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Sunday, June 14, 2009

THE POLITICAL FRONT: Expectation Management and Perception

The Political Front with Douglas Castle

In any relationship of trust or responsibility, management of your counterpart’s expectations is key. When networking (as every political administration does en masse with the American People), you must be perceived as honorable, competent and consistent President Barack Obama and the newly-installed democratic party have an advantage, since the previous republican administration is in a leadership vacuum and is suffering from the perception that its actions, or inactions, precipitated the current economic crisis. The democrats have to upgrade their networking skills in order to keep and hold their influence and sustain their advantage.

A recent article in BUZZFLASH spoke of the decline of the G.O.P. But the deterioration of their reputation, leadership issues and apparent blame for the precipitation of the current economic crisis is not enough to keep the democrats in the good graces of the American People.

The G.O.P. badly mis-networked the populace. The democrats need to sharpen their public networking skills, especially in the areas of expectation management and perception, if they are to remain in power and reap the political rewards of having helped to solve a frightening economic crisis – and a still unresolved crisis of confidence.

Original Article Appearing in BuzzFlash:

BuzzFlash The GOP: Frozen in time and tactics: Body What a week for the GOP! First, cont’d....

LinkedIn Response from William:

William has sent you a message.

Date: 6/14/2009

Subject: RE: DOUGLAS D_Castle_BuzzFlash The GOP: Frozen in...

“Right where they belong....”

>> Regarding DOUGLAS CASTLE LinkedIn Status: DOUGLAS D_Castle_BuzzFlash. The GOP: Frozen in time and tactics: Body What a week for the GOP! First, cont’d....

My Response to William:

Thank you for your feedback. The previous U.S.

I am prone to agree, based upon prior dealings with the GOP and its simplistic economic darwinism, disembowelment of the administration certainly made itself unpopular with the larger portion of the American citizenry (and immigrancy?), while it systematically alienated the entire International Community.Constitution and a propensity toward profit motives which cross the lines from cronyism and contractual awards to deception and genocide. Sadly, the Democrats, despite the swing of the pendulum in their favor, are not suitably informed or organized to take advantage of an historically (hysterically) unprecedented political opportunity -- I find it lamentable that the American Body Politic is still operating based upon a primitive stimulus - response central nervous system, and not through the coordinated efforts of a centralized brain with cognition of longer-term cause and effect.

Radical regulatory moves and sweeping symptomatic fixes advocated by President Obama, Ben Bernanke and other persons in positions of leadership are getting into the dangerous business of making promises that cannot possibly be kept -- in defiance (or perhaps more innocently) of the laws of the Laws of Physics and of the Fundamental Economics of monetary and fiscal policy.

To maintain a position of entrenched influence, the Democratic administration must seek to better manage expectations, be more forthright and to "underpromise while overdelivering." The perception by the U.S. citizenry of the current party in power is that leadership is divided, confused are floundering. They seem to forget that even the illusion of command and control (typically a Republican gambit) helps to stabilize an economic crisis, while the perception of "amateur hour" in the White House might prolong and serve to deepen the economic crisis. Every economic downturn is triggered and sustained by a lack of confidence in financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and government leadership.

The first orders of business for the newly-empaneled democratic crew are to show unity; transparency; a full grasp of the crisis; and some plans that do not appear to be knee-jerk responses or a series of bandages on an already-rampant systematically embedded cancer. To do the best for itself as a party, and to do the best for the United States, I believe that the democrats need to study and apply more behavioral psychology and expectation management. Confidence in the macroeconomic systems and the persons managing them is essential for a reversal of U.S.

Politics is firstly about perception, and only secondly about results.

Awaken ye democrats!


Douglas Castle

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