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Sunday, May 02, 2010

A NOTE FROM THE CHAIRMAN: Where's the Trust?


by Adam J. Kovitz

The Banking Industry.
The Insurance Industry.
The Telecommunications Industry.
The Oil Industry.
The Pharmaceutical Industry.
Electric Utilities.

Do any of these entities inspire trust in you?

From a networking standpoint, we've been brought up to believe that people do business with those they like and trust. This statement also implies that there is a choice.

But what if there isn't a choice?

Anyone who has seen their small community bank get gobbled up by a larger one, or who pays a cable or electric bill understands that these industries are fast becoming oligopolies if not already monopolies.

Surely the person who came up with the slogan "Freedom isn't Free" must have felt the pressure of getting the best priced deal from their mobile phone service for their family by agreeing to a 2-year contract packed with extra fees, including one for terminating the contract early.

Long story short...less choice = less need for trust as consumers are forced into doing whatever is deemed "legal" even if it's at their own expense. You will pay the increased fees for service if you want to have gas for your car, electricity, heat, cable, telephone service, etc.

From the standpoint of an emerging enterprise, this should be both alarming and unacceptable. Healthy economies thrive on consumers with discretionary spending, entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, and emerging enterprises with strong financial backing.

As one of the principals of my own emerging enterprise I am seeking to promote choice and trust, for it is with these that we can have innovation, more freedom, accountability, sustainability, ethics and better alternatives to totalitarian business practices made legal by corruption.

Let's fight the status quo through peaceful means (cooperation and trust) before we run out of choices. I urge all entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises from all over the globe to join our Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community (GICBC) to become part of the solution.

All my best,



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