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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN: Making Millions by Making a Difference

Especially for Women with Ann Barczay Sloan

Introducing: Suzanne Evans

Founder & President of Help More People

“Stop Chasing the Money and Start Chasing the Dream”

“Stop Marketing and Start a Movement!”

Unexpected viral pathways: How Suzanne and I first connected

Impossible to track how I recently came across a link to a teleseminar with Suzanne Evans. She was probably featured in one of the Ezines I subscribe to, created by one of the bright entrepreneurial women whose exploits I enjoy reading about. Yes, it’s true to say that Suzanne first landed in my in-box the viral way!

Amid the myriad pedestrian pitches for coaching crowding my inbox, the fresh all-around approach to marketing presented by Suzanne grabbed my attention. I then went on to explore her links, signed up for her mini-course, read some of her blog – and now find myself even more attracted to her unique voice in the realms of marketing and business coaching.

So here I am, looking forward to meeting Suzanne, to sharing in a fun yet in-depth interview ─ and excited about this opportunity to unveil Suzanne’s refreshing, even feisty teachings to a new audience here within the virtual pages of The National Networker!

Who Is Suzanne Evans and what is she all about?

This bio info is an excerpt from

Suzanne Evans is best known as an action expert. Suzanne is driven by a passion and desire to help business owners discover the key to success ─ being authentic in their business. In two years time Suzanne grew her business from zero to a quarter of a million dollars by helping more people….

[Update: Suzanne has now upped this to half a million dollars in 2009.]

… After working for the nation's largest union, being a professional actress, a nationally ranked water skier, a high school teacher, and an Assistant Producer to five Broadway shows (all before the age of 30), Suzanne began using her life experiences to coach a wide range of people on living their fullest potential. She created a private coaching practice with over 40 clients in one year and launched three businesses in a four-month timeframe. Action comes naturally for Suzanne!

Suzanne received her Bachelor's Degree from Lees-McRae College, her Master's from New York University, and is a graduate of Coach U. She is a highly sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator and coach. Her coaching has been described as tough, honest, keen and caring.

Helping More People: Suzanne’s Trademark

You’ll hear more information about Suzanne’s unique marketing philosophy in the interview. It’s all based on being totally authentic in presenting one’s self, talents and services to the world. Here’s a bit of back story in Suzanne’s own words, recounting her frustration when she realized her early efforts at marketing herself just were not working: :

I threw up my hands and wondered what if I just became me? No fancy names, no somebody else's ideas and no created messages. I started encouraging my clients to do the same. We all took the journey together and amazing things began to happen. Everyone was attracting more business, my clients were happier, and we were all making more money. Helpingpreneur and The Help More People System were born.

Helpingpreneur is my trademarked term for anyone who packages or provides help and service to other people or groups. If you help, heal, serve, or support for a living, then you're a Helpingpreneur. It all made sense because it was all me. My client base doubled and so did my income. For more on this, see

Suzanne has two main sites plus a blog:

1. Help More People Tour

This three-city tour took place in 2009. It was sold out!
However, it’s still valuable to read some of Suzanne’s text, e.g., these excerpts:

It's time to Stop the Same Old Marketing as Usual and Start a Movement.

Never again wonder how you "should" be marketing. Stop sabotaging yourself with the guilt of feeling behind. End the worry of who to listen to. Eliminate information overwhelm. And forever end the cycle of hiding your amazing talents from the world because marketing feels gross.

2. Be the Change Event

This is an event upcoming February 18 – 20, 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Suzanne explains in more detail in her interview (below).

Here are some excerpts from the event site:

“… I was stunned to find that when I made my marketing 100% my own, my income accelerated beyond what I ever believed was possible.

So what did I do? I traded the old strategies of marketing for a mission-driven movement that was able to reach more people and increase my income because I was leading with my purpose.

My approach created a new marketing reality for me:

Old: Professional Positioning New: Embrace Your Inner Helping Guru

Old: Niche New: Who Needs You Most

Old: Marketing Funnel New: Money Mountain

Old: Strategic Marketing Plan New: Forwarding Your Fingerprint

This small, simple shift made a BIG impact in my ability to connect with people. Not only did it increase my revenue and my reach, it allowed me to sleep at night knowing I was connecting to people on MY terms…..

What was the lesson?

When you are in a movement / marketing zone it is so richly authentic you can market anywhere ─ even the supermarket!

This shift enabled me to create wealth, help thousands, stand in my authentic self, and have real impact on the world...”

Additional details on this event are at

3. Suzanne’s Blog

This blog is crammed full of valuable articles and information.

Now, time to meet Suzanne!

Let’s meet Suzanne at last and get an inside look into her back story, her personal perspective on what she calls her “movement”, and the vision she has for her future!


First off, Suzanne, how would you briefly describe what you do?

“I help people make millions by making a difference through aligning their purpose with a business model that works and is authentic.”

What is your mission, the primary goal of what you do?

“I teach people exactly how easy it is to turn their passion into a fun, fulfilling, and profitable business ─ when they discover how to stop marketing and turn their life's calling into an unstoppable movement! When this happens they heal their shame around money and do life changing work.”

“They heal their shame around money”! Wow ─ what a powerfully resonant phrase. I’ll be giving that some more thought! Now, moving on ─ please tell me how you got started in all this, and how you arrived where you are currently.

