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Sunday, February 21, 2010

UPDATE Bulletin - New Developments - The National Networker Companies - 02.21.2010

UPDATE BULLETIN!The National Networker Companies™
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Update Bulletin - New Developments - The National Networker Companies - 02.21.2010

Dear Friends:

Greetings, everyone!

QUESTION #1: What exactly are/is The National Networker Companies?

TNNWC is a group of unincorporated divisions operating under the aegis of The National Networker Companies. TNNWC is, at present, a Limited Liability Company with only two Managing Members. TNNWC is converting its structure to permit the admission of Participating Members (Stakeholders in ownership and profit-sharing) to afford the greatest contributors to TNNWC's success to become true owners, with an ongoing income annuity. This shared-contribution, shared-stakeholder type of incentive-based meritocracy is referred to as a GICBC - A Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community.

QUESTION #2: What does TNNWC do?

TNNWC publishes several newsletters (The National Networker Weekly Newsletter, The Blue Tuesday Report, and other special publications and bulletins), provides a suite of businesses services for entrepreneurial endeavor, emerging enterprises, fast-track executives and innovative professionals. These services are unparalleled anywhere, are efficiently priced, and are only available to our TNNWC Members; but bear in mind that Membership is free. Lastly, we are an interactive community of like-minded collaborative people who want to build a new economic paradigm and entity which allows for prosperity and peace -- capitalism without conflict.

QUESTION #3: What's The Benefit To ME in Joining TNNWC's GICBC, and in becoming a Member Of TNNWC?

It's simple. Become a Member and 1) receive all of our free publications, breaking news, RSS feeds, Email updates, intelligence, practical advice and access to our suite of services for professional and business growth; become a Member and 2) receive pre-qualified personalized introductions to other community Members (worldwide) who will collaborate with you, mentor you, advise you, co-venture with you, promote you, and become your suppliers, clients or representatives to increase your quality and quantity of your business and the trajectory of your rise to success -- we are proactive and interactive; become a Member, and TNNWC will find ways and means of promoting you -- we are a community of creative, motivated and enterprising individuals...we are like an extended family and we take care of each other as part and parcel of taking care of ourselves; Become a Member and 3) ultimately become a stakeholder in our GICBC for the development of equity, income, security and so many other benefits which you cannot count on large corporations, governmental agencies or other faceless strangers to survive.

Our rapidly growing GICBC will be a sovereign self-sustaining entity in cyberspace... a Member-owned diplomatic meritocracy, a capitalistic system fed with shared success, but tempered with compassion and accountability, an incubator for achievement and productivity... a rescue vessel in a time when too many people are drowning in a sea of desperation, disillusionment, distrust, insecurity, hopelessness and profound emotional depression. We extend our hand to you.

QUESTION #4: What Type of Services Do you Provide?

We provide superb comprehensive customized services which include, but are not limited to, these: News Releases; Public Relations; Publicity; Financing (from angel investors to venture capital to asset-based financing to purchase-order financing, to international trade financing and receivables insurance, to major project and contract financing; International Connections Services; Advertising Services; Blogging and Blogosphere Domination Services; and a host of others...and we're prepared to do plenty of hand-holding and follow-through. Networking is only the beginning...we are about synergistic relationships.

QUESTION #5: Could you tell me more about the GICBC concept?

In being consistent with the progressive theme of the most recent two Update Bulletins and using them as a foundation upon which to build this week's Bulletin, an expanded outline of the ways in which we have already changed, as well as our plans for additional changes to be implemented during 2010 follows, with a focus on the GICBC Project. Note: This will be of great interest to every existing member, and to those of readers who are not yet members (you folks can fix that right now by clicking on -- membership is free, and it gives you instant access to our TNNW Weekly Newsletter, the Blue Tuesday Report, our suite of unparalleled Business Development Services and our various interactive Forums):

Our Vision has changed - It is our intention to become the first Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community (GICBC) in history. We believe that TNNW's GICBC will serve as an exemplary type of social and business structure where capitalism can be used as a positive inducement for participation, innovation and peaceful, productive teamwork which transcends any unspoken caste system, any monetary or political barriers, and any geographical considerations.

Can a GICBC become a large conglomerate? Absolutely. Growth is unlimited.

Can a GICBC create, own or control its own credit unions, capital funds and insurance companies for the benefit of its members? Absolutely. We can be a virtual self-contained world. The greater our membership size, the better our negotiating position, resources and lobbying strength.

Can a GICBC act as a purchasing agent in order to obtain better pricing on products and services? Absolutely. The collective power of the GICBC can be used to obtain favorable pricing on everything -- from groceries, to automobiles, to office supplies, to education, to health insurance, to theater tickets, to discounted rates on loans -- and these benefits can be passed along to our members.

Can a GICBC be incorporated, or become an LLC? Absolutely. There is no legal or financial liability to any stakeholder for the actions of the company.

Can a GICBC buy interests in other companies and assets? Absolutely. We can invest in anything that we choose. Stakeholders propose these opportunities and vote on them at stakeholders' meetings, which can be held electronically (via computer and telephone).

A GICBC is similar in structure to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, where 1) members work together and share in an ongoing collaborative effort to build the company [by consistently increasing and diversifying the volume and sources of the company's revenues], and 2) members are awarded ownership interests in the company as well as 3) shares of the company's profit...i.e., a quarterly cash distributions for each member in direct proportion with his or her percentage ownership.

Each member is awarded ownership (and all the benefits associated with ownership) based upon the value of his or her contribution. A GICBC is a true meritocracy, where productivity, innovation and the willingness to share are rewarded. Some have called this "Capitalism Without Conflict". Keep googling GICBC. Keep apprising us of your thoughts and willingness to become a vested member and stakeholder. You can give us your ideas or pose your questions to us at .

Our mission has changed - The National Networker Companies, as a group, is a provider of news, intelligence, unique content and business development services to the professional, corporate and entrepreneurial sectors.

Our orientation has changed - Networking is only the beginning - TNNWC is not just about "networking" (which has become a vast term with multiple meanings to many people; where every person believes that he or she is an "***EXPERT***") -- we are all about increasing revenues and productivity by creating viable, real connections; building partnerships (domestically and globally); providing interactive forums; and furnishing services to increase your roster of clients, your buzz, your branding, your market presence (in existing and new, emerging and potential markets) and your sales by every means possible. We live to inform, assist, interact with and promote every member's business, practice or cause.

Our structure has changed - We are an information producer, cross-media broadcaster and a promotion mega-machine. We make things happen for our members, and for our clients. We are building our management team now -- we are proactively pursuing and recruiting talented, energetic and intelligent individuals and matching them with the important official functions for which they are best suited...those for which they can offer our GICBC their optimal utilization.

Growth, refinement and improvement in other areas - Keep watching. What do you have to offer us? What are your greatest personal and professional talents?

Help us build the world's biggest subscriber/ membership list -- Forward this article (or this email) to a friend, colleague or business associate.

As always, thank you. You've let us become a part of your life. Through our GICBC (details unfolding rapidly), you will be able to become a stakeholder in The National Networker Companies. Our Growth Will Guarantee Yours.

With All of Our Best,

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle

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