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Monday, July 04, 2011

Featured Deal of the Week for July 5, 2011 | BLUE THING #6

Sue Lee WINS with “I Believe in Me!”

On July 1st “I Believe in Me!” DVD for preschoolers went into Harvest Growth’s Kiosk at Park Meadows Mall, Denver Colorado to be part of their TV to Retail™ Test Launch Program.

TV to Retail™ does market analysis for several weeks and then moves forward with the next step with Jon LaClare and team taking it to an infomercial. Sue will be raising capital to do that step.

Sue Lee (511)
"I Believe in Me!"

Nadine Lajoi WINS with Park City TV Interview

Nadine Lajoi landed her first TV Interview: “Park City Interview of Nadine Lajoie - Author & Motorcycle Racer” It can be viewed at:

Nadine LaJoie

Tanya Lewis WINS again as Green Glider Airs on HSN

Tanya Lewis, CEO of Green Glider [] announces that The Green Glider Company had a last minute request to sell on HSN on Tuesday morning June 28th, which SOLD OUT as a result of the Airing. This is the second airing on HSN since Green Glider’s worldwide release. Further, based on HSN sales and reviews, Green Glider has received a perfect “5 Star product rating” from the TV Shopping channel and its viewers who purchased the Product, making it an HSN "Customer Pick." Additionally, Tanya attended and co-starred in the filming of the Green Glider Infomercial in Denver, CO which took place June 21-23 with CEO Space Boot Camp Instructors Jon LaClare and Jason Williams of the Infomercial Production company, Harvest Growth! The Green Glider Infomercial is due to air on National TV this summer on all of the biggest cable TV stations…..“Sweeping the Nation!” GO GREEN GLIDER!

Tanya Lewis (1009)
The Green Glider Company, LLC
830 Harbor Circle
Palm Harbor, Fl 34683
Direct Contact: 941-650-0786

Tanya Lewis

Jeanne Madsen Leaves Us With Her Final Song; “In Heaven

The late Jeanne Madsen, CEO Space Grad 308, and singer who addressed our Super Teaching forum from her hospital room during the July class one year ago, is releasing, posthumously on her birthday, 13 July, a song, “In Heaven”, written before Jeanne’s death. It will be available on iTunes,, etc. Jeanne’s sister, Kathryn Madsen, wants all to know that proceeds from the song will go to cancer research. It is a beautiful, beautiful song with lyrics that are especially powerful. Watch for further detail.

In memory of Jeanne E. Madsen

Are you reading the National Networker? Click here to read the current article “Have You Ever Been Greenwashed?” written by CEO Space instructor and Attorney, Maria Speth. Adam Kovitz, founder of the National Networker, is a 505 Grad, former volunteer staff and mentor, as well as one of CEO Space’s Alliance Partners. Look for future articles on topics of entrepreneurial interest from CEO Space Instructors and Club Presidents. Join today!

Featured Deal of the Week i brought to you by The National Networker, CEO Space Mid Atlantic and Rob Adams (pictured here).


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