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Friday, July 01, 2011

Introducing The Business of Leisure | THE BUSINESS OF LEISURE

The Business of Leisure with Tony Humphrey

I have been invited to expound on this topic probably because I am an FCA (once a Fellow but now a Former) UK chartered accountant who has experienced a lot of leisure and travel and is currently involved in the travel and tourism industry.

I realized long ago that my wants and needs of travel and leisure were not those of any employer so I was forced to back away from accounting and enter into the travel industry where I developed a vacation habit of 3 months per year.

In addition to my own experiences together with my global travel partners and over 500 travel businesses in my travel club, we will not be short of topics to learn about the real business of leisure.

The Business of Leisure from a personal viewpoint can be related to the effort put into earning sufficient funds and allowing sufficient time to travel and enjoy leisure activities, but we will concentrate on the business of the business of leisure.

The Business of Leisure from a business viewpoint can include anything from operating a small B&B or Day Tour to Luxury Lodges or International Escorted Tours plus the ‘middleman’ business of operating a wholesale or retail agency (ITO, DMC, MICE, Tourism Bureau).

Now, in the world of the web anybody can operate a business from a laptop. The business of leisure lends itself well to the internet as can be seen from the profusion of travel websites. A small travel business operator can now reach out to the world of travelers with or without appointing a wholesale or retail agent or producing expensive brochures that have to be distributed by costly snail mail. Websites are the new brochures!

Even with this new ability for all businesses to reach out to global travelers the competition can also reach out to the same audience. The mega travel websites are still on the front pages of search engines, but the rest of us also have the opportunity to twitter and tweet to Facebook friends. We can promote our businesses on all of the other social and business networks such as LinkedIn – sometimes surreptitiously and sometimes openly - still a better opportunity to ‘do the biz’ than in pre-web days.

As this is my introduction to this feature I would also like to invite you to add your own experiences, ideas, questions and suggestions to this topic. Simply join and be heard and even promoted as one of our experts.

You too can help out a travel business entrepreneur…..if you know a travel business operator that might be interested in adding their websites to - please ask them to check out our program to see if it is suitable for their type of leisure business - the Club does not charge for any services if travel operators can offer direct booking savings to the members….plus they will also be offered a free family membership for their own travel and shopping savings in over 100 countries.

Travel and Tourism sustains jobs and creates opportunities in every corner of the world so let us help and support the entrepreneurs and the enterprises involved in the global Business of Leisure.

With apologies to Funk and Wagnalls, but as a Limey, Brit, Pommie or whatever they call us today, I will keep the ‘u’ in humour and the extra ‘l’ in traveler with maybe a few cor blimeys and some Cockney rhyming slang thrown in for good measure.

Tony Humphrey is the CEO / Top Hand at TheTopTravelClub which offers its members significant discounts and savings on travel and shopping in over 100 countries. Sign up today for our exclusive 2 for 1 family membership package by clicking here.

For more information, please visit Tony's TNNWC Bio.

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