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Sunday, August 22, 2010

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

Andy Andrus WINS Partnering with NAPA for NASCAR

Andy was blown away when Tow Truck in a Box asked to partner with Canadian Tire, the largest Tire Co. in Canada, on their car for NASCAR Canada. But now that they are partnered with NAPA, the largest auto parts dealer in the US, Andy’s in a dream world. Below, is one of 3 cars for this season that Tow Truck in a Box will be sponsoring. It all started and continues to grow because of CEO Space!!!!!!!!!

Andy Andrus,

Carrie Jeske WINS with SportsShade Canopy Awning & KC Inventors Club

SportsShade Canopy Awning was just redesigned by NASA engineers to improve functionality and quality! Looking for a partner to share profits on next 1,200 unit container. Currently generating $70,000 a year in sales revenue w/ no advertising.
2) The Inventors Club of KC, lead by CEO Space graduate (12/04), Carrie Jeske, has just been awarded a grant from Google for $10,000 a month in keyword advertising! Free online video chat meetings every 3rd Tuesday of the month, starting at 6:30 pm cst. Thank you Sherita Herring (CEO Space forum instructor).... we could have never gotten this without your programs!

Carrie Jeske,

D.J. Sherman WINS as he completes his Prototype of MobileLogic

My most recent win was receiving a letter of engagement with a capital raising company at the CEO Space forum in Las Vegas. I am really excited about how this could be a key to completing the prototype phase of MobileLogic.

D.J. Sherman, President
NewVision Mobile, LLC.,
Denver, CO.

Stephanie Kozowyk WINS 2nd in “Crowd Pitch” in Arizona

Stephanie Kozowyk, a 509 CEO Space grad and constant returnee, took 2nd place at “Crowd Pitch” in Arizona. It was a close race as she finished right behind an innovative medical device used in open heart surgery. She rocked and now has lots of people to follow up with.

Stephanie Kozowyk,
Skype: SportkiniGlobal,

Kelly Welser WINS with Mismatched Screenplay

Kelly Welser attended the CEO Space March forum to gain support for her nonprofit organization, Read To Rebound, a goal that was extremely successful. While she was there, she made a contact that proved extremely helpful with a passion project that she has worked on for the last 7 years, a screenplay called "Mismatched". During a faculty dinner, Kelly met Greg Reid, the bestselling author of "Three Feet From Gold". Last month, Greg introduced Kelly to Gary Goldstein, the producer of Pretty Woman, a dream for any unknown screenwriter. Because of the council that Mr. Goldstein offered, Kelly moved forward with a social media campaign to gain fans for the storyline. There is now a Facebook page called "Mismatched" in the movie category. The page covers everything from inspiration to industry strategy to actual songs that will be included in the movie. In September, a scene will be filmed and edited to add to the page. CEO Spacers - please support the page by searching "Mismatched" and hitting "Like"!

Kelly Welser,
(814) 403-8440

Phyllis Walker WINS with Social Media Masters

A thumbs-up to George Ishee / CEO Space Atlanta for connecting 509 grad Phyllis Walker with Susan Blanton and Carla Smith at Social Media Masters for her social media management and video creation needs.

Phyllis Walker,
770-827-2344 or 404-234-0907

A Lobster size WIN for Rosemary McDowell and The Executive Women’s Roundtable

Rosemary McDowell and The Executive Women’s Roundtable got a culinary treat Aug. 10 during their lunchtime cooking demonstration by Chef Jacques Haeringer at L’Auberge Chez Francois. Besides a delicious meal, the ladies picked up tips on everything from how to substitute different ingredients to how to properly prepare a lobster.

Rosemary McDowell, APMP
CEO Space Fairfax Club President

Maria Simone with two BIG WINS

Maria Simone has stepped in as CEO of ZsuZsi Athletic to work with Founder Stephanie Kozowyk to begin her capital raise. They currently have distribution for the Sportkini in some of the top athletic stores and luxury resorts such as the Four Seasons.

