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Sunday, October 11, 2009

BLUE THING #1: TNNW Surveys, Analyses and Findings

TNNW Surveys, Analyses and Findings

Dear Readers:

Here's the way we TNNW folks roll out our surveys. Under the BLUE THING, we first show the results of the previous survey (TNNW SURVEY 2), and then we present your with a new survey for your participation.


Our last survey was a survey about surveys, which as Yossi Feigenson pointed out to me, was not unlike a coffee table book about coffee tables, with a reference to a nifty Seinfeld clip – it’s amazing how much comedic and philosophical material has been derived from what Costanza (one of the principal characters) called, “A show about NOTHING!” Take a moment and enjoy this clip.
(Posted by Anand "Andy" Chandarana from the LinkedIn Group, in response to a posting by Yossi about the Survey -- Thank you, Andy!)

The last survey, where the choices were (a) Often; (b) Sometimes and (c) Hardly ever, contained these polling statements:

1. I have used survey results in the course of my business, and in making key business decisions.

• Often 10.34%

• Sometimes 62.07%

• Hardly ever 27.59%

2. I have used survey results to help market products and services to my clients.

• Often 22.41%

• Sometimes 55.17%

• Hardly ever 22.41%

3. I use surveys in order to show my prospects why they should buy my product or services immediately – as promotional literature under the pretext of just keeping them informed.

• Often 17.54%

• Sometimes 45.61%

• Hardly ever 36.84%

4. I conduct ongoing quality surveys in order to constantly obtain customer feedback, monitor quality and to refine and improve my product or service, or just to keep good communications with customers.

• Often 20.69%

• Sometimes 41.38%

• Hardly ever 37.93%

5. I have had professional surveys done in order to obtain market research for developing my product or service to best suit my prospective customers, i.e., the marketplace.

• Often 17.24%

• Sometimes 31.03%

• Hardly ever 51.72%

Those were the results of the survey, which was viewed by 166 individuals, started by 69 individuals and completed by 59 individuals.

Some qualitative conclusions:

1. Respondents naturally tend toward the “sometimes” option in most surveys, especially when it is the middle choice offered.

2. Respondents tend not to rely on statistics for their own decision making, but will use them to promote sales to others. Respondents believe in using statistics more as a selling tool than as a planning tool.

3. Respondents generally do not pre-emptively engage in surveys for market research in order to design or improve their products or services in order to retain and attract additional market share. Respondents do not seem willing to invest in market research as an initial design tool, or for ongoing customer relations.

Some Irony:

Although the public is obsessed with polls and survey results, many businesspeople have not yet made the connection between that particular consumer propensity and their marketing campaigns. Market research companies have not done a stellar job of convincing the commercial sector that they should be incorporated in all product and service design, marketing, and ongoing customer relations.


Chambers of Commerce have been around since long before the invention of the internet. Originally, were geographically localized groups of businesspeople and professionals in various villages and townships, with each member in a different specialty (and non-competitive area) from the other members. They were also engaged in sponsoring sports, education, charitable causes and community growth and preservation.

Times are changing. Our survey question is a very direct one:

“Do you believe that chambers of commerce are providing value to your business?”

Please take a moment and fill out the survey form below. If it does not appear (because of incompatibility with your browser), just click on and the form will pop up instantly, like a toaster pastry.

Thank you for your participation! We will be publishing our results soon, and will post our analysis and findings.

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