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Saturday, August 14, 2010

UPDATE! Bulletin - TNNWC Weekly Newsletter - 08.15.2010 - Bigger, Better, Faster.

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UPDATE! Bulletin - TNNWC Weekly Newsletter - 08.15.2010

Bigger, Better, Faster..................The Power Of TNNWC's Cooperative Business Community ("CBC"). The most efficient way to get the word out, to connect, to buzz, to brand, to build connections and to rapidly expand your emerging enterprise - exponentially, collaboratively and (ahhh...) affordably.

We at TNNWC ( are delighted to announce that we have a new organization which has joined the esteemed ranks of our CBC's Management Committee. You've probably heard of them before:

CEO Space - A training center, a launching pad, a nexus and a nucleus for business leadership, planning and real-time, real-world dealmaking. CEO Space boasts a blockbuster enrollment of famous and successful members. Their conventions are legendary for bringing the right people together in the right setting. TNNWC welcomes CEO Space.
For those of you who might not be intimately familiar with TNNWC's Cooperative Business Community, or the concept of exponentiality (Bonnie Ross-Parker of The Joy Of Connecting has truly come to fancy that term), please simply click on:, and come right back here to re-join us, or, you can read the following synopsis and then click on that same link later:

*The Exponential Power of Large Numbers*
Combination + Cooperation + Collaboration + Organization = STRENGTH

If you are the entrepreneurial leader of an emerging enterprise or growing business with 1) products or services to sell, or if you are 2) the publisher, producer or owner of an e-zine, newsletter, newsgroup, forum or special membership organization, you face several major challenges:

  • Marketing your membership, services and products to a larger audience;
  • Building your subscriber list or client base rapidly;
  • Attracting media buyers’ and advertisers’ attention and dollars – admittedly a wonderful source of ancillary income – to a subscribership list which may be too small;
  • Finding other like-minded organizations who will cross-sell your products or services to their clients and increase your distribution and revenues;
  • Finding other like-minded organizations which have exceptional products or services of their own which you can market to your clients to generate additional diversified sources of revenue;
  • Getting your brand, site location and value proposition properly buzzed through the social media channels – the ever-increasing noise-to-signal ratio makes it hard for you to stand out;
  • Saving money by getting the best terms from service providers, vendors, and contractors by acting as part of a large, powerful, organized group… think of the example set by collective bargaining organizations, purchasing cooperatives, political action committees or by organizations such as AARP – they are negotiating powerhouses because they are LARGE.

Going it alone is not the answer. Competition is fierce, and resources are scarce for smaller businesses. You need help. We offer it through providing you with the opportunity to become a Member of our CB Community™. It may sound trite, but it is unquestionably true: “In Unity There Is Strength.”

TNNWC’s Cooperative Business Committee™ (our CBC™), headed by The Joy Of Connecting Founder and CEO, Bonnie Ross-Parker, lets your company or group be a part of something enormous, united and powerful in order to get more of everything your business needs to increase profits and that your organization needs to grow more rapidly.

Bonnie, along with 8 other specially-selected delegates of certain organizations will comprise the CBC™, which will be the Active Governing Board (and dynamic nucleus) for the larger group, the CB Community™), which will be the infinitely-expandable.

Our Members don’t compete – we profit and grow together using the cooperative and coordinated leverage of large numbers and a unified focus.

What’s more, you do not have to give your mailing list to anyone – it remains yours, and it remains proprietary for your use. This keeps us abuse-proof and spam-free for the integrity and benefit of all. Any “Supergroup” mailings are done by each of the individual CBC Members, each through his or her own email list management and mail handling program.

We are a growing powerhouse of product and service providers, member-based organizations, publications, special opt-in email networks and other concerns who have agreed to combine, cooperate, collaborate and join forces in order to accomplish amazing things:
  • Cross-sell (to an ever-increasing prospect list) and endorse each other’s memberships, services and products in a non-competitive, informative way – no direct ads or sales literature is distributed – not ever;
  • Give our respective lists of subscribers special discounted access to TNNWC™’s Unique Suite of Service Offerings to produce additional “look-at-me” subscriber benefits and additional streams of income for all CBC Members and their individual list members;
  • Use TNNW BUZZWORKS™ in combination with each CBC™ Member’s own social media, publicity efforts and regular mailings in order to create bigger, longer-lasting and more magnetic social media blitzes and publicity campaigns for each Member;
  • Attract the attention of, and negotiate the most lucrative deals with media buyers and advertisers;
  • Get the best pricing and terms from all outside service providers, vendors and contractors for each other, and for our respective constituents.

Want to be considered for a position on Our CBC™?
Want to join us and become a Member of our CB Community™?

Question: Would you like your message to get out to millions of pre-qualified prospective viewers and prospects instead of several thousand?

You must first become a 1) member of TNNWC (which is free) and; you must be 2) running a member-based or subscriber-based organization (i.e., an organization or enterprise with a loyal list of at least 2,500 followers, and; you must 3) complete our simple CBC Application Form (which is exactly the same for both the CBC™ and the CB Community™), which follows.

Most importantly, you must agree to our Terms of Cooperation, which are set forth in a downloadable .pdf document which you may print out.

Simply click on and review the TERMS OF COOPERATION document carefully.

Read more about TNNWC Group™ - Community - Cooperative Business Committee™ by

With Our Very Best Wishes (and Actionable Plans!),

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle


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