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Thursday, September 23, 2010

THE SLOGANATOR: The “S” in the DISC Profile Will Have You Smiling

Rhonda L.Sher
Do you know anyone that you might describe as steady, amiable, a good listener, team player and stable? These are just a few of the behavioral characteristics of people who score high on the “S” on the DISC profile which is the universal language of human behavior which has been in existence since people began watching people. If you are somebody who wants maximum effectiveness in your interactions with others, then learning more about the DISC profile will definitely benefit you.

Last week I wrote about the person who has a high “I” on the DISC profile. In this column, I will tell you about the high “S”, those people like Andy Griffith, Barbara Bush and Walter Payton.

These are the people who are loyal, devoted and don’t leave a job until it is over. They are acutely aware of the needs of others, may appear slow in the job they do but when it comes to the team, the high “S” is the glue.

They are often hard at work behind the scenes and when other tire, the high “S” will stay till the job is done. They are predictable, relaxed, understanding deliberate and good team players. Who do you know that fits these traits? When you look at the football player Walter Payton, you see a man who over eleven years in the NFL never missed a game or failed to give a credible performance. When you look at Barbara Bush, you see a calm, gentle relaxed woman who has a deep concern for others and endeared the hearts of America in the causes she supported and was a First Lady that many will remember as stable and loyal.

Those people who score high on the “S” of the DISC profile tend to develop strong attachments to their work group, family, club or association. They are the type of people that you want to associate with when you are leading a group or team. They strive to maintain status quo because they do not want change that is unexpected or sudden. An interesting characteristic of those with a high “S” is that they have an inherent need to serve. It would be interesting to look back at history and see which of our Presidents had a high “S” since this need to serve is what energizes these people.

In your networking efforts, do you find people that you meet that are more introverted, slow decision makers, usually have a posture that shows them with their hands in their pockets and they give lots of information? Perhaps they are the people who do not make the large sweeping gestures with their hands and follow time tested rules and have daily to do lists. Is this the type of person you need to work with or have on your team? As a team player, the high “S” will be the person you can depend on, who will work hard for a cause or a leader, be logical and good at calming and stabilizing and is an excellent listener as well as someone who finishes the tasks they start.

The person with a high “S” has many strengths like being good under pressure, can mediate problems and is usually happily reconciled with their life. The weakness of the high “S” can be that they may be shy, indecisive, fearful and worried and lack self motivation since they are task oriented. With friends they may be resistant to change, indifferent to plans and not be exciting.

All of this is valuable information when you are in business as well as in your personal world. It is like having a secret weapon to reading people. If you know you are dealing with a high “S”, the best way to communicate with this person is to move casually or informally, present your case in a soft, logical, non-threatening way and if you need that person to make a decision, give them time to think. This person typically wants a road map to follow, to be appreciated, to have closure on the tasks they are doing and like a happy home and work life. They like to work in an environment that allows time for change.

As you meet new people in the course of your day, look to see what characteristics they display. If you find that the people you are meeting are like the status quo, are systematic, methodical, relaxed, modest or perhaps steady and reliable, it is reasonable to assume that you are dealing with a person who is a high “S”. The secret of this knowledge is to know not to expect snap decisions, act impulsively and expect the same from them and or not give them the time and space they need to be a valuable part of your team.

What is interesting to know about those who have a high “S” is they do not like criticism and and very high standards when it comes to quality but also have limited social interaction. When you are interacting with these type of people, it is helpful to have this information so that you don’t overwhelm people and can get the results you are seeking.

People often wonder how the DISC profile can be used. Here are a few of the ways that human resource professionals and Fortune 500 companies use DISC:

  • To increase sales skills and understand prospects, clients and customer needs better
  • To manage interpersonal communication skills
  • To create strategies to meet diverse needs of others
  • To improve communication skills by learning and discovering communication styles

If you would like to have a DISC profile done at no cost, simply email me at and I will send you the profile and your results.

Next week I will talk about the High “C” on the DISC profile. These are the people who are detailed oriented, aim for perfection and are very schedule oriented. Until then, take time to look at the behavior of those around you and see if you can see where these people fall on the DISC profile. It becomes easy after you learn what to look for and can put money in your pocket. I will “C” you next week. Until then, remember, you are two minutes and two people away from your next referral.

Rhonda L Sher: The Sloganator Rhonda L Sher was born talking. She fell in love with words as a child and has never stopped communicating since. Her father once commented that she was vaccinated with a phonograph needle. Not only has Rhonda inherited her father's humor, but it's that quick wit that has become the signature that has helped propel her clients to stardom.Acclaimed Keynote and workshop leader, Rhonda has authored two books, "The 2 Minute Networker" and "The ABC's of LinkedIn," "Get LinkedIn or Get Left Out" as well as numerous action guides, articles, workbooks, jingles and corporate slogans.

In addition to writing, Rhonda uses her gift of gab as a featured keynote speaker, consultant and corporate trainer throughout North America. She has successfully taught hundreds of business men and women on the art of business networking and written hundreds of elevator pitches and slogans.Rhonda's greatest talent lies in her ability to create fabulously catchy slogans that are memorable, upbeat, easy to repeat and create instant brand identification. In addition to the books, audio and video, Rhonda creates slogans and taglines for her clients which are memorable, bring them business and make them, money. She works with you to create a corporate slogan for your business that sets you apart from your competition. Her creativity and energy will tap into your customer's mind and have your phone ringing off the hook with new business.

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