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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

Featured Deal of the Week

Featured Deal/Win of the Week is brought to you by The National Networker and CEO Space Northeast.


Whether or not you belong to CEO Space (which you should), you are invited to tell us about your Greatest Deal for our consideration. If it's truly great, we'll write it up!

This week we feature the following deals:

Congratulations Beth Barany!

Beth Barany just signed a contract to be the committee chair for the CAL ALUMINI Literary Arts Anthology! She’ll be sending out Call for Submissions by Dec. 1!

Huge WIN for "A Matter Of Time"...the Movie

We are pleased and proud to announce a huge WIN for "A Matter Of Time...the Movie," and for Karen Stanwood, Nancy Sweet, Kathryn Booth, Gene Kamarasy, Don Kirchner and the whole team at High Ground Productions, in having recently signed Michael Blake

(;, Academy Award-winning screenwriter and author of "Dances With Wolves" to write the script and direct the film adaptation of Don Kirchner’s book, “A Matter of Time”. The team has been working to add value and raise the remaining development capital outside of Forums for the last two years. Aligning with Michael’s integrity, vision and network of award-winning filmmakers is a cornerstone in the creation of an award-winning, major motion picture. The film development phase is now nearly complete as they move into the pre-production phase of the movie within the next few months. It all started at IBI/ CEO Space April 2001, and continued for eight years...a testament to diligence and the principle of teamwork making the dream work. The No Matter What Team sends out thanks to all of their IBI/CEO Space supporters, teachers and friends who have been so supportive over the years.

Great WIN from “The Creator Leadership Network”

Yesterday was the debut for "The Creator Leadership Network ". It includes 24/7 streaming audio channels with information, resources, and training for church musicians and worship leaders:;

Here's the latest WIN from Hollywood Correspondent, Media Expert, Speaker and Author Gayl Murphy...

The newly revised edition of Gayl's book “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered!” is now available, featuring 14 brand new chapters called “The Lost Chapters of Interview Tactics!”

As a media expert, Gayl celebritizes CEO's ...and she will do the same for you! Her new tell-it-to-sell-it “Insider’s Guide to Giving a Killer Interview” is 234-pages of "media gold" revealing the very same media-savvy tactics and techniques that some of the most successful entrepreneurs, experts, authors and celebrities in entertainment and business use to "celebritize" themselves and their brands!

A WIN for Reggie Henkart – Awarded the title of IsaMillionaire in Isagenix

Reggie Henkart, Forign Exchange Trainer and Author of “Hit The Spot” and his wife Andrea were awarded the title of IsaMillionaire in Isagenix. They accomplished this in 7 years and are expecting to make their second million in much less time. He attributes their success to CEO space and the doors that the organization opened to people such as John Gran and T Harv Eker. He is now authoring a book “Hit the Spot, How to Tame the Current Market”.

A Real Gem of a WIN

Alan Sklut, Royal Jewlery Design, has designed a new CEO Space Lapel Pin with a “diamond like border”.

Royal Jewelry Design by Alan is a truly unique service offering elegant, creative designed jewelry just for you. A true collaboration between client and artist takes the art of fine jewelry to a new level and making the celebration of life’s important moments most meaningful. A member of the American Gem Trade Association, Royal Jewelry Design by Alan is privileged to be recognized for his professional expertise in colored gems. Alan’s work has appeared among North America’s great jewelry artisans in the annual Spectrum Jewelry Awards competition. Alan’s connoisseur’s collection of gems always gives his jewelry an air of elegance and vibrancy that few jewelers know how to achieve.

Alan’s jewelry creations go beyond personal adornment with his Elegance in Advertising program. Using a business’s logo or symbolic icon created into fine jewelry becomes a magnet of interest to everyone you meet plus advertising that reinforces your brand image and keeps giving you value.

Meticulously crafted in all fine jewelry metals and using gorgeous diamonds and colored gems, you are assured of a beautiful jewelry piece delivered on time and at a fair price. Alan regards it a privilege to serve his clients with enthusiasm and pride knowing that his work is not only a precious gift, but also an endearment that is meant to give pleasure and lasting meaning for a lifetime and future generations.

Custom jewelry projects have been created from a very modest $400.00 to the $25,000.00 range. Regardless of your investment, each project receives my full attention to detail and quality imbuing the wearer with “Beauty, Grace and Power ™”. I encourage you to call 302-832-3285 or email to discuss your special jewelry gift.

Alan's Featured Deal of the Week

8mm 1.89 heart shaped Pink Sapphire @ $1200pc. The image attached does not do it justice. This is a true “Gem Quality” sapphire that is extremely hard to replace. This world class gem is being offered at the wholesale price of $1200 per carat or $2,268.00 total. I have owned the gem for over two years and I never tired from showing this gem off. The owner will truly have one of nature’s rare treasures for a lifetime of pleasure. (Alan Slkut,


Royal Jewelry Design by Alan (Alan Slkut, )...

New Gem Clients: Benari Jewelers, Exton and Media, Pennsylvania; Del Haven Jewelers, Newark, Delaware; Josph Janvier Jewelers, Elsmere, Delaware; New Royal Jewelry Design Team Members: Art Direction- Ara Illustrated, Ara Skinner; Photography: Herbert Studios, Jeffrey Herbert

A WIN for Herb Palmer Jr.

Herb Palmer Jr. just found a way to take 5 star vacations and get paid. No monthly fees.

Whether or not you belong to CEO Space (which you should), you are invited to tell us about your Greatest Deal for our consideration. If it's truly great, we'll write it up!

If your company is genuinely special, and you have an exciting yarn to spin (or tale to tell), just write to us at , being sure to include "FEATURED COMPANY OF THE WEEK" in the Subject line. Give us a very quick synopsis, and your communications coordinates.

You can submit your company’s or organization's greatest corporate coupe or conquest for TNNW’s consideration by writing to Please be certain to put "FEATURED DEAL OF THE WEEK" in the subject line, with a brief story and your communications coordinates.

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