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Sunday, March 28, 2010

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

Featured Deal of the Week is brought to you by The National Networker, CEO Space Northeast and Rob Adams (pictured here).


Would You Like To Have Your Company Featured Here?

Whether or not you belong to CEO Space (which you should), you are invited to tell us about your Greatest Deal for our consideration. If it's truly great, we'll write it up! Your victory will be seen by and shared with thousands and thousands of readers and prospective customers and clients. Simply write to


Judy Gregorek Hits Grand Slam with Rollers on The Go

Well they did it! This week at the CEO Space forum Rollers on the Go got into the cross-hair of the Shark Tank with Kevin Harrington ,Bob Circosta with HSN and Dawn Bain with QVC. Judy had a super big win. They all LOVEEEEE the product. As Kevin said "ITS A GRAND SLAM"

Judy Gregorek, 732-887-2308


Hilin Life Products awarded “COMPANY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED” at NJ Venture Conference

Helen Denise has some fantastic news to report: Hilin Life Products participated in New Jersey’s biggest investor event of the year on Friday 26th March: “The New Jersey Technology Council Venture Conference” in Somerset, NJ.

Hilin Life Products, along with 67 other companies, many of which were much further along with their capital raising processes, gave a presentation to major investors from across the country. They were all judged on company structure, business strategy, etc. At the end of the day they were awarded the top prize: “Company Most Likely to Succeed.”

She attributes her success to her executive team who all had major contributions to the receiving of this award. The executive team was led by David Stacey, CFO. The strategy that David put together for the company was received very well by the investors. Helen also believes his input made a big difference in drawing closer to raising capital in part because of his strategy to increase sales without the need for external capital.

Russ Case (another CEO Space member) as Chief Production Officer has done a great job pulling together all the needed manufacturers. As of this past week, Hilin Life Products has a market-ready product to take to buyers. Helen attributes her success to the fantastic CEO Space members that she has on her team.

Helen Denise, Chief Executive Officer, Office: 974-648-0265, Cell: 917-680-4279

E-Mail: Website:

David Stacey, International, (321) 947-8419,


April Morris was Blown away with this WIN

April Morris was quite blown away at the selfless impact a stranger that had upon her business and April wants to recognize her.

Michelle Leigh Owen contacted April on Facebook last Dec. and offered to help her. She emailed friends about THINgloss, Purchased 20 THINgloss, recruited others to help, This is BIG.. she arranged a THINgloss sponsorship with her own funds! She did this on her own without EXPECTATION! April feels very humbled and forever grateful!

April Morris, Creator THINgloss,


Artist Lucretia Torva WINs big at Glendale Automotive Museum

CEO Space Graduate and client of Sian Design Artist Management, Artist Lucretia Torva was the featured artist on Saturday March 27, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona at the Grand Opening of the Glendale Automobile Museum ~ Artist Lucretia Torva was selected as the Feature Artist with her Kickin' on 66 Collection Email: Sunstar3535@gmail Skype Sunstar3535 ( email first )


Singer Michael Peterson WINS with USA Pavilion at the Shanghai World EXPO

CEO Space Graduate and Artist Michael Peterson is selected as a featured "act" and speaker at the USA Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo 2010 ~ Dates to be announced! Presented by Executive Director Sian Lindemann of Sian Design Artist Management

Michael Peterson,


Sian Lindemann of Sian Design to present Art on Location courses at Ghost Ranch, NM this summer

CEO Space Graduate Sian Lindemann, of Sian Design presents the first two Art on Location courses Ghost Ranch, New Mexico with Fine Art photographer John Paul Horse Back Riding in the Canadian Rockies with Painter and instructor, Artist Lucretia Torva ( CEO Space Graduate) July, August, September 2010

Inquire for more information about either tour


Impressive Win with Impressions of Spring

CEO Space Graduates Rob Badger and Nita Winter, clients of Sian Design "Creative Biz Development" WIN a grant to create and complete their project “IMPRESSIONS OF SPRING”;;;

Email :

Phone ~ Skype Sunstar3535 for contact ( email first )


Another WIN for Sian

Sian Lindemann, Executive Director of Sian Design and Founder of Art Ability World ~ Features 25 new artists and their works internationally via Social Media Promotional Services in conjunction with Fett Marketing out of Denver, Colorado ~ Each of these artists will be featured all year long along side World Class Artists Robert Lyn Nelson and Fine Art Photographer ~ Jim Zuckerman

Upcoming exhibitions in China and the USA



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