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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

Jerry Hickman and 911 Locator Systems WINS

Jerry Hickman and 911 Locator Systems has forged ahead with some impressive WINS. Here are the latest:

  • Secured a new investor
  • Will be featured showcase company for Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO)
  • Meeting with licensing firm although several more are interested
  • Met with political leaders who are offering us a range of business incentives. These can be grants, bond money, low interest loans and maybe some tax incentives
  • Now working with an engineering R & D firm to assist with upgrades to their products. The engineering firm has considerable electronic knowledge to help the 911 Locator products excel. Any technical issues can be easily addressed due to their experiences, including building Pershing missiles, Deadeye, Hellfire, and Copperhead laser guided projectiles, hundreds of simulators, and thousands of consumer & industrial products. This group of engineers; about half with a Master’s Degree, the other half with Ph.D. degrees in various fields of engineering including one retired VP of Siemens – one of the world’s largest manufacturers.
911 Locator Systems will also be bringing David Skocik to their team. David has an extensive, as well as impressive, background in public relations (PR) and will be a great asset.

A little about Dave;
  • A Vietnam veteran, in 2007, retired from Navy Reserve after serving at the Pentagon. His military career also included service in the U.S. Air Force and the Delaware Army National Guard.
  • Served in the military as a journalist and public affairs specialist.
  • 25 years + experience in public relations
  • Masters degree in communication from Temple University
  • Nationally accredited by the Public Relations Society of America
  • 11 years as executive director of college relations and assistant professor of communication at Wesley College
  • Co-authored "The Air Controller's Controversy," about the 1981 air traffic controllers' strike, republished in 2006.
  • January 2005 was chosen as the military parade announcer for the White House reviewing booth at President Bush’s inauguration.
  • Authored “Practical Public Relations for the Small Business: Tools and Tactics for Competitive Advantage.”
  • Experienced in electronic media, has been a radio announcer and co-produced and hosted an award-winning TV quiz show, The Comcast Academic Challenge for Delaware high school students since 1987.
  • Has served in many public service organizations in Delaware and is a Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary International.
Jerry Hickman CEO
911 Locator Systems Inc
PO Box 911
Laurel DE 19956
(Office) 302-684-4184
(Toll Free) 866-934-5340
Email -

YOU WIN at the December CEO Space Forum with Jeff Dahl’s Offer of Loop Rope

In an effort to save everyone some shipping this year. LoopRope will be attending the CEO Space trade show in December. They will be rolling out their new packaging thanks to Amy Wenslow (Products to Profits) Chris Collins (American Design Co.) David Tyremann (World Famous). LoopRope - Everybody needs some! They make great Christmas gifts… And Jeff is in no way “stretching” the truth to say that!

Jeff Dahl,

Matt Webb & Jeff Dahl at AINPEX 2010

Teen Sensation Cymphonique WINS with Appearance at Westfield North County Mall Saturday, November 27

14-Year-Old Daughter of Music Mogul, Master, P Launches New Self-Esteem Apparel for Girls

November 26, 2010, Escondido, CA – As the start of a national PR tour for the new Be Your Own You (BYOU) self-esteem apparel line, teen superstar, Cymphonique Miller, will visit cymphoniqueWestfield Mall at 2pm Saturday, November 27th, 2010 to sign autographs and take photos with her local fans.

14-year- old teen sensation Cymphonique is the daughter of music mogul, entrepreneurial businessman and philanthropist Percy Miller (also known as Master P) and the little sister of the multi-talented entertainer and college student-athlete, Romeo Miller. Cymphonique is an Honor Roll student who takes pride in studying hard, making good grades, and never taking anything for granted. She is a Sony recording artist and has a TV deal with Nickelodeon.

Cymphonique is partner in this new company created to empower girls and women through a self-esteem apparel line and other self-esteem related products.

Cymphonique Miller says that her mission is to empower young girls, and is leading by example that hard work, dedication, and commitment results in success. With that success, she generously gives back through donating her time and resources.

