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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Networking Naturally with Belinda Fuchs

By Noelle Southwick

New England Bureau Chief
(Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut)

When I asked her what she does, Belinda Fuchs of told me “I change lives and save marriages through empowering people with their money. I help people make more money, save more money and stress less about their money.”

She says, “What is neat about me is I bring a CPA with 15 years in finance and combine the practical with the inspirational.”

I would not initially have expected a CPA to refer to herself as “neat” but that is Belinda. She spreads her positive energy wherever she goes. “A lot of what I look to do through any interaction with me is to allow people a space to have fun and to feel special. I think people take their lives too seriously.” says Belinda.

It is certainly working for her. Since launching her business in December 2007 Belinda has had a whirlwind of successes. Some of her accomplishments include hosting her own cable television program, articles published in magazines including Pink & Yahoo Finance, many radio interviews, increasing her revenue 10 times over last year, and her group coaching program is half filled pre-launch.

Networking is natural for Belinda. She accredits it to being clear that the service she offers is one that people want and need.

Belinda’s advice on networking is that it is an essential skill everyone should develop. It is so important that she covers the topic in every program she offers.

It may seem obvious to cover it in an entrepreneurial class but the singles & couples classes cover networking as well. Belinda points out that many times people in jobs don’t realize until they are out of jobs that they should have been working on building their network.

I love Belinda’s energy and her enthusiasm; she has a lot of fun in her new career. She believes, “It’s not necessary to be so serious to be successful.”

Belinda recognizes that “Money can often be scary even paralyzing for people.” She believes in lightening it up, “I make taking responsibility for your money as fun, sexy and cool as irresponsibility has always been.”

Networking can be the same way for people, scary and even paralyzing. Belinda’s advice, “reframing networking makes it fun.”

A great tip to illustrate the point is what she calls hosting the party. When you go to an event pretend that it is your event.

Your approach is totally different if it’s your party instead of being there to sell something. To skeptics, Belinda says, “Just try it. You may find you are friendlier, smile more naturally versus feeling forced and “sales-y”. It actually becomes fun & you can show genuine caring for the people you meet.”

It is clear to me that Belinda is passionate about her work. She has a great sense of value in what she does and who she is and it’s reflected in how she interacts with people.

A few great points we discussed regarding her amazing success in networking:

Eternal Value. I know in my gut that I am valuable. I value myself & I trust that others will see my value. But I do not need it. Often people are searching for validation from others. I am not a victim to what people think of me. I call it Eternal Value.

Genuine Caring. I don’t just go through the motion of asking questions. I am asking because I genuinely want to know how to serve them.

Follow Up. If I go to an event I often come home with over 100 business cards. I call them or email them to stay connected. I organize my business cards. I think it’s important.

Make Notes. When I meet someone I make notes about when and where I met the person, what we talked about and any interesting facts. It helps me remember the person and the person feels remembered, it’s very powerful.

Don’t filter people. I talk to everyone, see how they are doing. My newest clients are from Canada, Texas, Nevada and Delaware and I live in Boston. I didn’t assume they did not need me.

Deliver Value. I send out tips and strategies to my list regularly.

Doubt Sabotages. I have a core belief that this is what I am meant to do in the world and I am grateful for the ability to do it. I know deep in my heart there is success here, no doubt.

Something that sets Belinda apart is what she calls being a Super Connector. She is always connecting people with the resources they need. She has a huge network and she is always looking for ways to make connects.

I felt like I finally understood some of the networking advice I have been hearing for years. It is so simple and fun for Belinda because she is clear about who she is and values her services. Looking for ways to be in service to more and more people is what she does. Interactions with this master networker make people feel special. Growing her business means continually to looking for ways to spread her insights.

Building value and self worth is at the core of Belinda’s business, She says that internal value and self worth are communicated all the time and has you making your decisions if you realize it or not. If you have a strong self worth you can make clear smart moves in life. She highlights how it’s a choice and people can choose to own their money and thus own their life.

Belinda Fuchs offers seminars, group coaching, private coaching, and keynote speeches. You can sign up for Own Your Money email tips, or learn about Own Your Money Clubs which begin in October through Belinda’s website, email or by phone at 617-268-0600.

“I want people to be their best whole selves in the world.”

–Belinda Fuchs, President

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