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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

James Naylor WINS with Webinar: “Turning your Technology Idea into a Viable Business”

Location: internet presentation
When: November 18, 2010
Hosted By: David Stacey International and KENOVA Technologies, LLC
Cost: Free

James has been holding successful webinars to assist companies from one-person start-up technology companies through multi-person businesses that have been around for a while. Companies who need to understand how to create a powerful and sustainable company. If you need answers to any of the following questions, this FREE webinar will be immensely beneficial for you:
- Have you developed a robust and bullet-proof financial and business model for your technology company?
- Do you need to raise Equity Capital for your business?
- Are you aware of the unique challenges associated with raising money for a technology business?
- Do you know how to calculate how much money you will really need?
- Do you know how to minimize the costs of getting your business started or developing it to the next level?
- Would it help to learn how you can best attract the money you need, especially in this very challenging economic environment?

James Naylor, KENOVA Technologies, LLC; Excellence Service Provider; 973-459-4714 Cell: 862-354-1911

James NaylorKENOVA Technologies

Despina Wilson and SegZone Tour of Annapolis WINS as #1

SegZone Tours hit #1 in customer ratings in Trip Advisor for the top 10 things to do in the Annapolis MD area! SegZone Tours received the contract to conduct Monster Mile tours at the Dover International Speedway--Every Friday--2 tours--one at 10am and 1 at 2pm! SegZone has plans to expand to more days as demand rises!
Despina Wilson, SegZone Tours (410) 280-1577

Rob & Cheryl Adams with Despina Wilson (Center)

Sian Lindemann WINS with New Floral Design Gallery Gallery

Sian Design is growing and has opened a BRAND NEW ART and Floral Design GALLERY in Point Roberts, Washington Original Art, Floral Design and Fresh Cut Flowers, Landscape Design. Check it out online! Who do you know?

Sian Lindemann


Sian Design Gallery
1674 Benson Road
Point Roberts, Washington

Sian Lindemann

Maria Gamb WINS with Self Published book: "Healing The Corporate World"

Maria Gamb, a first time author, who self published, released and orchestrated the global launch of "Healing The Corporate World" broke into the all-boys club on Amazon's TOP 10 Best Selling books in the category of Business / Leadership on Oct 13th. She held the best sellers slot of #6, nestled between prestigious authors such as Daniel Pink, John Maxwell, Carmine Gallo and legendary bodies of work such "Good to Great" and "Leadership and Self-Deception". This is no small feat and an accomplishment worthy of this important book which challenges the norms of business in corporations, entrepreneurial endeavors and thought leaders who have the power to influence change in the world. A book for anyone in business.

Maria Gamb, NMS Communications, 800-527-8186, AND

Andrea Luoni WINS with RateCraft as Businesses WIN with Lower Insurance Rates

RateCraft saved two manufacturing clients over 40% off business insurance this month. After launching a new tool this year where predictions of what a business should be paying for insurance versus what they currently are paying it has found it to be extremely accurate. The savings comes in the knowing so that with the efforts of RateCraft and the client together they can access the best premiums available. Unfortunately, there is no negotiation on health insurance premiums but what you can save on workers' compensation and other types of business insurance it can offset those costs. The average savings for RateCraft is 35% with a success rate of 98% and the best part is businesses don't even have to change from their favorite agents.

Andrea Luoni
, President, RateCraft, 888-632-9900 ext 1,,

Andrea Luoni

Patti Sommer WINS as she is Discovered on Twitter by Renegade Talk Radio

Twitter magic yet again! Empowered Sex was discovered on Twitter by Renegade Talk radio in So Cal. When they read the blogs on the website, they liked what they saw, & asked Patti Sommer of Empowered Sex participate on air w/ them for an upcoming Sex Friday show! Patti will be a guest on the show on Friday, 10/29 to participate in some straightforward sex talk. This is a pod cast, so it can be replayed at anytime. Here’s a bit about this growing internet radio station:

RenegadeTalk.FM is more popular than ever. Over 1.2 Million listeners have tuned in our Talk Show programming over the past 11 months and the numbers are still growing.

We cover subjects that the ostrich media (mainstream media) simply will not cover. We go into detail and ask the questions that you are thinking about. And because we're online, and free of the FCC we can, and do, cover subjects that fall outside of the Ostrich Media.

Renegade Talk .FM broadcasts 1 hour of live programming daily, offering edgy and provocative political, religious, sexual and alternative content designed for listeners who believe in the First Amendment and value free speech.

Renegade Talk .FM is committed to freedom of speech and having conversations that no one else is having in talk radio today.

Patti Sommer, (303) 883-9167,,

Patti Somer

Darlene Grimes Continues to WIN with her Isle of Love Resort

Darlene Grimes' project, the Isle of Love Resort gained more seed capital and added 3 members to their Board of Advisors. An architectural design firm of fellow CEO Space members will be doing the Artistic Renderings of the forthcoming resort. The Isle of Love is an adult resort where couples can live out their fantasies.... it is beyond Fantasy Island. With coaches, classes and counselors, we will raise the standard of the erotic resort like Victoria's Secret did for the lingerie industry and strengthen relationships.

Darlene H. Grimes, 949-306-3854 ♥ FX: 949-248-2854,

Berny Dohrmann with Darlene Grimes

Dr. Dawn Bain WINS with Contracts in South Africa

Dr. Dawn Bain is reporting in having a fabulous trip in South Africa the past two months. While there, she signed two large diamond deals. She signed a contract with a purchase order for 1.4 MILLION dollars for one of our Azura Dawn products to the South African Government/Army. They purchased our no-battery "Twistlite" flashlight...starting order of 86,000 units...the army is very large! We are so delighted to be able to share our wonderful technology here in South Africa. Azura Dawn also has purchases for 5 thousand crystal nail files and a large purchase order from the largest bank here in South Africa for our iVoxx technology products...which will help education in the schools...and the public schools need so much help.

Dr. Dawn Bain, Azura Dawn™, Inc., 949-387-7474,,

Dr. Dawn Bain

Claire Zammit WINS with Successful Teleseminar

Claire Zammit held a successful "The One" FREE Teleseminar! How to release your LOVE!” On Monday, October 25 at 5:30pm Claire’s teleseminars are both by phone and online. She records her calls and has them available for download at any time.

Claire Zammit,,

Clair Zammit

Featured Deal of the Week is brought to you by The National Networker, CEO Space Mid Atlantic and Rob Adams (pictured here).
Rob Adams

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