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Monday, September 06, 2010

A NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER: What's the Bigger Risk?

What's the Bigger Risk?

by Adam J. Kovitz

I was reading an article in Businessweek about how recent credit card reform passed to protect consumers from exorbitant rate hikes has not been extended to "small" businesses.


Because according to the banking lobby, this particular demographic is being painted as being "too risky" and unfortunately, the oft-impotent U.S government is all too willing to listen to them.

This week I can't help but ask which is the bigger risk: truly understanding "small" business and its impact on the middle class, entrepreneurs and emerging enterprise and our economy or ignoring it to pursue some trickle-down approach that favors corporations that are "too big to fail".

First and foremost, the term "middle class" is used in political rhetoric but there is no consensus about what it really means. According to a recent article on, President Obama stated,
"my administration remains focused, every single day, on pushing this economy forward, repairing the damage that's been done to the middle class over the past decade, and promoting the growth we need to get our people back to work."
How does he propose to do this? A $50-billion bill to rebuild infrastructure across the U.S. Great idea? Possibly, but here's my concern...he seems to be defining middle class people as "construction workers". Perhaps this was true during the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt, but these are much different times.

So what is the middle class and who are they? I believe the middle class is comprised of college-educated individuals; some of which work for larger corporations, but the majority of which either work for small business or own their own entrepreneurial endeavors. This demographic, in the past, has provided 90% of all jobs in the U.S. as well as 90% of all innovation. This demographic has been and can continue to be the absolute key to a healthy economy.

So why are they being ignored now?

As the owner of my own emerging enterprise, I find the decision by government and large industry to turn its back on the more risky entrepreneurial community to be a travesty.

On the bright side it is continued motivation for us at TNNWC to work with other entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises in creating an alternate economy in which this demographic can flourish, sustain itself and be free.

The alternative is, by far, the riskier choice, and we refuse to take part in it. We are doing everything in our power to prevent the continued break down of a once-thriving economy. We will endeavor to set a better example for others to follow and will not wait for others to solve this huge problem for us - we will be the solution.

The life we have chosen as entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises is one of high-risk and high-reward - that's just the nature of the "game". We wish to create our own game rather than be enslaved by someone else's. We wish to employ radical new approaches that may seem risky to some rather than rely upon the same old tired solutions of the past.

And may be risky, but it's far less riskier than waiting for others to solve our problems for us.

On this Labor Day, 2010, we at TNNWC solute all those that have chosen to be part of the solution.

Moving on...

With the new month comes a new change to our release schedule:

1.) The National Networker Weekly Newsletter will be released the first four Mondays of every month at 10:00pm Eastern (GMT -5)
2.) The BLUE TUESDAY Report will be released the first four Tuesdays of every month at 10:00pm Eastern (GMT -5).

We have more in store for you in September, so gather your schoolbooks, put away the sunblock and business casual clothes and get ready for sweater weather - Autumn is around the corner.

All my best,


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