Following in her father’s footsteps to give back, she also announced “The Shirts Off Your Back Give Back” campaign, where she will donate a shirt to a less fortunate child for every BYOU shirt sold between now and the end of the year.

Cymphonique said, “I’m a firm believer to trust God, love people, and use your resources to follow your dreams. It’s my passion to encourage young people to be confident, believe in themselves, and don’t let negative influences or haters hinder you from achieving success in reaching your goals. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, we all have a God-given talent and can contribute to making this world a better place.”

BYOU LLC was formed by a local southern California company, Children’s Educational Network (CEN), based in Escondido, CA. CEN CEO, Greg Writer, states, “We are very fortunate to have such a great partner with Cymphonique who truly wants to use her gifts to make a positive impact on girls worldwide. The launch of the clothing line is just the start of a movement to empower young girls with a message that they can achieve anything when they “believe” in themselves. Please join us as we make history this Saturday at the North County mall in Escondido - and we’ll be right next to Santa Claus!”

Greg Writer
760-443-4160 &

Greg Writer

Demetrios Tzortzis WINS by Expanding his Fresh Twist Media Design Team

Demetrios Tzortzis, a 309 CEO Space grad form Denver, CO, has expanded the design team over the past three months and is on the fast track to becoming Colorado’s leading design and marketing firm, Fresh Twist Media.

Fresh Twist Media, LLC

Demetrios Tzortzis: Founder
Phone: 720.339.3808
Skype: Demetri.Tzortzis

Patti Sommer To Present Before an Angel Investor Panel

Patti Sommer, creator & CEO of Cougar Limo Service in Denver is one of 40 companies chosen to present to a panel of angel investors at the 4th annual Angel Capital Summit in Denver on Dec. 7th. The event will be attended by over 100 accredited angel investors from across the U.S., and is being held at Daniels Business College at Denver University. Presenters were picked from approximately 165 semi-finalists from around the world. The process of applying is an intensive one with strict guidelines, and hundreds of applications are thoroughly screened by a number of investors and business analysts before choosing the finalists to present. Patti is a 12/07 CEOSpace Graduate.

Patti Sommer
Chief Executive Cougar
Cougar Limousine Service
(720) 933-9257

Because the journey's as important as the destination.

Living the Dream with Catitude: WIN With 35% Discount

Delyne Mayer, CEO Space graduate of class 0800 and founder of, an online treasure chest of unique gifts for cat lovers of all ages. Since 2004, their customers have been enjoying access to a wide array of cuddly critter resources designed to inspire feline adoration and compassion worldwide.

In 2011, MeowPrints will be taking another leap forward. They will be turning their focus to rescue/adoption and education pertaining to saving and improving the lives of cats and will be incorporating as a not-for-profit. Their mission is to improve the lives of cats and families worldwide by providing education, resources and support as they connect cat lovers with feline friends in need. They believe that as families experience the unconditional love and growing compassion that comes from loving a kitty, they in turn learn to show love and compassion to each other.

To kick off this new phase for MeowPrints, they are offering a 35% discount off their entire line of gifts and papercrafts, including A Breed Apart ® comical cat characters by master sculptor, Grant Palmer and Whimsiclay® hand-painted ceramics to adorn any cat-lover’s home.

This holiday season, pounce on over to to discover gifts with catitude!

Special Code: Be sure to enter CEOSPACE code at check out to get your 35% discount!

Happy Holidays from MeowPrints, the Purrfect Place to Pussyfoot Around.

Delyne Mayer

Stephan Bourget Announces WIN with new Real Estate Webinar Series

Stephan Bourget, from Stephan Bourget Realty inc. and a graduate from CEO Space 709, has developed a series of webinars on real estate with renowned real estate trainers and investors to offer people tips and tricks to build wealth under current market conditions in the US. This series is titled "How To Turn The US Subprime Mortgage Crisis Into A Wealth Building Machine!" and is accessible at He has also developed physical CDs and DVDs for home study and review, an online membership site for continuing education, and an affiliate program along with this series.

