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Sunday, February 28, 2010

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

Featured Deal of the Week

Featured Deal of the Week is brought to you by The National Networker, CEO Space Northeast and Rob Adams (pictured below).


Would You Like To Have Your Company Featured Here?

Whether or not you belong to CEO Space (which you should), you are invited to tell us about your Greatest Deal for our consideration. If it's truly great, we'll write it up! Your victory will be seen by and shared with thousands and thousands of readers and prospective customers and clients. Simply write to

A WIN For Everyone with n2Millennials and Scott Degraffenreid

n2millennials are giving out full size, free eBook versions of Scott Degraffenreid’s book “Understanding the Millennial Mind: A Menace or Amazing?” Launching this week through their new portal Big Business Zoo. Scott’s book is a great resource for parents, teachers, companies who work with Millennials and companies who want to market to Millennials.

The Millennial Generation is sometimes called Gen Y and spans the years 1982 to 2001, they have distinct behavior patterns, attitudes and values that older generations often misunderstand.

Copies of the eBook can be downloaded at

Videos, articles and more material specific to Millennials is available on

In addition, Scott’s new site “We Did the Math” showcases his other specialties – Creating a Culture of Acknowledgment and Referral Marketing, which were also developed using Social Network Analysis and Root Cause Analysis for major corporations.

Getting this material out to the Millennial Generation and those who connect with them has the capability of creating bridges of understanding in families and the workplace.

No sign up is necessary to get the free eBook – They want this information to go global – for this generation and for our collective future. Kathryn Booth 360-543-7900


An Olympic Size WIN for Stephanie Kozowyk

Stephanie Kozowyk has a big win for ZSwimwear. She just got TWO-not one-TWO confirmed Olympians (both medalists) to be on her swimwear business TEAM! She is so exciting bringing the elite into her business! Stephanie Kozowyk


Eric Taschereau WINS with mobile Website

Eric Taschereau helps business owners understand the younger generations that hold majority in the mobile market and help them reach their target demographic more effectively.

His pet-project has been creating some big responses. He has stepped it up and it is now becoming a priority of his. He has continued to develop it and has added content as the interest in it has continued to grow.

It is a mobile website, though if you do not have a smart-phone it can be viewed in your PC browser if you are only interested in the content, as the formatting will be lost if viewed on a PC.

Eric Taschereau 708-374-8360;


Jana & Kevin Sullivan show big WIN with a Health Care invention with Light Therapy

Jana Sullivan has developed an FDA approved light therapy for skin rejuvenation anti aging and would healing. They see it as a solution to the health care crisis. Their LED device will decrease pain without needles or drugs.

Jana & Kevin Sullivan



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