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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

BLUE THING #3: Amazing New Facts and Statistics

Amazing New Facts and Statistics

BLUE THING #3: Amazing New Facts and Statistics


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A compilation of utterly useless information brought to you by The Internationalist Page, and THE NATIONAL NEWSPICKER™.

Following is a veritable cesspool teeming with trivial items to use in pick-up lines in bars, to fill awkward silences in credit committee meetings, and to forward (via email) to the spam filters of Oprah, Bill O’Reilly, Bono, Paris Hilton, Harry Potter [either one], any member of the board of directors of Bank Of America, the president or prime minister of your home nation, or one or more of your many friends, family members and people who have far too much time on their hands.

Here goes:

To commemorate the founding of Elements 98 (Californium) and 112 (Copernicium) , on February 9, 1950 and February 9, 1996, respectively, we bring you:

Amazing Facts about Two Man-Made Elements

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley laboratories synthesize the first atoms of the element californium. It was created by bombarding a curium target with high energy alpha particles.
Atomic Number: 98
Symbol: Cf
Atomic Weight: 251.0796
Discovery: G.T. Seaborg, S.G. Tompson, A. Ghiorso, K. Street Jr. 1950 (United States)
Electron Configuration: [Rn] 7s2 5f10
Word Origin: State and University of California
Properties: Californium metal has not been produced. Californium (III) is the only ion stable in aqueous solutions. Attempts to reduce or oxidize californium (III) have been unsuccessful. Californium-252 is a very strong neutron emitter.
Uses: Californium is an efficient neutron source. It is used in neutron moisture gauges and as a portable neutron source for metal detection.
Isotopes: The isotope Cf-249 results from the beta decay of Bk-249. Heavier isotopes of californium are produced by intense neutron irradiation by the reactions. Cf-249, Cf-250, Cf-251, and Cf-252 have been isolated.
Sources: Californium was first produced in 1950 by bombarding Cm-242 with 35 MeV helium ions.
Element Classification: Radioactive Rare Earth (Actinide)
Density (g/cc): 15.1
Melting Point (K): 900
Atomic Radius (pm): 295
Pauling Negativity Number: 1.3
First Ionizing Energy (kJ/mol): (610)
Oxidation States: 4, 3

German nuclear scientists at the GSI facility announce they have created element 112, ununbium. Ununbium would be later renamed to copernicium in honor of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Copernicium or Ununbium
Atomic Number: 112
Symbol: Cp or Uub
Atomic Weight: [277]
Discovery: Hofmann, Ninov et al. GSI-Germany 1996
Electron Configuration: [Rn] 5f14 6d10 7s2
Name Origin: Named for Nicolaus Copernicus, who proposed the heliocentric solar system. The discoverers of copernicum wanted the element's name to honor a famous scientist who did not get much recognition during his own liferime. Also, Hofmann and his team wished to honor the importance of nuclear chemistry to other scientific fields, such as astrophysics.
Properties: The chemistry of copernicum is expected to be similar to that of the elements zinc, cadmium, and mercury. In contrast to the lighter elements, element 112 decays after a fraction of a thousandth of a second by emitting alpha particles to first become an isotope of element 110 with atomic mass 273, and then an isotope of hassium with atomic mass 269. The decay chain has been followed for three more alpha-decays to fermium.
Sources: Element 112 was produced by fusing (melting together) a zinc atom with a lead atom. The zinc atom was accelerated to high energies by a heavy ion accelerator and directed onto a lead target.
Element Classification: Transition Metal
Quote regarding the above factoids, which can be used to impress family, friends, business colleagues, prospective clients, prospective customers -- and also to put restless small children into a hypnagogic state that leads to a good night's sleep...

"At TNNW, they blinded us with science!" - Written by an anonymous fan and contributor unrelated to Douglas Castle.

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