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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

Featured Deal of the Week

Featured Deal of the Week is brought to you by The National Networker, CEO Space Northeast and Rob Adams (pictured below).


Would You Like To Have Your Company Featured Here?

Whether or not you belong to CEO Space (which you should), you are invited to tell us about your Greatest Deal for our consideration. If it's truly great, we'll write it up! Your victory will be seen by and shared with thousands and thousands of readers and prospective customers and clients. Simply write to

Julie Edwards Goes to the Super Bowl with Color and Soul

Julie Edwards, CEO Space grad form 1209 was invited to the Super Bowl to present her Color and Soul Mineral Cosmetics to the NFL Wives Association on Thursday, Feb 4. Be on the lookout for the new coming soon to your computer screen with interactive internet TV programming that will bless and build lives.

Julie Edwards, (240) 432-4404


Endura Govan works with NFL teens in Pre-Super Bowl Activities

Endura Govan, CEO Space grad from 1209 was also invited to the pre-Super Bowl activities. Her presentation was with the NFL teens. Endura worked along with Les Brown and Lisa Nichols in their efforts to introduce the NFL player’s teens to the possibilities of becoming business entrepreneurs.

Endura Govan,


Matthew Tanguay WINS with his Speed Mind Mapping

Mathew has built a great Vision Team of 6 for his Speed Mind Mapping company. He is now Collaborating on one of the largest new CEO Space projects - 90 Days To $1 Million (Manny Bombardier, Pauline Victoria, Alexander Alperovich,...), Collaboration Tool (Cheryl Hills, Vincent Molina,...)

Matthew Tanguay,


Candace Davenport WINS with Interview

Candace C. Davenport reports: One of the Our Little Books authors, Sheila Coates (Mama Used to Say, Be Your Own Brand, Vol 1.), was just interviewed on UnderGround Connection South, on personal branding and her little book. For every 10 books sold, she contributes one to a charity for young girls to help them build their self-esteem thru personal branding.

Candace C. Davenport, 415-302-1410


Tanya Lewis WINS as she moves forward in her Compliance Round

She has raise $125,000 of the $200K she will raise in her compliance round.

Her documents will be complete in a few weeks which means the shares in Green Glider will raise from 10 cent to 50 cent per share for the next raise of $2.5M. She has also put together a awesome team: James Dygert, Controller; Bill Breck, General Council; Brian Kunzler Patent Attorney; Jason Webb trademark and copyright; Eric Proudfoot manufacturing sourcing with a few more coming on board in the next few weeks.

You can contact John R Hobbs at Call 239-404-2871 if you would like more info on how to contact James Dygert or Tanya Lewis.

Tanya proclaims: “I have come out of the gate in 2010 on fire”.

Tanya Lewis, Lewis Design & Development, Inc, 727-239-7941,


Sandy Vosk with ATS Makes BIG WINS

Continues to further his reputation as a trusted advisor to manufacturing, public warehousing and logistics companies who have utilized ATS in the implementation of barcode scanning in their operations. His recent wins are with The Stech Group, based in NJ and the Belt’s Corporation, based in the Port of Baltimore . The latter is quite interesting as they have Foreign Trade Zone status and are a leading alcohol distributor.

Beginning this month, ATS will be collaborating with Cadre Technologies , a leading software developer of Warehouse Management Systems, on a series of webinars designed around the business benefits of radio frequency (RF) barcode scanning. Sandy is proud of this one. He absorbed Jeff Magee’s (past CEO Space instructor) lessons and developed a unique expertise in helping Cadre’s clients successfully implement their barcode scanning module and achieve the benefits they are seeking. Cadre has a penetration rate of less than 20% for RF in their own customer base, so this is a great opportunity for ATS.

Sandy will be featured on a panel at the upcoming International Warehouse Logistics Association conference in early March. The theme of the conference is $urviving & Prospering: Translating Hard Choices into Profits, and the panel’s focus is Economy & Efficiency: Strategies & Solutions, presenting real-world solutions to improve the bottom line through increased operational efficiencies, cost reduction, and cost elimination.

Sandy has been collaborating with other folks from CEO Space on new solutions for his market. One of these has HUGE potential. Along with Sandy, the project includes Lisa Martin of Xllerate and Alan Zwerin

According to recent research from Accenture, nearly half (40 percent) of major corporate decisions are based on the good 'ole gut. Of those respondents who said their companies still make decisions based on judgment rather than business analytics, 61 percent said it was because good data was not available, and just over half (55 percent) said their decisions relied on qualitative and subjective factors. Part of the reason for this is the challenge of accessing and integrating data from distinct manufacturing, accounting, sales and warehouse management systems. Despite the billions invested in these applications today, the major tool used for management reporting is Microsoft Excel. Many companies make their key business decisions from Excel spreadsheets, but would be shocked to know that, over 90% have serious errors in them. Xllerate is a tool that integrates with and automates Microsoft Excel. Xllerate automates the pull of information from various sources and automatically updates cells, rows, columns, pivot tables, reports and charts; and can automatically distribute them to the appropriate parties. This drastically reduces the labor and risk associated with regularly scheduled reports and also enables access to accurate and timely business intelligence that executives do not have access to today.

ATS is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Xllerate and is using the tool to create automated dashboards of key performance indicators and metrics (see attached) for executives in the supply chain industry. ATS has just closed their first beta client with Lansdale Warehouse Corporation.

Sandy has also been working with Stewart Levine (CEO Space Instructor) and two other colleagues for most of 2009 on unique, collaborative solutions for the supply chain, combining people, process and technology. This has the largest potential based on the core collaborative principles of CEO Space.

Sandy Vosk, President & CEO ATS, Inc. Office: 732-617-7166 Mobile: 732-995-2355 Blog:


Christyna Lewis WINS new clients from referrals

This week Christyna Lewis acquired 2 new coaching & cash flow management training clients, both referrals from existing clients who are on fire about the value she bring to their businesses! WINS are continuing to line up.

Christyna Lewis, 713-581-4275


Attorney Karmen A. Booker Launches New Bolg Site for Start UPs

Karmen Booker has launched a NEW BLOG, where people discover valuable information such as:

The Power of Goal Setting

Effective Business planning for Starting Your Business

Bookkeeping for your Business

Referral Marketing, and More

This site will help them start and grow their business, which will undoubtedly “Move them on the Road to Greater Business Success”.

Attorney Karmen A. Booker, (301) 408-1082


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