Stephan Bourget
Phone # 1-418-664-0785
Email address:

Stephan Bourget

TC Boutik WINS with Business Growth
  • Adding Coaching to its list of service offerings. For those clients who may need a bit more hands-on approach and learn a do-it-yourself type of way of marketing & PR, I'm offering coaching. By adding this value to my business it allows clients to now experience a unique enriching life of marketing & PR. Coaching offers accountability, clarity, and relentless support; all while growing your business.
  • Antoinette is the newest author to be added to the blog called The blog is dedicated to total positivity and motivation! Join me as I inspire persons and businesses alike to be more authentic in order to have, be or do everything in life they truly desire.
  • TC Boutik launches a Virtual Book Tour $299 - Q: You've Written your Book, Now WHAT? A: It's now time to go on a book tour - ONLINE! In this package your receive One month of Tour stops (3 minimum), a pitch letter/press release, market research, & Advertise Tour Schedule on social media. All of this for a minimal investment of $299.
Antoinette Sykes, MBA
Chief Marketing Officer
Imaginative Marketing & PR
GYBGirl Radio
Follow me on Twitter
Connect on Facebook

FAX: 888-389-9825
Direct: 703.731.6731

Antoinette Sykes

Brad "Eagle" Carpenter and Promised Youth International Post WINS

After a couple months of wilderness journey, Promised Youth International is now traveling full steam ahead with slight re-organizational goals. Whereas Brad Carpenter, with the support of the Advisory Board, was working on creating the programs himself, the forward momentum was slow. Now, he is seeking volunteer sources who can develop the different parts of the organization, with possibility of future work. Although Brad will have input in the different programs, he is seeking volunteers who are knowledge in developing residential counseling ranches, after-school and preschool programs, and other programs as we develop them. The volunteers do not have to be from Los Angeles, CA area as we can do conference calls. This is a win for Promised Youth International and Brad Carpenter, himself, because he gets to focus on what he does well and Promised Youth receives people who develop the different programs well. So, who do you know that wants to transform the lives of abused, at-risk and homeless children and youth through developing these programs?

Promised Youth is proud to announce the current interviewing of possible program directors for its first Youthful Opportunities after-school program in Lakewood, CA. CEO Brad Carpenter is in contact with two individuals who wish to support the development of this one after-school program. Goal date of opening is January 2011, after Winter Break.

In time for Christmas, Promised Youth International is conducting its first annual Christmas Blessings for Promised (underprivileged) Youth. Their goal is to provide funding for many families to enjoy meals on Christmas as a family, presents under the tree for each of the children and youth in the family, and a nice Christmas party where they get to open their gifts on December 21st-24th. To empower the parents and brighten their Christmas, the parents will be taken to buy the gifts for their children, will wrap the gifts themselves, and provide support in creating the parties. The dream is to have the parents be able to create a wonderful Christmas for their families. To be an Angel and support these families, the children and youth, in having a Merry Christmas, please visit and check out Christmas Blessings. Together, let's make this the merriest Christmas ever.

Finally, Brad "Eagle" Carpenter, co-founder of Promised Youth International, is now starting a new business, Promised LIFE. Promised LIFE conducts one-on-one trainings, teleconferences, seminars and corporate trainings. For individuals, Promised LIFE provides trainings on how to live their life's purpose, create powerful relationships, have successful careers, etc. For companies, Promised LIFE conducts trainings for empowering their employees, creating positive work environments, increasing their productivity, etc. Promised LIFE also is creating books, inspirational cards, and other resources for the individual and companies. To support Promised Youth's Christmas Blessings, you can purchase some of these products at, with 75% of the proceeds going to Christmas Blessings. So, please support Christmas Blessings and do your shopping on-line at!

