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Monday, June 01, 2009

OPTIMIZING YOUR IMPACT: Newton’s Third Law of Motion Applied to Marketing

Optimizing Your Impact with Jeff Schomay

“Interaction makes all the ____________.”

Did you fill in the blank? Did you say difference? If so, we’ve created an action/ reaction event, the theory being you now have a “vested interest” to read more to see what you got yourself into, right? Or does it really make any difference?

Action <-> Reaction. You can’t argue with Newton’s third law. Anything you do (including doing nothing) is an action. Anyone who comes in contact with that action (or lack thereof) will have a reaction (again, possible to do nothing). It’s just physics, and it happens constantly. The key is to use this universal law to achieve the reactions you desire. And the only way to do that is to create the proper initiating actions. But how?

As with everything in the “Consumer Persuasion Industry,” it all comes down human psychology. In the example above, we almost can’t help completing the sentence. The human mind craves completion, balance, and closure, and is wired to attempt to provide those qualities anywhere they are missing. While a simple fill-in-the-blank trick may not seem to have much sway over your potential customers, consider the same principle with a most sophisticated approach. I’ll explain with an example:

A friend of mine recently fell victim to a well-planned burglary. The robbers had observed his daily schedule, picked a time when he was out, cracked the code to the front security doors of the apartment complex, broken into the control room and stolen the security tapes and turned off the power to his unit, and then entered his apartment. He returned to find his door splintered and kicked in, and his belongings fully trashed.

Ok, I’ll stop there. The point is, due to our natural sense of empathy and our desire for closure, you may be asking “What happened next?” which is exactly the reaction I was hoping to achieve. Imagine creating a similar story all about the troubles your product or service solves that your potential customers could empathize with. You don’t have to get them to buy from you right away, you just need to get them to ask “What happens next?” That’s when you know they’ve got a “vested interest,” aka they are a qualified lead. Action reaction.

Another instance of getting the most out of Newton’s law is our human sense of burning curiosity. If there’s something I can push, pull, slide, etc, I’ll probably do it. That’s why museums need to put up so many “Please Do Not Touch” signs. That’s why people “kick the tires” of a new car they are considering buying – seriously, how much useful information does kicking the tires give you? It’s just an expression of our need to interact with something as a part of our decision making process.

So, now that you know that, create the opportunities for your potential customers to react to, and you’ll pull them closer to your intended results by using the laws of nature to your benefit. You don’t even have to try to convince anyone anything, they’ll complete the reaction side of the equation all on their ____.

Good luck and Good Marketing.

Jeff Schomay

Written by Jeff Schomay
Inspire Your Buyer - Branding and Marketing
Maximize Your Impact. Get Better Results.
(c) 2009
Jeff Schomay is an expert brander/ marketer, and a professional film writer/ director.


Posted to THE NATIONAL NETWORKER (TNNW). All rights reserved.

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