone’s shoulder):

Version .002 of TNNWC Group’s fully-featured, product- and service-loaded website was supposed to be up and running on October 1st. Well, it was supposed to be. Then again, my retirement fund was supposed to be worth millions, too, but that is taking somewhat longer than expected…

As it turns out, we are still in the process of finalizing some of the service details, adding some last-minute copy, and dealing with hosting and posting (H&P!) technologies that seem to be feuding with each other. For example: our graphics, logo and button providers (CoolText and Automotivator), Google/Blogger/Feedburner, Windows Live Spaces, MailChimp, and Yahoo! (and of course, the infamous Internet Explorer 8, which has everyone coughing up bile) are taking turns malfunctioning – at any given moment, one of these things will not be working properly.

Pursuant to Murphy’s Law, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Mercury in retrograde, and other immutable laws of real life, as soon as we fix one problem, another glitch rears its ugly head. It’s like playing a high-stakes game of Whack-A-Mole, or doing that trick where you have to juggle spinning plates on top of long sticks while they play that irritating music in the background.

The good news is that Membership is absolutely exploding – the bad news is that our servers are approaching critical mass, and are acting up.

The Bottom Line: Please bear with us, and try to be patient while we fix all of our glitches and get all of our moving parts to be working in synergistic harmony. In the meanwhile, expect an occasional bit of chaos. We expect to be out of the womb (out of the gate, out of the chute, out of the barn, etcetera) by [cue drum roll]…October 15th.

Thank you for your patience, for being a part of our Community, and for your support and valuable input. You are appreciated indeed!

Douglas Castle,
CEO and Co-Chairman
Douglas Castle
Linked In Profile:
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Visit: and grab my widgets (ahem).
BLOGS:,,,, (LINKS 4 LIFE), , (A wholly-irrelevant blog, but everyone needs a hobby).


Subject: Immediate Priority - Our CoolText Buttons and Logos are Not Properly Functioning. Problem Is Intermittent.

Dear Cool Text Mavens:

Your service, which has always been reliable and excellent (and which we have recommended to many others) is not hosting our logos and buttons at certain intervals. Is your server temporarily malfunctioning? When do you expect to be back up again? My colleagues and I count on you for a great deal of our graphics creation and hosting, and much of this material is linked to in a host of publications which go out to our ever-increasing subscriber membership.
Please advise us at your soonest.

We have many blogs and several websites wherein we use CoolText.
You can find a listing of some of them at , or by going to .

Thank you very much for providing an excellent service, and for your anticipated swift response.

Douglas Castle
Co-Chairman, TNNWC Group, LLC
p.s. Here’s how we sing your praises on many of our blogs (ahem):
Mr. Jason Lampa does not have any affiliation with TNNWC Group, LLC or with any of its related companies or businesses. Mr. Lampa was formerly a Featured Columnist for The National Networker Weekly Newsletter™, and had expressed an interest in promoting TNNWC’s Emerging Markets Venture Capital Program™. Mr. Lampa does not have any authority to speak for or to otherwise represent TNNWC Group, LLC, regarding any of aspect of its business or programs. Mr. Lampa is not an officer of or advisor to TNNWC Group, LLC. Any representation to the contrary is untrue, unauthorized and fraudulent.
Welcome, Mr. Kent Martin!
We are delighted to announce that Mr. Kent Martin, an extraordinarily gifted and experienced corporate communications and multi-media publicity professional (his experience ranges from writing, to radio broadcasting, to television announcing… Kent’s Linked In Profile will provide you with the incredible spectrum of Kent’s professional expertise and experience – just have a look at ) has joined TNNWC Group, LLC as the Client Services Executive and Divisional President of its News Release, Publicity and Public Relations Services.
Kent will also be playing a Senior Advisory Role to our world-famous TNNW BUZZWORKS™ Team.
TNNWC Group, LLC is pleased to announce the selection of three new Members (we call them “Buzzards,” but never in public…) to broaden the power base, capabilities, areas of expertise and market penetration potency of our TNNW BUZZWORKS™ TEAM:
We invite you to learn more about these brave new soldiers in the war for Buzz-To-Brand™ media domination for our Clients:
Mr. Jared DiCarmine
An expert personal trainer, internet entrepreneur, and representative of the new wave of media-launched entrepreneurs, we are delighted to Have Jared on the Team.
Master Soke Joseph Droual
Soke Joseph Droual has been a successful martial arts practitioner, teacher and private instructor for more than 36 years. He has been inducted into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and is an acknowledged and certified master in four different martial arts styles. He is involved in organizing, advising and teaching public safety programs for building self-confidence in children and women throughout Long Island New York. As a side note, Soke was Douglas Castle’s (Sensei) personal teacher in Chowa-Ryu style jiu jitsu.
Mr. Robert Edward Fay
Robert is a remarkable individual with a vast knowledge (some of it through study, much of through intuitive “knowing”) of arcane subjects running the spectrum from personality typing to the most sophisticated teachings of world-renowned theosophists, philosophers and scientific initiators. He has a wonderfully open-minded entrepreneurial spirit. You will be learning a great deal about Robert, and from Robert, during the course of the weeks to come.
In the meantime, if you are impatient (and intrigued) you are advised to contact Robert telepathically – remember, he’s a new friend, so don’t send him any thoughts “collect.” If you try to contact Robert via a mind to mind connection and you get a busy signal, please try again. His mind is quite busy, but when you connect, there will be nothing quite like it.
Read about the book that Bonnie Ross-Parker of our Cooperative Business Community™ (Bonnie’s websites are and contributed to, and the 150 free gifts included with this book purchase on her Joy Of Connecting Website --

Now, more than ever, women are experiencing an awakening of the soul, a call to remove the masks that they wear, to step through their fears, to claim their authentic selves and to fully live the life they are meant to live.

In the new book, A Juicy, Joyful Life, you’ll meet 41 extraordinary women (including Bonnie Ross-Parker), from housewives to radio hosts; from coaches to healers to entrepreneurs – women who have stepped forward to share their inspirational and heart-felt stories and authentic truth with the collective intention of encouraging ALL women to embrace the axiom that “where you’ve been does not define where you will go. You CAN create a new personal story filled with love, hope and purpose.” Please visit the site for the book at .
And there’s more about Bonnie: She was recently featured in a fabulous article in People You Need to Know Women’s Magazine.
The article, titled “Bonnie Ross-Parker: Up-Close – Author, Speaker, Supporter of Women in Business” can be found by clicking on If you a woman in business are not already a JOC Licensee, there’s no time like the present.
Now, enjoy the Featured Columns!
With Great Things to Come,
Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle
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