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Sunday, October 03, 2010

BUSINESS CAPITAL TRENDS: The Straight Path - The NEW Capitalism

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Straight Path - The New Capitalism

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Members and Readers:

The capital markets in the United States and in the other westernized "industrial" nations are in an abysmal state. Trusted, well-established, ivy-league institutions with impeccable credentials, unimpeachable credibility and virtually limitless power have managed, with help of governments, to make the poor poorer, and push the middle class into the "forbidden zone" below the poverty line.

The truly rich are smaller in their percentage of the population than ever before, while the decimated former upper-middle and middle-middle classes are spiraling southward unstoppably into the increasing ranks of the struggling unemployed, the under-employed and the working poor -- nobody is looking forward to a luxurious retirement. Their life savings, pensions and retirement funds have been devalued to the point of near worthlessness, and their homes and other debt-encumbered hard assets are becoming increasingly worthless and illiquid.

People don't speak of getting ahead. They speak of "getting by," or "surviving." Trust fund scions, well-embedded executives at financial institutions (with ready "bonus" access), and some very tenacious and innovative entrepreneurs are the only ones who will survive...and of these, only the entrepreneurs, the emerging enterprises and the small businesses which have historically been the greatest producers, developers, inventors and employers are the only performing asset worth investing in. They are, by their nature and circumstances, infinitely resourceful, efficient and productive.

While big institutions have moved away from innovation and production, and have gotten more expert in paper trading ("artificial monetary genesis," or some other BS) and in blatent stealing, the public and the real producers are being deprived of resources and beaten into the ground. For an example, you might wish to look at my post on The Global Futurist at

Put plainly, the traditional capital markets and the cast of characters who play the primary roles in them have become unconscionably inefficient, and undeniably corrupt. So many moving parts, so many participants (the whole process becomes more complicated and convoluted daily), so many mouths to feed between an innocent passive investor and a real is virtually impossible for an investor to actually invest in an income-producing asset (or at least an asset that will retain its value or appreciate with time) without being run through this gluttonous gauntlet.

If you invest in the big companies through various funds, and securitized instruments or derivatives, you are not investing in anything real. You are not fueling the flame of productivity -- you are lining the pockets of strangers.

On the other hand (if you have another hand), if you could directly invest in smaller, more efficient, productive, innovative, visible and understandable businesses (mostly private companies with growth potential), you would be stimulating the economy, employment, productivity (these little gems are like engines, or bantam roosters), and lining your own pockets, while actually providing them with fuel that won't go to waste, but to the creation of value.

I believe that The Straight Path - The New Capitalism, must, of necessity, involve direct investment participation by individuals, or the institutions and advisors to whom these individuals entrust their finances, in the investee companies. themselves. Investments could be structured to produce an actual cash-on-cash return, where a portion of revenues (much more easily defined and less subject to manipulation) was paid to the investors on a quarterly basis.

True, there would be no wild stock plays, programmed trading algorithms run amok, no opportunities for a whopping gain based upon hot "tips", no exciting market volatility, and limited liquidity -- some of these companies might not want to be acquired, or to become publicly-traded, so their stock would be of little intrinsic value -- but an investor could actually put funds into a company and receive cash (call these distributions "royalties") payments to 1) recoup his/her/its entire principal investment, and 2) to continue to receive payments on a continual basis after that! In fact, these royalties could be placed into other companies using the same direct participation approach in order to multiply returns and diversify portfolios.

Productive companies would have access to capital; capital that Wall Street and the conventional banking community would never think to provide for them.

Investors would have direct access to substantial annuitized returns; the kind of returns and holdings that grow bigger larger over time and have the potential to produce tremendous wealth in a very conservative and sensible manner.

In The Straight Path - The New Capitalism, the fundamentals that built great and powerful economies can and will be restored. Take a vacation from the Dow, the NASDAQ, the jabbering "industry analysts" and the rest of the old crew who helped to bring about the collapse of some once vigorous, powerful and robust economies, and get back to the business of enjoying life, becoming employed (a "side effect" of growth in the small business sector) and building a future with a firm financial foundation. Look at your financial statements instead of at newspaper headlines with catastrophic revelations every day.

Direct Participation = Efficient, Profitable Investment.

You'll be hearing more about this. You'll want to find out more about the TNNWC Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program, too.


Douglas Castle

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