Thank you for your time and effort in keeping our wins posted. You are an amazing man.
Happy Holidays!
Brad "Eagle" Carpenter
(626) 494-7828
Promised LIFE
Promised Youth International


Joe Calderone, singer-songwriter-guitarist was VOTED THE STARLINERS INDIE ARTIST OF THE MONTH FOR DECEMBER on The Starliners Radio in the Netherlands (The Starliners is an Internet radio flagship serving a global marketplace).
Joe Calderone

Joe Calderone

David Fønsbo Reports YouTube WIN!

David Fønsbo
Søskrænten 34, Stavtrup
DK-8260 Viby
+45 28 94 68 00

Max and Linda Ciampoli Post MEDIA ADVISORY

Riveting True-Life Story
Arrives in Bookstores December 7th
Pearl Harbor Day

"This novel is like a cross between a James Bond adventure story and a grandfatherly memoir of times long past." says Brad Bynum in feature article 12/2, Reno News & Review.

November 29, 2010 (New York, NY) – The daring missions of a French covert operative working for Winston Churchill during World War II come to vivid life in the pages of Churchill’s Secret Agent (Berkley/Penguin) -- a new novel by Max and Linda Ciampoli, available in bookstores December 7th.

What sets Churchill’s Secret Agent apart from other spy novels is the fact that it is based on the true-life adventures of Max Ciampoli. During his boyhood, Max met Mr. Churchill who used to vacation frequently on the Côte d'Azur in a villa close to his godfather’s house. The youngster often stopped to watch the man sitting outdoors in front of his easel, paintbrush in hand and cigar between his lips.

After the defeat of France, Max’s godfather reconnected the now-mature seventeen-year-old lieutenant in the elite French Alpine Ski Troop with the British Prime Minister. Not long after that, Max was on his way to Great Britain. Thanks to his childhood tutor, a retired Austrian colonel, Max spoke fluent German and Italian, skied, rode horses, wrestled, fenced and was a notable sharp-shooter. Subsequent schooling at a Jesuit lycée completed his refined education. Once in England, the British Special Forces training school transformed him into a spy, an operative and a warrior.

Max Ciampoli was now prepared to become a secret agent, working exclusively for Winston Churchill.

His missions were many. Churchill’s Secret Agent details how Max obtained an audience with Pope Pius XII and how he used it to help save thousands of Jewish children being held in Drancy prison awaiting the dreaded train ride to death camps in Poland. It tells the heart-stopping tale of how he provided an escape route for a Bulgarian Jewish scientist who had invented a missile detection device essential to the defense of Great Britain. It allows the reader to follow Max in his role as a French liaison officer in North Africa, joining General George Patton in his command car and encouraging French support of the American invasion.

Formerly a businessman and executive chef, Max Ciampoli waited several decades before telling his extraordinary tale. Riveted by her husband’s story, Linda Ciampoli has made the writing of Churchill’s Secret Agent her life’s work. Please visit for more information about Max Ciampoli’s remarkable life, the book tour and other news about the book, which is currently available online.

Max and Linda Ciampoli will celebrate the launch of their book with upcoming book signings in southern California and northern Nevada. Come meet this fascinating couple December 7, 5-7 p.m. at Portrait of a Bookstore, 4360 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City; December 8, 12-2 p.m. at Borders, Costa Mesa South Coast Plaza; December 10, 12-3 p.m. at Borders, Century City in Los Angeles; December 12, 12-2 p.m. at Sundance Bookstore 1155 W. 4th St. #106, Reno; December 19, 12-2 p.m. at Borders 4995 S Virginia St., Reno; and on December 21, 12-2 p.m. at Borders, 911 Topsy Lane, Carson City.

Listen for their public radio interview with Dan Erwine on Community Voices, KUNR on Sunday, December 5 at 3 p.m. And watch for feature articles in Reno News & Review on December 2 and Reno Gazette-Journal on December 5.

To arrange interviews, speaking engagements or book signings
contact Max and Linda Ciampoli at
While on tour: (775) 762-8886, December 5-10. After December 11: (775) 323-1042.

Max and Linda Ciampoli

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Rob Adams

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