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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

Max and Linda Ciampoli WIN with New BOOK and PBS Interview

"A Conversation With Former Spy Max Ciampoli" PBS/KNPB, aired Feb 20, 2011. Sit down, relax and enjoy:

Let Max & Linda know what you think on Facebook or write

See other interviews Face the State, CBS/KTVN from same link page. If you like what you see, please feel free to share.

Max and Linda Ciampoli



Max & Linda Ciampoli

Dave Phillipson Selected as Judge for International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition

The 2011 International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition will culminate with a conference in Long Beach, California. University business students have been competing each year since 1965 in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition. Over the years the number of participating business-student teams has grown from nine teams in the mid 60s to 25 to 35 teams in recent years. The geographic scope of the competition has expanded from the Western United States to include teams from Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East as well as from all parts of the USA. The competition has been hosted by the University of Nevada, Reno; by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; by San Jose State University, by the University of San Diego, and now by California State University, Long Beach.

This year, Dave Phillipson has been honored by being selected as a Judge for the prestigious International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition.

Dave is a CEO Space Club President for Orange County and Long Beach.

"It's quite an honor to be selected as this is not just a one-time appearance. I see this as a lifelong opportunity to not only give back to the college community, but also to spread the good will of CEO Space," says Dave.

Speaking of good will, Dave will be attending his 10th consecutive full Forum, during 311

Dave Phillipson, Club President, CEO Space

714-886-9CEO (9236)
The World's Largest, Oldest & Most
Successful Organization for CEOs,
Entrepreneurs & Visionary Investors

Dave Phillipso

T’Ping Simms WINs as she Assists with Credit Card Processing

T’Ping Simms (510 CEO Space grad) has information regarding Credit Card Processing with a starting rate .95% and sign-in bonus $100. Give your customers a chance to Swipe for a Cause and support program partners, Susan G. Komen for the Cure or ASPCA. For more information please click here.

T’Ping Simms 301.772.3973

T’Ping Simm

Grace Hatton WINS as Teen Entrepreneur and Teen Author

Grace Hatton, the 19 year old teen author of the Amazon Best Seller "The Guys The Roses and The Regrets" is pleased to share with the world a recent series of interviews with various successful blogs and radio shows. The first interview to go live is Grace's interview with the Teen Business Forum. Grace discussed her exciting journey as a bestselling teen author and teen entrepreneur. Grace and the host discussed 'The Guys The Roses and The Regrets', her online magazine 'Miss Moxie' and Grace's mission work in South Africa. To listen to this interview go to:

The second interview Grace recently conducted was with the Shoe String Venture website. A website dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurial pursuits that promote social change. Grace discussed 'The Guys The Roses and The Regrets' as well as her mission with 'Miss Moxie' to promote true beauty, strong character and a lasting difference in the world. Read here:

The last interview Grace conducted was on Feb 24th. Grace was the featured guest on the radio show 'Nightly Candy with Nana - Adowa'. In 2009 WordPress ranked Nightly Candy with Nana-Adwoa #34 out of 100 fastest growing blogs and continues to grow in outstanding numbers every day.

Grace discussed 'The Guys The Roses and The Regrets' as well as the issues facing young women, how to return to innocence and more. Listen to the thought provoking interview here:

Grace Hatton - Best Selling Teen Author


Grace Hatton

RK Raj Reports Two Big WINS

R K Raj has joined the team of Brown Brothers to create a new world record in circumnavigating the world in a express yacht.

As one of the Directors on Board of the Vihara Foundation (focused on all aspects sustainable development with a special focus on social strategies which can be duplicated in any area of the world), RK Raj has been invited to be a Brand Ambassador for Rock Against Poverty and speak in the Fundraiser on Earth Day 2011.

R. K. Raj
Strategist, Social Change Maker, Keynote Speaker,
Global Joint Ventures, Sustainable Solutions

(214) 368 1122

R. K. Raj

Rocky Whitman WINS with Online Video Game

Rocky Whitham (510): Envision Energy Systems LLC, and ZEUS EV has designed an online video game that will change the way the world plays on-line. We are seeking a marketing person or group that can help us with pre-marketing and funding. We are also seeking a gaming company with vision to take this “game” to the world. Whom do you know? Contact

Rocky Whitham

Envision Energy Systems LLC,


Help Peter & Ingrid Lemke Czichomski WIN with Happy Haiti Foundation

Ingrid Lemke Czichomski, (709) Founder of the Happy Haiti Foundation, is seeking Financial Partner/s to help build Haiti First FREE Adult Education Campus, while consequently leaving Haiti a Legacy which will better lives for generations to come. The project can cost from $2 to $5 Million, depending on its size. This is a WIN WIN situation, as everyone involved comes out a winner! For more information please call,

Ingrid Lemke Czichomski, Founder

(337) 296-7860

Euro Breads & Pastries owners Peter and Ingrid Czichomski pose in the lobby of their Lafayette bakery. The couple plan to sell their business and move to Haiti to build a school.

Veritek Coal Processing Announces Great WINS This Week

Veritek Coal Processing announced today the addition of Dale Zink as CEO. Mr Zink joins Veritek Coal Processing from Ensuren Corp., where he was the COO for the past 5 years.

Robert Martin has also joined the Veritek team. Former high level EPA official will be guiding the team through the EPA to recommend Veritek technology as clean coal by the EPA. This addition signals a creation of a Strategic Alliance with his company, Tartoosh, to also bring Veritek technology onto Native American lands.

Veritek received an LOI from CERT (Council of Energy Resource Tribes) to peruse a Joint Development Partnership and possible technology license. This LOI also indicates their desire to introduce Veritek to all of their utility customers. CERT controls 10% of all coal reserves in the US. Thanks to CEO Space, the ultimate business accelerator, and all other friends in “the Space”, Veritek is moving forward as a clean coal alternative.

Dale Zink, CEO

Veritek Coal Processing

Littleton, CO


Featured Deal of the Week is brought to you by The National Networker, CEO Space Mid Atlantic and Rob Adams (pictured here).
Rob Adams

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