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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Director- and C-level Networking: A B2B Power Exchange Update

By Kathleen Ronald
Southwest Bureau Chief
(California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona)

My favorite aspect of my job as Southwest Bureau Chief for The National Networker is that every month, I have the privilege of bringing amazing, value-filled networking opportunities to your attention. Well, this month I’m bringing back Chris Pareja of B2B Power Exchange.

It has been over two years since B2B Power Exchange was first reported on The National Networker, and meanwhile, its members have been watching its value skyrocket!

For all those who need to meet with the ‘power players’- directors, VPs and CEOs, and think it’s too difficult to find any groups that give them these opportunities: help is here.

The networking opportunities that B2B Power Exchange brings, will surely offer relief to people like you.

I am, as always, interested in the story of how organizations are born. Chris was out bumping around networking events, seeking connections to his ideal clients. As many of us who sell to top brass often do, he became frustrated that his networking efforts were wasted on events that supported the ‘business to consumer’ market.

Chris was tired of suffering and getting banged up at the bank with the cost of running around looking for his target audience. Knowing that he was not alone in suffering, Chris decided to create a solution for the many people who shared his pain. Knowing Chris, it is no surprise that he, in his modest words, “found a need and filled it.” The need was met in a big way when he launched B2B Power Exchange in 2004.

Chris’s mantra for B2B is clear: help people who sell at this level, to easily find, close and deliver business more effectively. Everything he does serves this mission statement.

Since we last reported, he has added many new benefits to experience.

What’s new?

  • B2B holds 32 monthly in person breakfast meetings. (for locations, visit
  • B2B holds 32 online meetings a month. They are all free at this point – both for members and non-members.
  • They also have specific meetings for specific targets (i.e. folks that have niched products and want to only meet HR, Finance or Business process Directors or above)
  • B2B is hosting ½ day seminars each month, which address topics that support the needs of the community (small fee)
  • The Online community launched in May hosts a plethora of features
  • Webinars are a hot new feature as well and make it easy for all to join (FREE)

Although B2B’s breakfast meetings are largely focused in Northern and Southern California, they also have meetings in AZ, OR, CO, IL, NY and NJ. You can’t go broke, meetings are included for members and $40.00 for non-members. (Non-members can also mention The National Networker and attend their first meeting for $20.) The objectives of these meetings are to create a space for like-minded individuals to share what they do, to understand what each other are up to, to collaborate and enlarge their opportunities, and to easily access the right connections over eggs and bacon. What a brilliant concept!

After speaking with Chris, I immediately began to create a mental list of all of my friends who need to know about this awesome organization. Chris, thanks for creating this group so all of us can now find, close and deliver business more easily to our target markets.

Keep an eye on B2B as Chris is always adding, and bringing more value in new ways every month to serve his community’s needs.

Whether in person or online, B2B is the solution – not only for folks that want to work with companies and corporations, but also for folks that are at corporations, looking for that perfect vendor.

If you want to become a member you can visit

Chris has designed this to be immensely valuable to all participants, both members and non-members alike! Check it out and get involved with B2B Power Exchange today!

For more information, contact Chris Pareja

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