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Monday, May 03, 2010

BLUE THING #10: BACKTALK: Comments From Our Readers

Your Feedback.   Your Input. Your Turn.

by Penny Ng, BACKTALKTM Producer

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Here are some of your comments on our recent articles published in the TNNW Weekly Newsletter, the Blue Tuesday Report, and our other infomedia, publications and special bulletins:

BETH BARANY: Get Published Now

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Publish Your Book
"I find #2 very interesting but, more so this excerpt on what makes a best seller discussion ... "desire or dream readers didn’t even know what they had until the book was in front of them." Now, that is difficult to quantify!"
J. N.

"Very interesting. I have completed my first book, which is currently at the Editors. Thereafter, I have an agreement with an international company to help me publish the book.

But I have given it thought to publish it for free, with the principle of first sow then reap in mind."

C. S.

"Beth, about 'And readers want to be surprised, delighted, and wowed. So, dig deep and find out how your book is unique. How do you do that? You do your homework. Research other books similar to yours and face facts, and ask the hard questions. How is my book different specifically? In what way can I stand out, both in content and by highlighting who I am as the author? What may I need to add or subtract to achieve that stand-out uniqueness?'

Powerful. These are vital questions. A writer needs to feel in her deepest intuition if now is the time. Also, she will likely want an excellent editor to help her raise the quality of her book.

I've written 9 books and I have 2 editors per book.

And, non-fiction might be part of your career in a different way: As a professional speaker, I wrote and released a book in 2000 entitled '
Communicate to Win' which was a required textbook and part of Cogswell College's Time Capsule to be opened in 2100.

Recently, I released a *third edition* of that book -- but I re-titled it '
Be Heard and Be Trusted'

For non-fiction and as a professional speaker, I am glad that I released the first edition. And, it is true that my 3rd edition is much better (and much longer at 396 pages).

My point is that if a non-fiction book is part of your total career path -- it may be highly useful for you to get expert help now.

The best to you,"

Tom Marcoux
America's Communication Coach

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