“Here’s how it went: Three years ago I was working a day J-O-B to (barely) pay the bills and dreaming of starting a business that would allow me to help people, make more money, and create the life I always wanted.

I knew the world desperately needed my help. I talked to people who felt ‘stuck’ and could see they were crying out for what I knew I could offer them.

Only I didn't know how to give it to them.

I knew that to start a business I needed to market myself but felt that the ways I had been ‘taught’ to market were not in line with who I was. They felt inauthentic and sleazy. But since that was ‘the way’ it was done, I played along. I even got some clients. I should have been thrilled.

Instead I felt trapped, empty, and confused.

What I thought was the road to freedom was simply another trap. What I thought would make my spirit soar simply replaced one form of unfulfillment with another. All those marketing secrets I had learned simply left me as the master of someone else's world. Someone else's business. Someone else's life.

It was devastating.

I knew something had to change.

And I knew I wasn't the only one out there with passion for their purpose, needing to market my message, and wanting to do so from an authentic space.

What I didn't know was that if I was going to change the way the marketing game was played, I would have to become the change myself. I decided that winning the world simply wasn't worth losing myself in the process.

So I did something revolutionary. I started being myself.

It was in that moment that I stopped marketing and started a movement.”

Wow, Suzanne! ‘Start being yourself! Stop marketing and start a movement!’ These messages of yours really attract me, engage me. I’d love to explore more deeply what that means!

“You explore it by actually living it!”

Yes, I do understand that! Now let me ask: Was there a time of breakthrough, a turning point when you chose to change your course? Any specific quantum leap(s)?

“What I just said above: I did something revolutionary. I started being myself.”

Which of your projects are you currently most excited / passionate about?

"The 'Be The Change Event' – a live event taking place in Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 18-20. It is designed to do the following:

• Help you TAKE BACK CONTROL of your business dream from the gurus and hacks,

-- all while creating a REAL plan to accelerate your income beyond what you believed possible. See ."

Sounds really great!

Suzanne laughs. “Sounds great and is great! And it’s close to being sold out!”

Let me ask you: How much of your work is focused specifically toward women?

“While I work with men and women, my marketing and message are mostly geared toward women. Authentic, heart centered, movement, and meaning all seem to have high female appeal. Imagine that!”

Yes, I can absolutely imagine that, I laugh.
What are some of the ways and places you promote your enterprise?

“I promote both online and offline. Held a very successful one-day, three-city Tour last Fall – St. Louis, Los Angeles, and NYC. I called it my ‘Helping People Tour’ ─

According to your web site, all three cities were sold out!

“Yes, sold out. That was great!”

Looks like you’re definitely fulfilling a need! Now my next question: Whom does your network currently include? How far does your network extend?

“Including social networks, over 12,000 in my database ─ and a reach of over 10,000 that extends worldwide.”

What has been the best about building a network? Benefits, expected and unexpected?

“I am desperately in love with people, their stories, their possibility. Every person I meet is such a joy. It is amazing, whether through Twitter or in person, the power that lives in connections and contact.”

Beautifully stated, Suzanne! Now, may I ask: What challenges (if any) have you found in your networking experiences? Any unexpected events?

“Honestly, no. If you remain more interested than interesting you will connect, grow, and benefit from your networking. Always remember to be in a mode of service and it all comes back to you.”

Bottom line – What do you feel is really working well for you, your company?

“Focusing on my movement. Nothing is stronger than living a life and running a business with so much passion and conviction that it inspires others to service. If you believe in your mission and take daily action, everything is easier.”

Besides networking, how else are you promoting your company? What do you view as the primary vehicle and what makes it more important than the other(s)?

“I speak, speak, speak! I tell my story and share my movement every chance I get. Whether teleclasses, social media, or in person you must be willing and excited to wake up every day and spread your message. It is the ONLY true marketing that works. I view marketing as a moral obligation and live by that.”

And I see you have a page on YouTube as well.

“I certainly do!” Suzanne smiles. “The link is ."

What’s the achievement, the accomplishment you’re most proud of at this time?

“Serving over 1,000 people this year in business. The more conscious heart-felt entrepreneurs we have, the better we leave this planet.”

What are your plans and goals for the future ─.organizational / personal ─ especially regarding networking activities?

“I have a big and exciting partnership with David Neagle that will happen this Spring ─ and because we love teaching and sharing our message, look for us on tour.”

David Neagle – the one dubbed the “Million Dollar Income Acceleration Coach”?

“That same David Neagle!” Suzanne smiles.

That’s got to be an exciting partnership!

“Yes, definitely! I am thrilled. I can hardly wait to get out there with David.”

In conclusion, anything else you’d like to add for our readers? Some words of encouragement, inspiration?

“There is only one successful principle to continually focus on ─ tenacity. Most businesses and lives flounder or fail simply due to quitting. Honestly ─ if this were easy everyone would be doing it. Keep going ─ the world needs your message!”

I’d also like to add a powerful quote of yours from your blog:

“Please don’t wait to share your gifts and help more people. We all need you.”

These are quite empowering messages to end with, Suzanne. Thank you so much for this interview, this inspiring glimpse into your “Helpingpreneurial” world, your passion to model and bring success to as many as possible!

# # #
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