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Friday, July 23, 2010

UPDATE! BULLETIN - TNNWC Group - 07.25.2010 - United We Stand.

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UPDATE! BULLETIN - TNNWC Group - 07.25.2010 - United We Stand

Dear Members and Friends:

Much is happening at TNNWC Group, LLC., and with our grand works in process... our unparalleled SUITE OF BUSINESS SERVICES, our GLOBAL INTERWORKED COOPERATIVE BUSINESS COMMUNITY ("GICBC") and our COOPERATIVE BUSINESS COMMITTEE ("CBC"), with its new Chairwoman, Bonnie Ross-Parker. The CBC will merely be the nucleus of a larger group with infinite lobbying power potential, called the COOPERATIVE BUSINESS COMMUNITY ("CB COMMUNITY").

Please take a look at our website at, in order to learn more about these wonderful offerings to our Members.

We are expecting to launch our newest and first fully-interactive website (Version 3.0) on or about August 15th, so please be on the lookout for it. Of course, be on the lookout for glitches-a-plenty while we are busily troubleshooting every page of this magnum opus (that LATIN!) for multiple browser compatibility, download speed, user-friendliness, broken hyperlinks, and some editorial refinements.

Expect some significant changes in The BLUE TUESDAY Report, which is about to be totally re-formatted and enriched with vitamins, minerals, green tea and some crucially useful information. Subscribe (for FREE!) to The BLUE TUESDAY Report -- show some team spirit and be true to the blue. If you're not currently receiving it, simply click on and it's yours for the asking.

Dear Colleagues, Friends, Members, Clients and First-Time Readers:
1.Real People Talk About The Recession
I noticed this very moving piece in LoHud Magazine. It is a series of interviews with real Human Beings (from Westchester County, New York) aout their experience with the recession in the United States. It also brings home the point that we, as entrepreneurs, emerging enterprises, and small but growing companies have an obligation to work in collaboration and sincere cooperation to survive, thrive and taste true victory -- while the government may not be in tune with the plight of the individuals who are struggling to survive in a very challenging economy, and while Wall Street seems to be demonstrating depraved indifference to Main Street, we entrepreneurs have a moral obligation to unite, to thrive, to become self-sufficient and to create genuine private sector employment for so many displaced persons who are emotionally defeated and financially strapped.

After you have heard these stories, please go to to see how we can unite to become our own lobbying force for a true turnaround in the US economy, and throughout the entire world. We need to work together. Jojn us for free at We have so much to offer each other, and so much to offer a civilization that is in very deep trouble. Emerging enterprises are the greatest hope for a better world economy, and for a restoration of faith in the creativity, initiative, compassion and industriousness of the resilient and powerful Human Spirit -- we can build our own economy. We are the future. There is a world calling out to us for help. We cannot fail if we work together in harmony.
And now, on with these real interviews:
Voices of the Recession

2. We Are Completely Rebuilding our Facebook Fan Page -- We want you to join us in LARGE NUMBERS!
In accordance with our new mission focus on EMPOWERING EMERGING ENTERPRISE, we are completely overhauling our FANPAGE on FaceBook. While its title will remain THE NATIONAL NETWORKER we will consolidating all of our TNNWC Group, LLC functions into one giant, comprehensive interactive FAN PAGE. We will be covering:
  • Crucial news for entrepreneurial and emerging enterprises -- The best thoughts, from the best minds, from the Best of The Web;
  • All of our publications and news aggregation services -- the entire content of the internet focused on your specific objectives;
  • New Resources and innovative applications for entrepreneurial and emerging enterprises -- our unparalleled roster of services;
  • Our Cooperative Business Committee and Our Cooperative Business Community;
  • Our Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community (CICBC);
  • Your ideas, suggestions, requests for assistance and commentary.

Please become a Fan today. Even though we are still under construction, join now and start getting the benefits. Entrepreneurs and Emerging Enterprises Unite and show that you want to make a difference. All are invited. In fact, encourage your friends to join our Fan Page, as well!

Now to some downright somber news from last week's UPDATE! BULLETIN which affects the entire entrepreneurial and emerging enterprise sector:

1. We (the US economic outlook) are not slowly recovering -- we are falling deeper into a bottomless and unprecedented recession. The same is true for virtually all of the "westernized" industrial nations of the world.

2. Banks and other private sector extensions of government, as well as the government itself is not going to be assisting our sector in any form or fashion. Large interests work in collusion to protect and preserve other large interests. Period.

3. We have to work together in a very civil, highly collaborative effort order to help one another. If we help one another, we can change the direction of the socio-economic landscape. We'll have to circle our wagons. We'll have to barter and share. We'll have to learn to trust each other. We'll have to patronize each other's businesses, and invest in one another's futures. We must unite. We've got to consolidate and get awfully big -- and very, very quickly. Be prepared to become an emerging enterprise advocate, and an activist for your right to survive.

Let's work together to take our fates out of the hands of these incompetent, greedy and remorseless THIRD PARTIES. Let's get our act together, thou great thought-leaders, initiators, entrepreneurs, and others who are not waiting around for a miracle that is not going to come. Let's work together, in friendship and cooperation, to make our OWN MIRACLE.

With all our Hearts, Heads and Hands Working Together,

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle,


Join us...become a Member of the TNNWC GICBC (absolutely free) at

p.s. Hey there...yes, you!...don't be selfish.

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