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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

BLUE THING #3: Amazing New Facts and Statistics

Amazing New Facts and Statistics
BLUE THING #3: Amazing New Facts and Statistics

HEY YOU! Yes you. If you are a Subscriber to THE NATIONAL NETWORKER NEWSLETTER, you are invited to submit your own favorite amazing fact or statistic. If you’d like, we’ll even publish your name (or your organization’s name) and give you credit for your contribution. Note: Unless you are particularly dense, you will recognize that we are actually offering you FREE PUBLICITY in exchange for a mere tidbit of information.

Simply click on the hyperlink below to submit your gem:

If the hyperlink isn’t working, first you must first blame your browser, then your ISP Provider, then Bill Gates (or Steve Jobs), and utter a rapid string of profanities under your breath. [feel better?] Then, just click on this one, and get direct access.

A compilation of utterly useless information brought to you by The Internationalist Page, Braintenance,, and THE NATIONAL NEWSPICKER™.

Following is a veritable cesspool teeming with trivial items to use in pick-up lines in bars, to fill awkward silences in credit committee meetings, and to forward (via email) to the spam filters of Oprah, Bill O’Reilly, Bono, Paris Hilton, Harry Potter [either one], any member of the board of directors of Bank Of America, the president or prime minister of your home nation, or your many friends, family members and people who have far to much time on their hands.

Here goes:

November Facts

November happens to be
► Tobacco Awarness Month

► NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month

► National Beard Month

► Diabetes Awarness Month

► National Native American and Native Alaskan Month

► On the first Tuesday in November, Australians can look forward to the Melbourne Cup horse race.

► November is the eleventh month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of four Gregorian months with the length of 30 days.

► The Latin translation of "novem" is nine, for it was originally the ninth month on the Roman calander.

► The birthstone for November is Topaz

► The flower that represents November is the Chrysanthemum.

► November begins on the same day of the week as March every year and also February except in leap years

► Winston Churchill, Prime Minster of England was born November 30, 1874

► November 5th, 1959 the National Football league was formed with 8 teams: the Houston Oilers, New York Titans, Buffalo Bills, Boston Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers, Dallas Texans, Oakland Raiders, and Denver Broncos

► In Finnish, November is called marraskuu, meaning "month of the dead"

► President Polk and President Harding were both born on November 2nd, but 70 years apart!

► In Xhosa, November is called ngeyeNkanga, meaning "month of the small yellow daisies"

► November in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to May in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa

► November 17th is National Take A Hike Day

► On November 22nd, 1957 Simon & Garfunkel performed on the “American Bandstand” Show as “Tom & Jerry”.

► The Saxons called November – “Blood Month”, because they sacrificed many animals to their gods in that month so legends say

► Around November 17, the Leonids meteor shower reaches its peak

► World War I ended on the 11th day of the 11th month (November) at 11PM, in 1918

► The dictator Francisco Franco died November 20, 1975

► The infamous Berlin Wall began to come down on November 9, 1989

► The first women police officers began working in Britain on November 27th, 1914

► November 18th, 1963 Bell Telephone Company introduced to the public the push button phone

► On November 5th 1935, Parker Brothers introduced the game Monopoly to the world

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