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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BLUE THING #10: Lingovation of the Week

BUZZOLOGY: Important New Lingovations From TNNWC BUZZWORKS™

Dear Friends, Readers, TNNWC Members and Colleagues:

Buzzology, as everyone and his uncle (Note: I’ve always wondered about this expression. How is it possible, even remotely, that all of us share a common uncle? Notwithstanding the Tudors, the Hapsburgs and various families in the furthest reaches of Arkansas and West Virginia, I cannot understand how we could all be related in this way. If it were possible, could you imagine the cost of a communion or a bar mitzvah? The guest list would be horrific, not to mention the “gene pool successive generation mental and physical degradation” effect, where every invitee would bear a shocking resemblance [and not in a good way, cousin Ruprecht] to every other. But then, I’ve digressed) knows, the term “Buzzology” covers virtually all things buzz-related.

The lexicon of Buzzology is dynamic and ever-expanding, snatching and snagging terms from other fields and disciplines (when I was an innocent youth, we used to call this “bastardizing” the English Language – today, it’s more politically correct to say that we are “accepting, adopting and integrating these terms into a diversified tapestry of, blah, blah, blah…”) to describe the art, science, techniques, trends and effects of buzz, or, more properly, The Buzz.

Buzz, by the way, is merely rapid, brief messaging which is virally transmitted to a geometrically increasing audience.

“Buzz,” brings to mind such things as busy, industrious bees, working tirelessly to support the hive; the ripples emanating from a pebble tossed into a pond; the reverberating echo of an adolescently warbled “I love you,” through the canyons of a national park; or perhaps even the epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases. The last example was a bad one, and I’ll deny ever having said it.

TNNWC BUZZWORKS™, an institution with which I have the honor of associating (when they let me), has given me the privilege, since everyone else was actually engaged in productive things, of introducing two new terms to the Annals of Buzzology (not unlike the “Halls of Medicine”). The first of these terms, in any of its forms, was created by Mr. RD Watkins, a true Buzzmeister in a world of Scheissmeisters. Ladies and gentlemen, the new terms:

[cue drumroll]

BuzzBarista™ or Buzz Barista™ - Either of these terms is a special designation accorded those esteemed Members of the TNNWC Buzzworks Team. These are the highly-trained, sophisticated individuals who serve up the most powerful and potent brew of buzz and branding to the Company’s clients. They each combine social media technology, behavioral psychology and unsurpassed creativity, each in its proper proportion, to generate the precise buzz needed for name recognition, branding, viral transmission and credibility.

Buzz-To-Brand™, Buzz to Brand™ and, in da ‘hood, Buzz2Brand™, are terms which describe the process which commences with a custom-created and laser-focused buzz campaign and ends with the establishment of a Brand. This is what TNNWC BUZZWORKS™ is retained to do for each Client.


In a world filled with noise, sensorial overload, impossible multi-tasking and no time to rest, a brilliantly orchestrated and freshly-brewed Buzz-To-Brand Campaign is the most efficient tool in the marketer’s arsenal to bring a product, service, company or individual from obscurity to celebrity status.

Wake up and smell the coffee.


Douglas Castle,

Chairman and CEO of TNNWC Group, LLC,

and coffee drinker.

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p.s. If after reading the LINGOVATION above, you have some idea of your very own for a new LINGOVATION, simply press on the button which follows (it says "Submit My Original Lingovation") to submit your new word and its definition, and we will make you famous...well, perhaps just somewhat famous. We will get your Lingovation a very high ranking on all of the search engines -- that much is assured!

The button.....


A brief word from our Sponsor, Albert Einstein, who is deceased at the moment, having suffered (apparently) at least one too many electroconvulsive therapy treatments:

We, at TNNWC Group have also received high praise from none other than... presidential hopeful Sarah "Mama Grizzly" Palin! Who knows where our next celebrity endorsement (or next meal, for that matter) will be coming from? Perhaps Michael Vick? Perhaps Paris Hilton??? Lingovations -- we were nothing before they came into existence.


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