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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Update Bulletin - New Developments - The National Networker Companies - 04.04.2010

UPDATE BULLETIN!The National Networker Companies™
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Update Bulletin - New Developments - The National Networker Companies - 04.04.2010

*An Important Person To Watch: Sandra Levitin

Sandra Levitin, Founder of Kalön Women and Kalön Women’s Magazine has joined forces with The National Networker Companies.

Kalön Women reaches a growing and increasingly receptive market audience of women, age 40 and over. This particular group is the heart, soul and spirit of what The Global Futurist has termed “Generation XX”.

These women are not only re-inventing themselves…they are fast becoming the dominant and driving force in business, the professions, entrepreneurship, consumerism and activism. They are innovators, fast-learners, early-adopters and thought leaders.

Ms. Levitin offers information, product and service reviews, social and business resources, group forums, advice, mentoring, writing opportunities and access to virtually everything for this amazing segment of the market.

Learn more. Visit the website. Subscribe to the magazine. Oh, and if you’re male, learn to be very, very accommodating. Kalön readers may well be your future bosses, vendors, clients and partners. Investigate. Visit .

Women, particularly those 40 and over, are rising to power and influence. Don't be left behind.

*TAKE the Self-Evaluation Survey (TNNW Survey #6)!  The polls are closing on April 15th, and we'd like your responses, feedback and creative suggestions. The survey is anonymous, unless you wish to give us your name. This self-evaluation is a crucial tool for improvement in every aspect of your business, social and spiritual life. You will learn a great deal about yourself simply by taking this amazing survey. Guaranteed.

Take the Survey and invest in yourself. TNNW Survey #6 can be accessed easily by clicking on either  or .

*The National Newspicker Page is undergoing an upgrade.

The National Newspicker Page, which is located at is the world's most efficient way to get all of the news, info and intel that you need in just 20 minutes per day in order to sound like the smartest person in the room.

Grab this gadget at if you don't already have it, or simply make the page a favorite, for instant reference. We are switching servers, increasing content and re-formatting access -- this is great news! Sadly, until this process is finished on or about April 15th, some of the links to sources might be sporatically disconnected. Stay with us. It will be worth your while.

*Left, Right and Center is undergoing an upgrade.

The latest addition to our info-sourcing, Left, Right and Center, is located at is also undergoing the same process. This device, which accesses the the most extremist political news and views from right to left, will be available as a free-standing widget (soon!), and will also be added as an additional tab to the National Newspicker. This process should be completed on or about April 15th. We would suggest that you get this widget in addition to The National Newspicker Widget.

You'll get every bit of edgy news from the far right, the Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, militias, survivalists, far-left Liberals, Constitutionalists, Progressives, Internationalists, Cultists....Limbaugh to Franken...Maher to Palin...Centrists to Anarchists -- even the gossip amongst the blue-haired ladies playing Mah Jong in North Miami Beach! This stuff is absolutely fascinating, and is the ideal compliment to everything that you read in the mainstream media. We cover Mother Jones as well as the Spectator. You must get this widget the instant that it becomes available. It doesn't matter what YOUR politics are...find out about what everyone is thinking!

*Rick Itzkowich, Founder of QuoteActions and the acknowledged guru of "Keeping In Touch" has officially launched his much- heralded and critically acclaimed QuoteActions Product and Program:

The QuoteActions program is an incredibly simple tool which allows you to continuously keep in touch with your important relationships (your entire, growing email list of clients, subscribers, associates) daily. It operates on autopilot! Your name and your brand will always be in front of any prospect who needs your services...and being in the right place at the right time are crucial elements in the success of any business. QuoteActions allows you to always be there when it counts. More...

QuoteActions is a fabulous tool for managing your contacts and relationships. Nothing can match it.

*We have two fabulous buttons at the bottom of every Featured TNNWC Columnist's article:

We crave your comments and feedback on every article. Be heard!

The buttons are provided for you to 1) comment on articles and to view other readers' comments on the articles, and to 2) let you forward, share, rate, promote and do other social media stuff with any article which you find to be of interest.

One button pops open to a screen which allows you to read other readers' comments, and to leave your own [the more comments you leave on the greatest number of articles by the greatest number of authors, the better your personal branding and SEO - Fact!]. The other gives you a means of forwarding or sharing, either by email or by posting to any one (or all) of your social media. Here's what they look like:


Forward/Share This Article With Colleagues And Social Media:

Use these buttons or our Management Team will take them away! Our Management Team is ruthless (we had to let Ruth go), cold-hearted, hard-heading and demanding!

*TNNWC Client, Affiliate and Supporter, Bonnie Ross-Parker, published author and creator of The Joy Of Connecting recently received some NEW press coverage. Bonnie has created a proprietary system for women in business to network person-to-person in a completely unthreatening, inviting atmosphere that produces more actual ACTIVE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS than any other networking method.

If you are female (you must be sure!), you should consider becoming a JOC licensee. It is the most powerful in-home, real-touch relationship and network-building tool ever conceived by the mind of Ms. Ross-Parker provides a fabulous system to her Licensees, along with live training, constant upgrading, publicity, service and ongoing support. JOC Licensees (and now, The Latina Joy Of Connecting "LJOC" Licensees, too) promote their own businesses while they help other invitees to promote theirs. As Paula Fellingham would say, it is a genuine "WIN - WIN" for every Licensee and attendee. In fact, you might want to look at Paula's site:

Bottom line: Female? In business? Want fast-track growth without an enormous budgetary outlay and without pressure? Get a License -- While you can.

To learn more about this revolutionary and efficient sytem for instantly building meaningful business relationships without "speed-dating stress" or polishing up your 30-second (gulp!) "elevator pitch," download TNNWC's Public Announcement about Ms. Ross-Parker and The Joy Of Connecting by clicking on either:  (for those of you who prefer long, hard urls) or  by clicking on this one: (for those of you who like catchier, truncated urls which are more easily remembered) .  Do it now.

*Have you reviewed any of the blogs authored or administered by TNNWC Vice-Chairman Douglas Castle? He's even got a new one.

The new blog features music to take you away from the stresses of building and growing entrepreneurial and emerging enterprises. A music break is brief, but it allows your intellectual and creative batteries to restore themselves so that you can actually be more productive. Click on and join up (it's free, but the price is due to double on June 1st):  Go there.

Every other blog in this brilliant constellation, and every social media link is under the TNNWC Umbrella (which is not to be confused with the Traveller's Insurance Company Umbrella, which cannot be folded or put into your attache case):

The National Networker Companies - Networking is only the beginning...
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The Global Futurist - Revealing trends.
Taking Command! - Mastering your fate.
LINKS 4 LIFE - Help in any emergency.
Grab the National Newspicker Page Gadget - All the news, trends and intel you 20 minutes per day.

Note: Douglas Castle is perhaps one of the greatest social and economic visionaries of our time -- then again, there are those who think that he is a ranting fool. He is neither humble nor tactful. His mother loves him...almost nobody else does. [Adam j. Kovitz, the creator of the notion of Relationship Capital, merely tolerates Castle].

With all of the best yet to come,

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle

The National Networker Companies
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