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Monday, November 09, 2009

BLUE THING #10: Backtalk: Comments from our Readers

BACKTALK™: Comments From Our Readers
Your Feedback. Your Input. Your Turn.

Here are some of your comments on our recent TNNW articles:

Karl Smith:
Are You Ready For The Network Economy?

"Thank you for the positive outlook on trying times."

- Jean Waggoner

"I like the article; and Karl Smith makes a case for 'The Network Economy'.

"It is important when networking to 'understand the environment'. You can't force people to purchase the product or service you are selling. We market to a consumer we feel needs the product or service. If the target market consumer is correct, we sell. As 'sellers', we disseminate information on the availability of goods and services to the 'buyer'.

"In the economy today, businesses rely on other businesses for the generation of revenue. Every business plays a role in the economy. The businesses that do well provide enough information into the marketplace for other businesses to evaluate a need for the service or product."
- Anne Taslow

"simple formula to understand future trends."

- Chandraakant Dalal

Bill Doerr, Sales & Marketing:
Networking Without Trying

"Excellent points! Extremely poignant! It re-awakens the 'can-do' attitude at a time when there is way to much 'can't do' going around as a pandemic. Dreams are necessary for a happy life, yet if there's no action to materialize or manifest the dream, negative habits return and exacerbate the 'can't do' attitude. This cycle is what needs to be broken and it takes deliberate and concentrated discipline, which sounds like work but ends in joy."

- Martin W. Jennings

"Great story that reminds us what we too often forget in the hussle and bussle of life, the everyday grind and worries takes over our dreams and we slowly stop living and start dying.
By the way, Bali is in Indonesia, not Polynesia"
- Phillippe Gadeyne

"Thanks for posting....great concept. New technology can make the 'real' old-fashioned relationship building and social networking too impersonal. Why not use our latest wave of technology as a means to engage with real people in real places. It is so much more satisfying!"

- Patty Thompson

Rick Itzkowich, Being There When it Counts:

How "edgy" are you?

"Hi Rick
i am definitely Edgy 1- my definition is (impatient- nervous- apprehensive)
would also like to think that i might be, from time to time, edgy 2
Not very often do i ask for permission- I often have to ask for forgiveness- edgy1 you see
my father was (also?) the autocratic type- he knew better all the time, my mother on the other hand the accommodating - forgive you- type .Their marriage had a similar ending ..
nice to have me think about these things
- George Dakos

"Hi Rick! I'll prove the theory you presented. I'm definitely #2. I don't fear much except taxes & death, I am not held back, I don't have doubts, I don't do the 'what if' thing.

"I don't like 'descriptions' of people - like the word 'edgy' - bothers me - but, has given me some thought. I guess I never thought of the word 'edgy.'

"Count me in! Interesting question."
- Debra Bankes

Truer words were never spoken - I agree we all aspire to being creative, cutting edge and want to lead the change...but then we have a family a mortgage, and responsibilities. The real need is to combine the unbridled creativity and risk taking with the thoughtfulness of an edgy#1. Rick's mom & dad must have been successful in this way. Business is no different - we need both aspects to win. For leaders that are edgy#1 - you better go find your mate and visa versa!"
- John Aceti

The disadvantages of being edgy are that you are running too fast leaving other members of the team behind and these are people who want to have a safe quite life, who are saying: 'you have too much energy for our team, we cant handle your enthusiasm'"
- Irina Kremin

Douglas Castle, This Might Hurt
Show 'em Your Briefs - The API™ Approach

As an attorney specializing in administrative law and regulatory compliance we were taought to be wordsmiths in our briefs, direct and to the point in questions.

"My avocation is logisitics operations management in which verbal and written communication require in most cases short brief communication.

"I can attest to the truth and accuracy of Douglas' premise."
- William Downey, JD

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