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Monday, March 03, 2008

High Ideals and Integrity

By Cindy Dunston Quirk, The National Networker Great Lakes Bureau Chief
It seems unnatural to me that someone would want to be less than honest in any business dealing in today’s world. Actually, I’ll expand that into any situation. I always think the best outcome of situations; consider the positive and give people I meet the benefit of the doubt. Honesty and integrity have been part of my persona, well, forever. But not everyone in the world conducts business with such integrity. Someone I met recently restored my faith in the world...
Meet Alexander Rai

It did my heart good to speak to Alexander Rai. He is one of the most passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated people I have ever met. When I initiated our conversation, he left little doubt which side of the fence he is on. There is little room in his world for deception and insincerity.

Of course, the purpose of the conversation was to discuss networking and how he and his business partner, David Hall are progressing with their global network initiative. Rai began by defining networking. He says we are always networking. “Stepping out of your home and talking with the mailman is networking,” states Rai. He continues, “We live in a world that is smaller due to technology and in a world where everything is connected. Because of this connection, we need to have respect and care for all individuals—to value actions and speech, to be open about what we do.”

This is not a new idea that Alex has brought to the table. It is as old as the Bible. In fact, it sounds quite a lot like the Golden Rule--do unto others as you would have them do unto you. “We all need to practice compassion, understanding and meaning. We are all in the same boat,” Rai states.
Make Sincere Connections

With that thought in mind, when we network, we need to attempt to make sincere connections; don’t waste each other’s time. According to Rai, “Passion and integrity are the vehicles for meaningful conversation. Networking is a way of communicating who you are. What you do becomes an extension of who you are …and it can be wonderful! When you embrace networking as an identity, to value and respect others, you have a clear intention of your purpose of working with others and to create great wealth.”

Think about that for a moment. Just by being honest, sincere and working with high integrity, you can create wealth not just for yourself, but for your contacts as well. That is an extremely powerful thought. Simply put, you have the ability to raise the stakes. Rai advised that you don’t need a coach. You don’t need to spend tons of money to see results. You just need to operate with the highest ideals and respect for those with whom you are networking.
Guru Connector

Zivlyn, one of Rai’s eighteen companies, operates as an open company with very clear lines of responsibility and opportunity. Rai believes that people are learning to be people again instead of corporate robots spouting corporate rhetoric that they don’t necessarily agree with. Everyone has their areas of expertise and responsibility and the company is ripe with opportunity for those who rise to the occasion.

As an expansion of the open company concept, Rai mentions that you have to be willing to stick your neck out with new ideas. Don’t be afraid to put the idea out there and see if it is viable and if you have associates who are also formulating the same idea.

Working with David Hall on Hall’s company Guru Connector, Rai states, “David is not afraid to try. He is always making things better to help people. David is a great networker and his greatest strength is his integrity—it organically part of him. That is why I am David’s partner.”

Hall has been involved with Fortune 500 companies, is well travelled and is passionate and compassionate for people. “David has his hands in many things that have value and integrity; in things that he enjoys, loves and creates. He is not afraid to be who he is,” states Rai.

You could say that Rai and Hall are a perfect match with respect to clarity, a system of values and integrity. Together, they create hope and alternatives. And they have fast-track access to many like–minded people. Between them, they boast a network in excess of 1.3 million people. That is a lot of contacts.

Considering that your network may be a tad smaller than the combined network of Hall and Rai, Rai says that there is a chance that you may not always be able to find something that you need within your network of associates. In that situation, he says you need to create it yourself. Don’t be afraid to try; make things work for you.
One World

“People need to be people—be themselves before they are their products,” says Rai. “We are not the sum of what we are creating. We are so much more. We profit from each other through integrity, trust and honesty.” He continues, “This is one world and the same rules apply to a toad and to the CEO. You have to be compassionate, fair, and honorable. If you don’t have that, you are nothing.”

It is time to do the right thing.

With regard to final thoughts, Rai says that “…mankind is running out of time. It is time now to free ourselves and to question who you want to be. We all need to ask questions that mean something to each of us.”

“At the end of the day, you stand by yourself and have the honor and courage of who you are. Go back to the basics of integrity and high ethics before you look to the skies again.”

Well said.

If you know of someone who is making a difference paying it forward, let me know so I can write about it here and let the world know, too.
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