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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

BLUE THING #3: Amazing New Facts and Statistics

A compilation of utterly useless information brought to you by and THE NATIONAL NEWSPICKER™...

Remembering the first levying and collecting of Income Tax by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service on March 8th, 1913 we proudly present:

Humorous Tax Quotes

You'd think he would do them himself, just to see what other taxpayers experience, but he admitted he can't. "It's just too complicated," IRS Commissioner Shulman said in an interview on C-SPAN. "The tax code is 14,000 pages long." The man who oversees the IRS can't comprehend the tax code. That's like saying the head of the FBI doesn't know what's illegal. Commenting on the fact the IRS Commissioner hires a tax preparer.
-- The 02-27-2010

The term "tax humor" is no doubt an oxymoron to many people; to the more cynical, it is an apt description of the entire tax code.
-- John F. Lekel

Clinching the office pool for March Madness entitles you to a pot of money and gloating rights. And nobody can take that away from you, except maybe the IRS.
-- Associated Press 02-17-2010

Most entrepreneurs would rather have root canal surgery without anesthesia than go through the nightmare that is tax return preparation.
-- Nina Kaufman. 2-16-10

As a CPA I have learned and continue to learn that I do not know what I do not know and that buying technology to help me get there faster is akin to using speed dial to dial wrong numbers faster.
-- John Dillard 02-1-2010 Commenting on tax preparation software.

Instead of taking the pants off the taxpayer it might be better to take the vest off the vested interests.
-- Mark Twain

There can be no taxation without misrepresentation.
-- J.B. Handelsman

An economy breathes through its tax loopholes.
-- Barry Bracewell-Milnes
Even if some in Congress happily bash the IRS in their speeches, they are evidently not so worried about the agency that they are willing to pass up the political advantage of calling their spending programs "tax cuts."
-- NEIL H. BUCHANAN March 11, 2010

The end of March brings up the beginning of April.: Tax time. America has the highest standard of living in the world. Unfortunately, we can no longer afford it.
-- Cindy Adams, NY Post, 3-29-09

The IRS, an abbreviation for the Infernal Robbery Service, is a profit-seeking terrorist organization based in Hell.
-- Uncyclopedia

The IRS has turned the American people into the largest group of liars in the history of history.
-- Harold Harmon, Durant Daily Democrat 4-12-09

Congress should know how to levy taxes, and if it doesn't know how to collect them, then a man is a fool to pay the taxes.
-- J. Pierpont Morgan

[The tax evader is] in every respect, an excellent citizen, had not the laws of this country made a crime which nature never meant to be so.
-- Adam Smith


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