Maria Simone has partnered with Domingo Silvas to bring you the ultimate do-it-yourself business credit program. The program was over a year in development and has been beta tested for the past year. ---all CEO Space members get 10% off. Use coupon code 10 OFF at check out.

Maria Simone, 602.633.5089
Life changing event:
BE Your Magnificence Business Transformation:
Try a 30 Day Revenue Makeover:
Follow Maria: & http://facebook/mariasimone
Good Karma meets Business Success:

Careerization™—Strategic Résumés for Professional Dreams™ introduces its new logo this week:

Careerization™ is now providing FREE daily career tips, articles, and exercises via email to further assist people in transition. Anyone desiring additional information, may email for details. Lynne Cogan, Careerization’s™ founder/coach, received 2 more recommendations on LinkedIn.

Lynne Cogan, Founder/Coach
Careerization™—Strategic Résumés for Professional Dreams™

FREE 30-minute coaching appointments now through September 2nd. Availability is limited. Call today for your FREE appointment.

Kate Jack has been very Busy this Summer

Kate Jack has created her first blog/wesite...; started the Trademark Process with Maria Crimi Speth; shot, edited and uploaded the first five of her videos to You Tube (ruckusbudz1 Channel) - featuring puppets she built /copyrighted... created a Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for the puppets : Ruckus Budz; started using Garage Band to change the vocal quality of the puppets... is asking for feedback for how to make it better, for topics you'd like covered, for adults & kids who'd like to be interviewed by the puppets on WHAT MATTERS AMONGST PEOPLE!!

Kate Jack (Kate Zoeger)
CEO Space Fairfax Club President

Help Stop Child Trafficking Now! (SCTNow) WIN over Child Trafficking

Recent news has made the American public aware that the $39 Billion a year Child Sex Trafficking industry is not just a global problem-it’s also a huge domestic problem.

In the U.S., 200,000 minors are in the sex trade and approximately 17,000 are trafficked into the country every year according to the U.S. State Dept.

There are over 260 organizations who rehabilitate and counsel the girls who are rescued (many do not come out alive). Stop Child Trafficking Now! (SCTNow) is one of the only organizations who goes after the demand side-the predators who are trafficking these girls!

Getting these girls out of a life of sex slavery is great, but the trafficker simply replaces them with another girl. The only way to stop this modern-day slavery is to go after the traffickers themselves. That’s why SCTNow is different.

“Investigators and researchers estimate the average predator in the U.S. can make more than $200,000 a year from trafficking one young girl. SCTNow chooses to target the demand side," says founder Lynette Lewis.

The average pimp will abuse up to 400 girls and may traffic as many as 1,000 girls in his lifetime. Keeping Special Force teams on the street to put predators behind bars takes money.

SCTNow is using Social Media and Web 2.0 to stay in touch with their fans and supporters around the country thru Twitter, Facebook and Youtube ( ) and to help spread the word about the 27 million modern-day slaves held in human sex trafficking.

Stop Child Trafficking hosted their first ever Golf Tournament in Tulsa, OK, to raise money and awareness. The local media and many golfers and supporters made this event a huge success and the 2nd golf tournament is already scheduled for next summer.

SCTNow has launched its 2010 nationwide Walk Campaign in an effort to end child slavery. Communities from around the United States are walking together the weekend of October 2-3, 2010 to Stop Child Trafficking Now!

Last year on, September 26-27, 2009, over 8,000 individuals, corporations, religious organizations, communities and student groups participated in the inaugural Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk to raise awareness and the funds to support the special operative teams.

This global event occurred in 39 communities, and involved students from over 80 college campuses. The successful event raised over $600,000 to end child slavery.

For more information, find a walk near you or to donate visit to find us on the web and all Social Media sites.

Sundy Goodnight, SCTNow National Campaign Director,

Featured Deal of the Week is brought to you by The National Networker, CEO Space Mid Atlantic and Rob Adams (pictured here).

Rob Adams

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