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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BLUE THING #5: Featured Company of the Week

Featured Company of the Week

Note: At the end of this report, and in honor of Rob Adams and CEO Space, TNNW Blogworks has created a word cloud based upon the text in this section. You'll find it at the very end, so read on:

Featured Company of the Week is brought to you by The National Networker, CEO Space Northeast and Rob Adams (pictured below).

Childhood dreams do come true. Zhanna Kens of Zhanna Kens Ballroom and Latin Dance Couture is living proof. She is now getting world class recognition for her work.

In 1994 Zhanna Kens immigrated from Russia with a dream… the American dream. Establishing her business in Florida, Kens rekindled her passion as a dress designer. In 2005 she was one of the lead dress designers for the ABC hit program “Dancing with the Stars”. In the fall of 2009, Zhanna believed she had finally found the model of the American dream she had always imagined when she joined an organization of fellow business entrepreneurs know as CEO Space. The cooperation and support she received has helped her to stay focused on her goals: to be known as a world class dress designer. Now, through a Facebook connection, she has been invited to participate in the Paris Fashion Academy. Some would call it fate, some would say it is the law of attraction, Zhanna knows it to be the hand of God.

In the last two years Zhanna Kens has won four major design awards, from the 2009 Prestige Award to the 2009 World Figure Skating Championships in LA. Kens has also completed costume designs for the US Olympic Ice Skating team that is now competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. With this most recent invitation to take her dress collection to Paris, Zhanna can now see her world class status beginning to bloom.

Kens sees her awards and her work as a costume designer for the Olympics as extremely rewarding but her greatest desire is not in her dress/costume designing, it is in establishing a ministry that would focus on helping orphans and abused children around the world. She envisions bringing together the gift of art with her passion for fashion, music, dance, horses and sports to assist in the healing of the hearts of the “throw aways of the world”.

For now, Zhanna is seeking sponsors to assist with her costs of her trip to Paris along with other associated fees in order to present her most elegant handmade dress and skating collection to a very exclusive and coveted venue.

If you wish to know more or possibly assist in sponsoring Zhanna you can reach her at 727-596-5422 or 727-595-0528 or through email at


>>>If your company is genuinely special, and you have an exciting yarn to spin (or tale to tell), just write to us at or just fill out a nifty pop-up form by clicking on , being sure to include "FEATURED COMPANY OF THE WEEK" in the Subject line. Give us a very quick synopsis, and your communications coordinates. Your company will be seen by thousands and thousands or viewers and prospective customers and clients.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, TNNW Blogworks presents a word cloud in honor of Rob Adams and CEO Space based upon the content of this posting. The words that appear the biggest and boldest are those that are most frequently used. These clouds are actually scientifically-generated "word art." Amazing.

This word cloud was custom created by TNNW Blogworks for CEO Space and The National Networker Companies using technology developed by

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