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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Optimize Your TNNW

If you are reading this, you are either a subscriber to THE NATIONAL NETWORKER NEWSLETTER, or someone has forwarded a copy of the publication to you for your information and enjoyment. Our direct subscriber market is approaching 6,000 Members, and our secondary market (consisting of website and blog visitors, listeners to our podcast, readers of individual writers’ blogs and recipients of re-published versions of these newsletters is more than ten times this amount.

By advertising with us as a general sponsor, you, as a Member, will now have the ability, if you wish, to get your message out to an enormous, pre-qualified subscriber and reader base which is not only enormous and growing, but which is virally wired into other Online communities and groups with in excess of 100,000 active members. An ad can merely bean article with a live link to your website or blog (broadcast over our RSS and Blidget feed), or it can be more sophisticated. It is incredibly cost-effective.

We are in the process of expanding our product and service offerings to subscribers and to he general public. If you are a subscriber of record (via email) prior to October 1, 2008, you will be entitled to a cartload of either free or significantly-discounted Networking and Relationship Capital Tools in addition to your continued subscription.


  • If you received this copy of The National Networker Newsletter by forwarding from a friend or colleague, or if you just happened across it while looking at Widgets, Blidgets, our RSS feed or by Googling and finding our website or blog, click on and subscribe for your free direct Membership immediately. Registered Members will receive opportunities not available to the general public, and will also be eligible for significant cost breaks from a growing host of vendors and service providers. Also remember – we never send spam, and we do not sell or share Member names with anyone, ever;
  • Even if you are a lower-tech individual, or even if you are delighted to keep receiving TNNW via email, click on and immediately click on the RSS icon to receive the free RSS feed to your homepage, your website or to your blog. Your browser has a built-in RSS reader (they never tell us these things!), and you can instantly subscribe to the RSS feed in the same way that you add Favorites to your Favorite listing. The RSS feed generates additional content and value even between published versions of The National Networker Newsletter.
  • Click on and go to the Blidget in the right hand-column. If you read the bit of narrative under the Blidget (which contains all of our RSS postings), you can instantly click, as on the link there in order to download the javascript and instructions to be able to add our Bliget to your websites and blogs quickly and painlessly.


By October first we will be offering a comprehensive roster of new services, including (this is obviously a teaser):

  • Very affordable news and wire release services;
  • Domestic and international blog syndication services – reach hundreds of thousands of new prospects;
  • One-stop submission of your website or blog to all major search engines;
  • One-stop submission of your blog or website to an entire market of prospective advertisers in order to help you monetize your piece of cyberspace real estate;
  • Email and list management services for newsletters and other mailings;
  • One-stop submission of your blog or website to an entire market of other content providers who will provide inbound links and additional traffic;
  • Affiliations with humanitarian and charitable causes in order to improve and enhance market perception of your organization and efforts;
  • Creation of interactive online community groups to discuss your product, service, website or blog…

Please! Make certain that you are registered as a Member of The National Networker so that you can continue to get your free subscription to our magazine and all it has to offer – and subscribe for the free RSS feed, which is the portal to wonderful opportunities, additional news briefs and products and services unparalleled anywhere.

Build your network. Increase your relationship capital. Improve every aspect of your personal and professional life.

Thank you for being a part of the National Networker Community. We will now offer you more than ever before.


Adam J. Kovitz

CEO, Founder & Publisher

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