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Saturday, July 26, 2008


By Kathleen Ronald

Southwest Bureau Chief
(California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona)

I recently discovered, a fantastic business networking website that every community should envy.

  • Have you ever found yourself slaving over the internet, just to find the perfect networking opportunities in your community?
  • Do you tire of having to go to each of your local chamber’s sites in order to locate their calendars?
  • Have you ever wished that someone would create a one-stop shop where every event and business resources could be found on one website?

If you live in the Sacramento area, you’re in luck!

Rebecca Johnson, co-founder of Get Networking Now! experienced those same feelings when she and her husband launched their security company several years ago. As a new business owner, Rebecca soon found the “power of networking” to be a key strategy in expanding her business.

Rebecca would routinely spend four to five hours a month, searching the web for networking opportunities. In time, she came to realize that there was a ‘missing link.’ Rebecca decided that there was a need to save people like herself from wasting countless frustrating hours searching for calendars of networking events, and she resolved to meet that need.

Initially, Rebecca’s calendar was simply a tool that she used for her own benefit, and before long, her friends begged her to share the resource with them. However, the number of those benefiting from her services was small in comparison to the amount of people who needed them. After she met Kim Stein (through networking, naturally), the two decided to partner up in order to meet a higher demand, and after combining their talents, Get Networking Now! was born.

Get Networking Now! now hosts calendars for: chambers, networking groups, ribbon cutting ceremonies, grand openings, classes and trainings, tele-seminars, network marketing, charitable events and community calendars as well.

With networking ties to sites such as and, Get Networking Now! has more than enough connections to offer users a variety of resources and services for every need.

One of the most attractive aspects of Get Networking Now! is that all of these services, from its earliest foundations to its ever-expanding resources, are easy to find, easy to use and completely FREE!

One of my personal favorite aspects they offer is a unique service, allowing users to post trade show and vendor opportunities.

In addition, Get Networking Now! just recently began a blog, which features local experts sharing business tips and tricks.

In the future they will be offering low cost / low risk advertising, quarterly events, and message boards, and they plan on providing basic networking training, too.

This site not only serves the Sacramento business professionals; it also serves the community at large. It is truly a one-stop shop!

Can you hear the collective sigh of relief, from all those previously frustrated by hours of research?

Every time I’m in Sacramento, it is comforting to know that my networking and business resource needs can be met by a simple visit to!

I applaud the vision of Rebecca and Kim, and I urge you, if you live near, or are visiting the greater Sacramento area, to check out Get Networking Now!

After all, as they say at, your one-stop shop for networking needs, “Business success is just a click away!”

If you are interested in finding out more about this unique offering you can contact Rebecca Johnson at or Kim Stein at

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1 comment:

Get Networking Now! said...

Thank you, National Networker! Get Networking Now! is thrilled to be mentioned on your Blog! You have a Fabulous Resource, yourself!

Thanks Again!
Rebecca Johnson
Get Networking Now!

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