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Thursday, February 25, 2010


SnapShot with Stefanie Gorder

SnapShot is a monthly column offering a collection of travel & networking concepts to destinations and activities worldwide.
Expose yourself to travel!


SnapShot on Travel came about when I first started publishing articles over a dozen years ago. Being in the travel business, I often find myself in interesting locations. It seemed like a natural fit to mix my adventures with writing. As SnapShot has developed, I left the comfort of the spectacular beauty of Alaska, wrote about North America and now have expanded to include the world. This month, SnapShot brings you in touch with a travel expert who at the time of this publication is actually in Egypt cruising the Nile River. Sit back and explore Egypt through the words and photos of Lynn Holinski of Select Holidays.

Personal Discovery - The Beauty of Egypt
By Lynn Holinski
Select Holidays

The history of Egypt and its’ ancient civilization is very intriguing. Sights include the world famous Great Pyramids, which are guarded by The Sphinx; Museum of Antiquities in Cairo; ancient artifacts of the Karnak Temple; Valley of the Kings; Luxor; UNESCO sights of Abu Simbel, an amazing Sound and Light show, and luxury river cruising with sights and stops along the shores of Lake Nassar and the Nile River. For many, the camel riding, felucca ride, tombs and temples, Egyptian food, gold, Egyptian cotton, or local Bazaars are the draw to this remarkable area.

Cruising the beautiful Nile River that is in Egypt’s lush agriculture land is amazing. It is sometimes hard to realize we are surrounded by desert but the heat of the day and the coolness of the evenings make this a reality. To experience the people of Egypt has given me a completely new realization of the Muslim people and their religion. The opportunity of working/touring with the Egyptologist who handles our guiding gives me appreciation of the passion they hold for their country and history. To see these amazing wonders is truly incredible! We are talking going back to 3000 BC and still being able to view it and still having discoveries made!

Of course not only is Egypt full of history but it is home to the Red Sea, some of the best snorkeling and diving to be had and the beaches are beautiful! Golf courses, restaurants, and much, much more…..

Tour Egypt with Lynn

Upon arrival into Cairo, we have a quick overnight stay and then fly out early the next morning to fine our wonderful ship, The Eugenie”, which will be our home for the next four nights. This is a first class cruise down Lake Nasser, which was formed after the building of Aswan Dam on the Nile River. Here we visit Abu Simbel, the twin temples originally carved from the mountainside side during the 13th Century BC. These were relocated here in the 1960’s due to the building of the Aswan Dam. Now a UNESCO site. In the evening we see the amazing Sound and Light Show, one you will never forget. During our cruise we visit the temples of Amada, Derr, Kalabsha, Beit el-Wali, and Kiosk of Kertassi. Cruising Lake Nasser aboard the Eugenie is a first class experience with fine dining, full spa amenities to use during your free time, steam bath, exercise equipment, sun decks, swimming pool, air-conditioning and full en-suite amenities.

After experiencing Lake Nasser for four nights, we will disembark and transfer to cruise the Nile for three nights aboard the newly renovated “MS Tulip” luxury riverboat. During the cruise there is free time to relax on board and take advantage of the ships amenities as well we will visit Aswan with its busy markets and tourist centre, where you can purchase your treasures for home. We will take a felucca ride (a traditional wooden sailing boat) around Elephantine Island. You guessed it….the islands are shaped similar to that of the elephant’s tusk. One of the evenings aboard the Tulip will be a Galbeah, which is an evening we all will get the opportunity to dress in Egyptian attire….lots of fun! Again fine dining and wonderful cruising, give you the up close and personal experience of the banks of the fertile Nile River as we float along. We will cross through the Esna locks and visit Edfu on the west banks of the Nile River before completing our Nile River Cruise in Luxor, where we stay one more night on the boat and tour the city of Luxor, known as the world’s greatest open air museum. Across the Nile lie the monuments, temples, and tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. If you want alabaster….Luxor is the place to purchase this.

We return to Cairo for two nights. This is a city with everything…. hotels, entertainment, restaurants, monuments from throughout the history of Egypt and even golf courses. About ½ of the Egyptian population live in the urban centers. Cairo’s population is about 20 million people. While in Cairo we will visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world. For history lovers you will have the opportunity to exam over 120,000 items on display including 27 royal mummies from the pharonic time as well as other kings and queens. It also has a large collection of artifacts used throughout the life of King Tutankhamen (King Tut). Besides history, you will have the opportunity for some shopping at Egyptian cotton stores, perfume stores, papyrus galleries, and even bring home one of your own certouis.

In Giza we will visit the well know Sphinx (with it’s broken off nose) which stands guard over the Giza Pyramids. The largest of the 3, is about 145 meters tall and was built over 4000 years ago. These pyramids are the 3 tallest pyramids but there are over 70 pyramids strewn through the Nile valley. When you visit these amazing structures one wonders how did those people do this? Truly seeing is believing! The opportunity to ride a camel is also available and I do believe a must!!!

For more information on traveling to Egypt, contact our travel experts at:

Select Holidays
Lynn Holinski

This destination is available in February of 2011 and a featured tour at Travel Alliance Partners.

A shout out to Lynn Holinski of Select Holidays for assistance provided to create this article! Thank you for the great introduction to Egypt and I hope you’re having a fantastic adventure right now!


Submission for: March 2010

Stefanie Gorder, ctp, ds
marketingCents, llc

Email Stefanie Gorder at
Twitter: @Stefanie Gorder

SnapShot is a monthly column offering a collection of travel & networking concepts to destinations and activities worldwide. Expose yourself to travel!

For more information, please visit Stephanie's TNNW Bio.


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