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Saturday, April 25, 2009

U.S. NEW ENGLAND: Diva Toolbox tries Social Networking

by Noelle Southwick
U.S. New England Bureau Chief
(Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut)

After speaking with Janet Powers from the Diva Toolbox for my article last month I wanted to hear what she has to say about the social networking sites.

Janet jokingly says her most effective form of promotion has been the “my two feet and my big mouth” method. Like most people who are growing businesses, Janet has been out at networking events making personal introductions to grow the Diva Toolbox. Now she admits that she had undervalued the impact of social networking. She has been extremely impressed with how effective it has been in spreading her message and growing her contributors to the Diva Toolbox, particularly in the New England area.

Janet spent about one month contributing regularly to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In only one month Janet has increased by three times the contributions to the Diva Toolbox. She is convinced that if you have products and services you want to share with a local market then social networking is the way to go.

“It’s free and very effective. You can’t beat that mathematical equation.” says Janet.

How to integrate social networking into everyday life?

With everyone having such overbooked schedules it is understandable that one might feel it’s too much to keep up with contributions to social networking too. You don’t need to be online 24/7 simply check in on your social networks when you check your emails.

The Diva Toolbox’s media expert Cindy Morrison (on twitter at shared that the tool she uses to keep up is ( It is a free tool that allows you to contribute to multiple social networking sites at the same time.

This removes any argument about not having enough time.

Don’t know what to say?

Janet is very practical with her advice on what to share on the social networks. She suggests you share the answers to the questions frequently asked by your clients.

Whatever you explain over and over again is what you explain on the social networking sites. Educate people on your business and you become their local expert. People do business with experts and they refer business to them too. Janet advises to just be you and answer the questions people have.

Think of a short conversation you might have with someone in the grocery. “Is that a good tomato sauce you’re buying?” “How do you like your child’s soccer team?” It really is that simple.

Power in simplicity

Social networking is asking someone who is using a product what he or she thinks of it. With social networking sometimes you’re asking and sometimes, as in Janet’s example, you are the one with spaghetti sauce in your carriage.

Through these interactions people get to know each other & then they will tend to ask more specific questions.

Janet offers the suggestion to schedule 15 minutes a couple of times a day as your social networking time. I am sure it will pay off for you too.

“What I am sure of is that social networking isn’t just for the kids anymore.” Janet insists that it is an effective tool for businesses to reach clients, vendors and partners.

Find more information

There are many articles written about networking and about connecting through the social networks posted on the Diva Toolbox. You can also listen to tips about social networking with media expert Cindy Morrison.

Janet is optimistic that The National Networker readers have great advice to share with people. She welcomes you to contribute to Diva Toolbox.

Janet Powers Founder and President

Diva Toolbox Information on Articles: 600 West Cummings Park, Suite 1225 Woburn, MA 01801 (781) 995-2342

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