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Sunday, September 05, 2010

UPDATE! Bulletin - TNNWC Weekly Newsletter - 09.05.2010 - Internet Marketing with JOYANNE SLOAN.

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UPDATE! Bulletin - TNNWC Weekly Newsletter - 09.05.2010

Greetings Colleagues, Members and Friends:

It is rare that you find an individual who is truly an accomplished expert at marketing -- particularly internet marketing. Most coaches and consultants can help you with a very narrow, vertical piece of what you need to do, whether it is PR, News Releases, Social Media Buzz, Branding, SEO, customer relations and retention...the list is long. While each of these things is necessary, you must your business "findable" (searchable), accessible, self-explanatory (with benefits and features right up front, plain, simple and obvious), intuitively-navigable (for visitors and prospective customers to find their way around your site, your space or your store, interactive (where customers can engage you and feel that they are being heard), and different than any other prospective competitors within your space.

You need an expert to scientifically examine your product or service, your prospective customer audience, your presentation (i.e., usually your website or blog), and to optimize the mix of factors that will make it magnetic. This requires an understanding of behavioral psychology, technology, communications and an additional element of artistry, as well as science and metrics. Putting the proper attractants in place requires a thorough review of what your objectives are, the way you are marketing at present, and an actiona list of items to implement in order to improve your profitability. The person undertaking this must be an expert, with time-tested and diverse experience.

TNNWC's Chief Marketing Officer, Joyanne Sloan, is one of those rare individuals who is fully qualified to take you by the hand and bring you to market. Joyanne is not only or CMO, but she also renders her professional services to clients, and sells some of her educational products and assessment tools to businesses wanting to get noticed and get sales.

Here's some information about Joyanne - her resume makes us common folk just a tad jealous...

Joyanne Sloan, Chief Marketing Officer

Joyanne Sloan
Joyanne Sloan, as TNNWC™ Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, has more than 20 years of expertise in strategic marketing, branding, consumer psychology and metrics, corporate communications and business development across multiple media platforms.

Ms. Sloan brings a broad range of life experience and formal training to her role as Chief Marketing Officer, applying her enthusiasm, creativity and clarity to corporate growth through better corporate positioning and messaging. Ms. Sloan strikes an important balance between hi-tech and hi-touch marketing solutions that are critical to success.

Ms. Sloan’s responsibilities include but are not limited to: Developing and implementing branding, positioning and marketing strategies for TNNWC™ Group, as well as for each of TNNWC™ Group’s products and services through a customer-centric philosophy; initiating increased client interaction, satisfaction and retention; leveraging social media platforms and technologies to optimize market recognition and access; conducting market research and testing of campaign effectiveness for both TNNWC™ and its clients, and to interface with outside advertisers and media vendors.

Ms. Sloan also has developed programs to help TNNWC™ Group Member Companies market their products and services. As a life-long entrepreneur and Certified Coach, she recognizes the difficulties facing TNNWC™ Group’s Members, many of which are entrepreneurial and emerging companies facing such challenges as limited access to resources, competition, isolation, technical barriers and the stresses of having to "do it all" while operating in a continuous state of crisis management. As a result, she created a proprietary marketing program that is available to our Members called the 'Power Over Profits Academy' ( which takes a participating Member company’s management and marketing team through an intensive and highly-focused eight week process of creating a marketing system customized to their unique business and goals.

In 1991, Ms. Sloan founded Ad Grafix, a firm specializing in turn-key marketing solutions for a progressive, multi-billion dollar network of independent office products dealers. Their full spectrum of services covered all marketing genres from print media to e-commerce solutions for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer channels in support of business owners achieving and exceeding their sales objectives.

Ms. Sloan received her B.F.A. degree from the University of California, Irvine. She studied under Chuck Pettis of who has done branding work for Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, among others. Ms. Sloan often speaks and provides training addressing marketing strategies and best practices. She has been awarded the designation of "Expert Author" status from for the exceptional quality her written contributions.

You would be well-advised to get in contact with Joyanne. The biggest error most of us are inclined to make is that we tend to be very subjective (that's Human Nature) and we design our products, promotions and materials to suit ourselves, and not necessarily our marketplace. We get too emotionally involved.

Joyanne offers experience, expertise and objectivity. She can get you to the top of Google and the other principal search engines, and can help you stay there.

Joyanne's Featured TNNWC Column: Internet Marketing: The Science of Success with Joyanne Sloan.

Quick Bio and Contact for Joyanne Sloan:

Joyanne Sloan is a strategic marketing expert sharing insights on effective Internet marketing for low-tech entrepreneurs. Her articles and information products provide practical, plain-English marketing solutions that get real results. For private consulting, you may reach her at 206.388.3882 or by e-mail at .

And remember...we told you so...

Read more about Joyanne in TNNWC Group™ - Community - Executive Team by

With Our Very Best Wishes (and Actionable Plans!),

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle


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