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Thursday, September 30, 2010

THE SLOGANATOR: You Can “See Great Detail” About People Who Have a High “C” on the DISC Profile

Rhonda L.Sher
Last week on the disc profile, I described the characteristics of people with a high “S”, those people that are steady, amiable, sincere and team players. Those are the people that develop strong attachments to their work group, family, club or association. Do you know any of those people?

This week I am going to tell you about the high “C” people on the DISC profile. These are people like Chris Evert, Vice President Al Gore and Felix Unger from the Odd Couple. These are the people who are analytical, perfectionists, systematic, precise and sensitive as well as exacting.

Randy Widrick in the book “The Universal Language DISC” wrote this poem about the high “C”. See if reminds you of someone you know or maybe it is you:

  • Compliant, analytical, melancholic, the “C”,
  • Methodical, courteous, complete accuracy,
  • Restrained, diplomatic, mature and precise,
  • Accurate, systematic, those standards are nice,
  • Planning and organizing done to perfection,
  • The smallest detail is no exception,
  • Consistently clear and objective thinking,
  • Gives the team top notch results without blinking,
  • And when it comes time to make a decision - you’d best have the facts to accomplish the mission,
  • The C at your side with all the correct facts,
  • Will assure the return on your investment won’t lack,
  • Go by the book, follow the rules,
  • Procedures are written, use the right tools,
  • Standards are crucial, both now and later,
  • In God we trust, all others use DATA!
When you are out in the world meeting people, networking and interacting, have you ever noticed that some people you meet are very “by the book”? This is the first rule of conduct for those people who have a high C”. They know that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things and they have a strong desire to be right. They tend to be more cautious than brash and conventional than bold.

If you are looking to work with someone who is a gatherer of facts related to a specific problem or task, then you may want to consider working with a high “C”. These are systematic thinkers who tend to ask questions to clarify data and are very careful. The calling card of someone with a high “C” is the words “prove it”. They tend to be very loyal and dedicated to whatever is expected of them and are more task oriented than strategy oriented.

When you understand that the DISC language interprets how people act, and you learn the basic characteristics of the different traits of DISC, you have a distinct advantage in all situations, whether it is business or personal. For example, if you are in sales and can recognize someone who is a “high C”, then you will know that this person is most likely a slow buyer who looks for products that have a proven history. They are not into chitchat on the phone and are very direct. They typically read non-fiction, technical journals and are very organized. It is no surprise that I tested very low on the “C” part of DISC. You can barely find my desk, I love to chat with everyone, and I create my own rules as opposed to following the ones set out. Typically you will find the high “C” reading Consumer Reports as they need proof. You will find me reading People or The Star Magazine. As you can “See”, the high “C” may not have the fun factor but they do get the job done.

If you are going to be working with someone who is a high “C”, it is best to use a thoughtful approach, take your time and be persistent. Allow that person to have their space and create an action plan with dates and milestones. Be specific, not general when you talk to them and leave the casual informal style behind.

In summary, you can “see” that the high “C” - are people like Bernard Shaw, Diane Sawyer, Kevin Costner and Ted Koppel. Watch the behavioral styles of the people you meet and learn how to interact with them and your business and your personal life will be enriched greatly. See you next week and remember you are always just two minutes and two people away from your next referral.

Rhonda L Sher: The Sloganator Rhonda L Sher was born talking. She fell in love with words as a child and has never stopped communicating since. Her father once commented that she was vaccinated with a phonograph needle. Not only has Rhonda inherited her father's humor, but it's that quick wit that has become the signature that has helped propel her clients to stardom.Acclaimed Keynote and workshop leader, Rhonda has authored two books, "The 2 Minute Networker" and "The ABC's of LinkedIn," "Get LinkedIn or Get Left Out" as well as numerous action guides, articles, workbooks, jingles and corporate slogans.

In addition to writing, Rhonda uses her gift of gab as a featured keynote speaker, consultant and corporate trainer throughout North America. She has successfully taught hundreds of business men and women on the art of business networking and written hundreds of elevator pitches and slogans.Rhonda's greatest talent lies in her ability to create fabulously catchy slogans that are memorable, upbeat, easy to repeat and create instant brand identification. In addition to the books, audio and video, Rhonda creates slogans and taglines for her clients which are memorable, bring them business and make them, money. She works with you to create a corporate slogan for your business that sets you apart from your competition. Her creativity and energy will tap into your customer's mind and have your phone ringing off the hook with new business.

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