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Monday, October 04, 2010

A NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER: The Great Divide...and Conquer

The Great Divide...and Conquer

by Adam J. Kovitz

We entrepreneurs are a tricky lot.  We love our freedom...the ability to make our own hours and work at what we love, while being there for our childrens' school plays, soccer games and the occasional run to the supermarket.  Let's face it - you just can't find that kind of lifestyle with your typical corporate 9 to 5 job (if there really is such a thing).  Most of the folks I know with "traditional" salaried jobs work longer hours than the traditional 40 hours/week and are either have either resigned to having already "sold their souls" or are living lives of quiet desperation.


Because they're afraid of losing their jobs (until they find a better one, that is)!

Most entrepreneurs would say, "if I'm going to work long hours, I might as well do it for myself."  This is the "rugged individualist" ideal that is responsible for the term "American Dream" and is the embodiment of the American Spirit.  Unfortunately, this way of living has been under attack for the past several years with bank lending going down, unemployment holding at 10%, an anemic housing crisis and continued political corruption.

How is this happening?

The old military tactic:  divide and conquer.  The same rugged individual spirit that yearns to run rampant across the global small business scape is being used against us.

How do we stop it?

There are several ways to combat the growing divide that will either have us enslaved by corporations too big to fail or waiting on food lines...or both:

1.)  Recognize that it's happening - every time our media focuses on how polarized we are as a nation and as the human race, the more of a distraction it is from what is important.  It is divisive and isolates us.

2.)  Understanding that you have to trust somebody - ok...perhaps not CEOs of large corporations or politicians (of course of you're one of the handful of emerging enterprises to benefit from the 2010 Small Business Jobs and Credit Act, consider it "icing on the cake"), but other like-minded and complimentary businesses who are experiencing the same thing you're going through is a good start.

3.)  Understand that we (emerging enterprises) are the best investment out there - giving money to established companies is like throwing money away.  Sure people do it all the time and you can get dividends (rare) or better yet a piece of the profits (provided you understand their definition and know how they calculate and distribute profits - everyone does it differently).  And just what are these companies doing with their profits anyway?  Continuing to feed a bloated, inefficient organization?  Dumping it into political action committees and politicians that may be at odds with your own personal values?  Buying themselves gold-plated Rolls Royces while you're happy to have made $250 in dividends? 

Entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises know the true value of money.  They work harder for it and when they get it know what to do to keep their businesses growing.  They may invest in goods and services from other trusted enterprises.  They may tithe a percentage of their money to a worthwhile cause, not because its great PR, but because they truly believe in it.  They may even hire employees.

We hope that as you're reading this you understand that we at TNNWC are working with small business, entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises all over the globe to provide them with potent and powerful information, help them achieve their funding goals, and get them noticed by millions.  We hope you continue to trust us and read us.  Know that we are in your corner.

We invite you to unite with us and help us create a new that puts fair and cooperative entrepreneurialism first.  Isn't it time?

All my best,


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