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Sunday, July 05, 2009

TNNW UPDATES! July, 2009, Week #1

THE NATIONAL NETWORKER (TNNW) UPDATE Information...Services...Resources...

JULY, 2009, Week 1
UPDATE ISSUE 2 (New Format)

***New TNNW Survey: The Zig Ziglar Paradigm...Time for a revision?

Take This Survey!


Tom Ziglar quoting his father's time-honored business philosophy: "You can have everything in life that you want, if you will help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

Many of us, myself included, have grown up with Mr. Ziglar's wisdom as mantra. Is this classic paradigm still applicable in this changing society and economy? Do you believe it? Do you employ it as a regular business practice? How might you refine or modify it to make it more applicable? Take the TNNW survey -- it's quick and completely painless. THE NATIONAL NETWORKER would like your views.

Access the survey at . Get your free subscription to the TNNW Newsletter at . We welcome your participation and we truly value your personal and professional input. Thank you for your consideration.


Douglas Castle

***THE NATIONAL NEWSPICKER to Debut in August!

In one of our many special laboratories deep beneath the surface of one of Saturn's lesser-known moons (Crappitus, a very, very small moon, with a surface area roughly the size of Detroit, very quietly discovered during the Dick Cheney Vice Presidency -- kept secret from the American Public because "it's none of their f---ing business!") which we lease for peanuts (literally), our staff of debunked as disgruntled scientists has been working on, among other things, a SPECIAL BLENDED NEWSFEED. This comprehensive feed (provisionally named "THE NATIONAL NEWSPICKER") be released for our TNNW Subscribers in August.

You ask, "So what?" Well:

This one feed will contain all of the breaking news from all of the top sources (worldwide) regarding everything of importance to everyone who employs networking as an integral part of his or her business. You say, "That's me! In fact, that's everyone!" Precisely. All the headline news, stripped down to only the most important, most authoritative and most relevant bits of crucial information.

Imagine this: One source. Twenty minutes of reading. Knowing it all. Being informed. Sounding lethally intelligent. Being more efficient, effective, powerful and valuable. Increase your Relationship Capital (Adam J. Kovitz is the Avatar of Relationship Capital, by the way...).


Coming in August...THE NATIONAL NEWSPICKER. [We invite our Subscribers and Members to rename this thing. Please]


The NATIONAL NETWORKER is the process of dramatic change. We expect to implement these innovations, improvements and upgrades in Beta in the month of August. Of course there will be power outages, downtime and lots of excuses masquerading as explanations (i.e., "the long time to load the site was obviously caused by Global Warming'... and that sort of baloney); but then, all the big guys have that stuff, so these abnormal events will probably add to TNNW's credibility.

1. Our Newsletter will have an updated and upgraded look, increased interactivity with subscribers and richer, more useful content than ever before. It will be easier to find and follow your favorite authors (and to forward their articles). You will also be seeing some exciting new columns from some brand new authors who have honored us by joining us -- authors with unparalleled expertise, experience, writing style and messages of tremendous importance. Authors with whom you will be invited to interact, personally and professionally. Long story short - You got people. You know what else -- the Newsletter will continue to be free.

2. Our special blended Newsfeed (provisionally called the "National Newspicker") will contain the most important top stories and breaking news from a select group of the best media resources available on such subjects as (just to name a few): networking, communications, social media, navigating the New Web, leadership, team-building, growth through joint ventures, global relationship-building, new technologies, sources of capital for smaller and entrepreneurial companies, business plans and presentations, career growth, public relations and publicity, and new contacts and tools which can use. Our TNNW Select Newsfeed will be the only feed that you will need to read every day. You will make it a Favorite. It will also be available as a high-utility gadget. One day in the future, everything will be available as a Google Gadget.

3. Our completely updated and high-utility suite of Member Services will be more readily accessible, more user-friendly and more powerful than ever before. Subscribers will want to graduate to full Membership. Our new Interactive Calendar Of Events will revolutionize the way you promote your brand, services and fact, the NATIONAL NETWORKER will dramatically change the way in which people organize their daily schedules and utilize their precious time. You will be impressed and enthralled.

4. We will be offering more partnership, capitalization, mentoring and joint venturing opportunities than ever before. The Networker will be rolling out a bunch of DIRECT CONNECT services where we will bring good people together. We won't be just talk - we will help you (as in "hands-on") to build beneficial relationships. We are not just writing...we are action. What other social media or "connection" service can make that claim? Look forward to cutting-edge proactive.

5. We will make you glad that you joined us and became a part of our growing, interactive international community. And of course, they'll be plenty of buttons...

Get your FREE Subscription Today- THE NATIONAL NETWORKER Newsletter

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6. If you haven't already taken TNNW Survey #88 on LEADERSHIP ["What must an effective leader do..."], please take a moment to take it now. It is very quick, and the results promise to be fascinating. Get the survey at . Note: The deadline for submitting your opinion and thoughts is July 10th, and the results will be published publicly on July 18th. Every noteworthy organization in the world today, whether private sector or public sector, is facing a leadership crisis. We must identify those things that make certain persons leaders, find those people and persuade them to assume the responsibilities of leadership. Weigh in at

7. Are you part of the ONE PERCENT? Find out:

As always, thank you for being a Subscriber, and for reading us. By the way, the re-formatted website will be a snap to navigate. We swear (too often).

With Great Things to Come,

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle (who is not quite as important as Adam J. Kovitz)


Posted to THE NATIONAL NETWORKER (TNNW). All rights reserved.

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