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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Clear Solutions for the Blue

Clear Solutions for the Blue Planet…tm

By Sian Lindemann, TNNW Arts Editor

Courtney Milne…Earth from Space?

It is evident that a significant trend is present as it relates to marketing. The desire to create an advocacy of some kind that supports ECO-ART, a GREEN directive, or an environmental cause, is not only popular but is also a needed endeavor. Who better to demonstrate this end result than the artists themselves, who I believe have an intimate connection with the “spirit” of the earth, its plight, and thus, give voice to the cause of preservation of our natural environment.

Most artists that I have worked with over the years, have expressed in some way, a desire to demonstrate the quintessential connection between man and nature.

It is primarily a good thought. The actualization of that thought needs clear understanding for the viewer through the imagery.

It would be possible for each artist to identify this agenda as it relates to “tag” lines or “slogans” as it relates to a particular body of work, and by the way, all necessary to “TRADEMARK” with one’s attorney.

“Clear Solutions for the Blue Planet”, is just that kind of reference, and is a project of the National Living Arts Foundation.

“Clear Solutions” is an advocacy on the power of perspective. While viewing the image, above, “Earth from Space”…there is an automatic assumption that the image is indeed a photo captured from aboard the space station or a shuttle mission. However, it is an image captured by artist / photographer, Courtney Milne and Courtney has never been a part of the space program, of course. The image is actually a photo of the Canadian landscape, taken with a fish eye lens, and turned upside down.

It offers a direct challenge to the viewer to “consider” an alternate perspective, if only through art, the image clearly defines, that changing one’s perspective is as simple as turning an image in an alternate way. Or changing one’s mind, a very simple act.

In Courtney’s “Pool of Possibilities Collection,” 35,000 images depict that one subject may have a number of alternative views….each are beautiful, each are unique, and each are valuable and “essential” to “entire” collection.

In the thought of how one might participate in our global concerns for “ending hunger,” “preserving wildlife,” conserving “water,” and the like, how might you consider your next body of work, your next installation, your next art exhibition, to include these considerations?

It is a direct question that I ask our readers to consider.

If you Google Masaru Emoto , Japanese Scientist and author of “Messages from Water,” you will discover the scientifically proven studies of Mr. Emoto, in reference to the structural changes that occur with simple prayer over waters that have been documented to have been polluted.

It is a rather miraculous study. In the words of Masaru Emoto, “One man cannot change the world but one man can deliver the message to change the world. We believe it is 'The Message from Water.'”

It would be worthy of your time to investigate this perspective, for in the future delivery of your art forms to market, what additional considerations could you have to inspire this kind of thinking?

We are asking the same question, with “Clear Solutions for the Blue Planet.” If thought and prayer can literally change the structural component of water crystals, then what impact can you have in your thought, action, and art forms to perpetuate this kind of new thinking?

The reaction of the waters is not a new process. It has always been with us….but for humanity to have garnered understanding of human impact on our earth, then we can change the way we think, how we take action, and undeniably have an impact on positive transition into preservation of our natural resources, water being one of the primary necessities for our ongoing existence here on earth.

“Clear Solutions for the Blue Planet” is asking of our readers a similar process….what can you do? What can you create, artistically, to demonstrate this thought as it relates to the preservation, conservation, and purification of waters on earth, one, so that there is always enough, and secondly, that it is always available in a pure form for our consumption.

“Clear Solutions for the Blue Planet,” is willing to be a project that will promote, sell and represent artists who can create a clearly defined representation of this consideration…How does your art identify, for me, and for the viewer, an absolute understanding of the “messages from water.”

Networking among our readers I would like to receive content for this program that we can utilize as a promotional and fundraising program, to create the following

1) Funding that underwrites water based programs that will create new technologies, or provide sources of clean water to developing countries

2) Sculptural Design for public installations of water feature based art, sculpture and water “fun” features in parks and public venues throughout the world.

3) Art works, jewelry, glass, sculpture, photography, film, or music, that clearly identifies this desired result, and offers clear perspective on what is possible.

4) Anything else I have not mentioned here, nor have I thought of, but that you have “dreamed” up.

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you…and I thank you for your willingness to participate in “Clear Solutions for the Blue Planet.”

-Sian Lindemann 2008

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