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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER: The Perfect Handshake Formula (or Testing Your Relationships' PH Level)

The Perfect Handshake Formula (or Testing Your Relationships' PH Level)

by Adam J. Kovitz

Two facts:

  1. As a "recovering engineer and rocket scientist" as well as a purveyor of networking, I love backing up my networking theories with stone-cold scientific principle, and if you've been reading me for quite sometime, then you know this to be true.
  2. As the Editor-in-Chief of TNNWC's publications, I make it clear to our writers that we look to avoid publishing the normal re-hashed networking and business philosophy. One of the examples that my co-Chairman, Douglas Castle and I use as a humorous example of what not to write is, "How to Shake Hands When Networking" as this has been covered ad nauseum.

In this week's note, however, I wanted to let you know that I will be breaking my own rule (I'm such a rebel) to talk about shaking hands when networking.


Because scientists have developed a formula for the perfect handshake (PH)!

You heard it here...according to researchers from the University of Manchester, England, the formula which takes into account twelve separate factors, actually measures the way we "convey respect and trust" to others.

What does the formula look like?

PH = √ (e2 + ve2)(d2) + (cg + dr)2 + π{(42)(42)}2 + (vi + t + te)2 + {(42 )(42)}2


e = eye contact
ve = verbal greeting
d = Duchenne smile (sincerity of the smile)
cg = completeness of grip
dr = dryness of hand
s = hand strength
p = position of hand

vi = vigor of the handshake
t = hand temperature
te = hand texture
c = control
du = duration

All twelve of these factors are on a scale from 1-5 with 1 being low and 5 being high.

If you would like to learn more about this unique new research, please click here.

In the meantime, I hope you continue to review the many changes in our website, our style and most importantly, our suite of services.

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1 comment:

DaniFawn said...

That is a very good post! As a woman, I am often complimented on my handshake. Using ALL of the formula you have listed, it's amazing how many comments I get each time I go to a networking event and shake a hand. The most important thing a "man" should remember is not to give a woman a "limp wrist" handshake. In these modern times, I feel this type of handshake isn't appropriate and often lacking good judgement, especially with an executive woman. She is looking for "good control, dry hand, smile, eye contact, and simple grip! Thanks for the Post! Danielle Watson, Las Vegas, Nevada

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