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Monday, September 20, 2010

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

Kemi B. Fadojutimi leading the Nigerian Women Leadership Council International (NWLCI) delegation to the UN Summit

From the 20th to 22nd September 2010, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan will join other Heads of State at the forthcoming United Nations MDGs Summit aimed at measuring progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

According to the Nigeria MDGs report for 2010, Nigeria is unlikely to eradicate extreme poverty, improve maternal health and ensure environmental sustainability however they are likely to achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality and empower women, reduce child mortality, combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria & other diseases and develop a global partnership for development.

With the above report, it is important for citizens to amplify their support for the eight MDGs, a set of targets to eradicate extreme poverty and its root causes by 2015 that marks its tenth anniversary this year. Kemi B. Fadojutimi will be leading the Nigerian Women Leadership Council International (NWLCI) delegation to the Summit.

Kemi B. Fadojutimi

Alexander Alperovich WINS with M.A.P. University

M.A.P. is Growing thanks to all of you. They have more Amazing Systems and Programs in their arsenal such as M.A.P. University:
Industry-Leading Entrepreneurship Training Program with 5 Step Proven Profit Formula,
Joint Venture and Mindset System, Info Product System to Become "Go-To Expert", 5-figure Monthly Income Program, GPS to Business Success Program, Get Paid to Create Content Program and Women Entrepreneur Training Program.

They are Proud to present their Well-Known experts with proven track records who have A to Z Success Business Models for YOU. They welcome YOU to come to their website and see which of their programs fit your needs the best. They promise that each of the programs can increase your Net Profit 30-50% or more in 90 days or less.

And we, in M.A.P. University, give a Money Back Guarantee with their programs if you do not get RESULTS after 90 days.

Alexander Alperovich
Your Sequencing GPS

Building Maintenance of Today WINs Big with Multiple Contracts

Building Maintenance of Today has been awarded the contract for a National Account with a major Telecommunication company, T-Mobile. This client has 178 locations in southern Cali (30 in Inland Empire, 30 in Orange County, 20 in San Diego County & 98 in Los Angeles). They have a national conference call with the client this week to receive the details of the contract. There are 71 more locations in other states (35 in Arizona, 21 in Nevada & 15 in Utah) we have the opportunity to service as well.

Building Maintenance of Today has negotiated a joint venture deal with a company that has relationships with hotel and automobile dealership chains. This company is all about eco-friendly awareness. They have been introduced to a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills and have been told by the property manager that they would like to work with us. They currently have two bids in with them.

Building Maintenance of Today has been in negotiations with an advertising company to do another joint venture project with the LA Unified school district where they have access to 1200 schools in the district on a monthly basis. They will be starting a "Healthy Schools" project with our new partner. They will have the opportunity to educate, inform and offer our services to over a million homes and families with this new partner company. They have been asked to participate in speaker panels to talk to the administrators and decision makers on a monthly basis. BM of Today will need partners to help provide services and to volunteer to join them to educate these schools on how to properly clean their facilities. This is a HUGE project.

Dereck E. Moore
President, CEO
Director of Business Development
Building Maintenance of Today
1901 Newport Blvd. suite 350
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(877) 880-4110 toll free
(714) 492-7503 direct
(949) 334-1309 fax

John Laney WINS 5 Mil Investment for International Green Housing Product

John Laney signed LOI for 5 mil investment into an international Green Housing product.

John is also in the process of “rolling out” a proprietary software subscription service for accredited investors. This functions to accomplish Due Diligence for investments, and performs what amounts to 40 to 50 hours of MBA level analysis on each investment.

John Laney

LaRoy Saline WINS with Double RC Green

LaRoy Saline, President of Double RC Green team has just formed their entity and are capital ready, due to finding a contact at the forum weekend. They owe some thanks to a generous Brother and two Sister in laws who made the trip possible, and were giving...And a charitable Grandmother, and a local businessman for investing to help them meet their Engagement fees. Double RC Green also owe great thanks for the referral from Jacqueline Warner that got them connected to a team that could help them.

Just recently they were guided to, and other resources from CEO Space Friends! They are excited to be that much closer to the capital they need to make their ambition of developing a Filta Fry Franchise or more (

LaRoy Saline
286 Golden Street
Blackfoot,Idaho 83221
208.795.7602 H/O
208.346.0244 C
Personal e-mail:

Help Mary Ann Swan Make Conversations - An Inspirational Game a BIG WIN

Mary Ann Swan, a grad of 1209, 310 and 710 with her business partner Barry Auchettl received guidance with the introduction of Conversations-an inspirational game to the marketplace along with much guidance in business and networking.

A fun project she has undertaken for getting the Conversations-an inspirational game's message out into the world is to enter it into the online contest: The Next Best Brilliant Idea for Humanity, sponsored by HUB (Humanity Unites Brilliance) and The Messenger Network.

She would be so appreciative if you could take a moment to look at her video pitch/profile page at and vote.

Another way to access her profile page is the Contest's main website: then just search Idea #112 in the left search box.

To cast a vote use the voter registration button on the upper right of the web-page...apparently the link under the idea isn't working too well. Once you register, you'll need to log back in to actually cast the vote...remembering her profile page can be found from the above link or the main website by going to IDEA #112 or last name SWAN.

Let her know, on the site if you do vote so she can include you in a drawing for a free game.

Mary Ann Swan
SwanSense Alternatives
905-471-0495 b.
416-556-4961 c.


What’s the number one skill for personal and professional success? Communication! Here’s a must read to master the assertiveness and connection skills to command instant, tangible results.

Leadership Language provides ready help for the busy person through short, actionable communication lists. Through this easy-to-read reference, you will gain the knowledge and wisdom needed to develop both your relationships as well as your performance. This guide improves your current skills and expands your repertoire for both personal and professional success.

From the Foreword from Dr. Tony Alessandra: Everyone wants to be successful, right? But, I’m guessing that we all know individuals who for some reason, just can’t seem to pull it off. In this incredibly easy to read book, Bob Jerus asks “Why do some people succeed while others fail?” and provides us with the answer by explaining the fundamental skill sets that are essential to achieving success both personally and professionally. Among the 60 skillsets he presents, there is one common denominator – how well we communicate. As Bob Jerus says, “In sales, persuasion, negotiations or any type of influencing activity, those who communicate best reap the highest rewards.” These are the most successful people, the winners in life, at work and in relationships.

Surefire Success
Leadership Language

Phone: 863 420 1929
email RJerus@SuccessDynamics.Org website: WWW.SuccessDynamics.Org


Patti Sommer was interviewed on a major Denver radio station last Wednesday, Sept. 15. Along with two other local female entrepreneurs who run ‘sexy’ businesses, she appeared on the Uncle Nasty show on KBPI at 4PM to talk about Empowered Sex and Cougar Limousine. She also announced an upcoming Meetup group and empowering seminars for women who have recently been through divorce and are ready to rebuild their self-image and ‘get their sexy back’.

Patti Sommer, 720-933-9257 or 303 883 9167 or and

Featured Deal of the Week is brought to you by The National Networker, CEO Space Mid Atlantic and Rob Adams (pictured here).
Rob Adams

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