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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Entrepreneurial Engine Meets the Sustainability Movement | BUSINESS CAPITAL TRENDS

A Note to my friends, fellow TNNWC Members, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, strategic planners, marketers, financial service providers, bankers, bakers and candlestick makers:

Capitalism is not a bad thing, per se. At its core, it is a system where profits are gained by those able to provide a product or a service at a fair (determined by a theoretical "free market") price. Money (i.e., currency) is supposed to be a simple medium of exchange, and a convenient method of storing value or wealth.

It's useful for accounting and is much more efficient than negotiated barter. Putting monetary and fiscal policy aside (and notwithstanding the government's playing with the economy, or the inequitable distribution of wealth and privilege in many countries), and speaking to small business owners, captains of emerging enterprises and innovators worldwide, Unmitigated Greed, Shortsightedness, And Ignorance are the parasites which have invaded and converted the DNA of capitalism and have given it an ugly, corpulent carcass and a horrible reputation.

But compassionate capitalists (I consider myself to be one of those), see the motivational potential in capitalism -- its potential for inspiration, productivity, jobs creation and for philanthropy. There is still a hidden heart of nobility in the body of capitalism.

We must nourish that part, that heart, and use capitalism as a motivator for long-term good.

That is precisely why I think that those of us who are visionary compassionate capitalists should be more supportive of our neighbors who are screaming at us (as we back our gas-guzzling limousines out of the meandering driveways of our gated mansions) about "thinking green."

That is also why you green beings should stop pointing a generalized finger at all of those who strive to better themselves and to earn more money to build fortunes. We are not all evil. The system is corrupted, but has some salvageability in helping you folks o' the forest (just being silly, here) to build the planetary future and the better, healthier standard of living that all of us truly want.

We need to help each other. There is a great prospect for collaborative synergy and wonderful, new, innovative solutions to so many of the world's problems by our becoming better friends... -Douglas Castle

Entrepreneurship + Sustainability = Healthy, Green Capitalism

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs, Sustainability Experts, Economists and Environmentalists:

We should talk. Especially if you are TNNWC Members (join us at - it's still free).

Sustainability is not about "tree-hugging" and soft, fuzzy "liberal" or "anti-business" notions; it is about creating systems that are efficient -- it is about minimizing waste, maximizing output, finding the "asset value" in every byproduct, improving everyone's state of health and about the creation (implicitly) of new industries, new jobs and a lifestyle that is built to last for a long, long time, on a planet that might be greener, cleaner and a little bit more of a heaven than a smoking hell.

Entrepreneurship is the innovative engine for the creation of great inventions, and for the commercialization or consumerization (this is a definite Lingovation) of the same. It is an amalgam of vision, invention, building, packaging and marketing of new things, or of new ways of doing old things. Yes; it is motivated by a modicum of ego and capitalistic opportunism, but these forces, if properly focused, are good and healthy, too.

Combining the motivations of some thought-leaders from both of these camps could lead to a tremendous economic stimulus, the creation of industries and careers, the cleaning up of the environment and better preservation of the what our home planet (well yours, anyway) has to offer us.

In my role as Chairman of TNNWC Group, LLC, a company which provides an unparalleled suite of services to accelerate the goal-attainment of entrepreneurs, small businesses, growing companies and emerging enterprises throughout the world, I would like to invite all of you sustainability advocates to enter into collaborative dialogue with our entrepreneurial members. We have resources, including contacts, capital and project management capabilities which may help us all to create the ultimate synergy -- to have a higher, healthier standard of living, and to still have the opportunity to become wealthier than ever before - with a greater lifetime to enjoy it and re-deploy it.

Should you be interested in contributing to this effort (as a speaker, a writer, a project leader, a social media megaphone), we want to speak with you. And you'll like what you hear.

Please contact TNNWC by simply filling out the form which follows; if the form does not appear in your browser (and it almost never does, so please don't feel insulted), simply click on the hyperlink below for a pop-up version of the form:

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You have my commitment that we'll get back to you to enter into a productive dialogue.


Douglas Castle (
Chairman and CEO


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