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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BLUE THING #10: Lingovation of the Week

Dear Friends:

As you may or may not know, a Lingovation is a newly-created, freshly-coined word, often comprised of a hybrid or contraction of several existing words, which comes into being when no other single existing word or word combination (and sometimes not even an entire paragraph!) can precisely express the thought. They are not nonsensical terms, and must indeed be taken very seriously.

GISTATING – A lingovated term used by advocates and clients of GIST VIDEO (refer to and other time-efficient abbreviators to describe the process of fully communicating the essence or most important components of an idea or concept by a multi-sensorial approach which uses simply spoken narration accompanied by the drawing of a napkin sketch or a series of simple napkin sketches for visual emphasis.

When trying to engage the attention and interest of very busy or impatient persons, gistating is the most efficient means of doing so. For example, when a cash-starved entrepreneur is able to wrangle an appointment out of a self-important, extraordinarily busy cigar-chomping Wall Street decision maker with discretionary authority over several billion dollars of venture funds, and the meeting is set for five minutes before five o’clock in the afternoon at the decision maker’s posh offices in a landmark office building in a major city, the cash-starved party can only hope to capture the interest of his or her host by gistating the concept in less than five minutes.

In the above circumstances, gistating is best achieved by having the audio-visual napkin presentation expertly prepared in advance and loaded into a notebook or other small computer or communications device so that the sweat-soaked entrepreneur (who is probably also suffering from intestinal distress, severe leg cramps, and the partial loss of his or her voice – this causes an out-of-breath wheezing or yodeling effect reminiscent of the hormonal changes accompanying adolescence and is always humiliating to the yodeler while seeming quite funny to the listener -- ) can simply turn the little video screen on the computer or mobile communications device around, press a button, and immediately entertain and engage the decision maker with a wonderful GIST VIDEO (refer again to napkin and narration presentation.

The usual result, if the above protocol is followed with precision, is that the decision maker says “I’ve got a ‘thing’ to go to in twenty minutes, but I’m interested…can you come back again Tuesday morning at ten o’clock next week so we can talk about a deal?”

This is indeed auspicious for the cash-starved, physically-agonized, nerve-wracked, yodeling entrepreneur, who squeaks out a high-pitched response on the order of “Yes, Mr. Flemsworth, I can certainly do that, sir.”

If the entrepreneur has truly made an excellent gistation, the decision maker will, while putting on his jacket or cape, say something in response, like, “You can call me ‘C. J.’ Oh, and by the way, can you email me a copy of that GIST thing tonight? I like your little company, Paul. It’s exciting.”

The quietly ecstatic entrepreneur should reply, “It’s Peter, sir. And no problem, I’ll send a copy over to you tonight.”

If Peter is clever, he will have the GIST VIDEO embedded into his blog or website so that it can be accessed by any interested party with only a click. If Peter is very clever, he will have stolen the keys to the executive washroom so that he may purge himself as soon as the decision maker has gotten to the elevator.

p.s. If after reading the LINGOVATION above, you have some idea of your very own for a new LINGOVATION, simply press on the button which follows (it says "Submit My Original Lingovation") to submit your new word and its definition, and we will make you famous...well, perhaps just somewhat famous. We will get your Lingovation a very high ranking on all of the search engines -- that much is assured!

The button.....


A brief word from our Sponsor, Albert Einstein, who is deceased at the moment, having suffered (apparently) at least one too many electroconvulsive therapy treatments:

We, at TNNWC Group have also received high praise from none other than... presidential hopeful Sarah "Mama Grizzly" Palin! Who knows where our next celebrity endorsement (or next meal, for that matter) will be coming from? Perhaps Michael Vick? Perhaps Paris Hilton??? Lingovations -- we were nothing before they came into existence.


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