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Sunday, October 25, 2009

ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN: A Wonderful "Win-Win" for Women: The WIN Online

Especially For Women with Ann Barczay Sloan


Paula Fellingham

Founder and CEO,

The Women’s Information Network

“The Online Home for All Women, All Ages”

What does a woman do who through the years has already achieved major success in founding large family-oriented organizations; creating and presenting training seminars nationwide / worldwide; authoring five books, producing an award-winning parenting video -- not to mention birthing seven children and raising them to adulthood?

What’s next for such a super-achiever? Why yes of course! She simply proceeds to create an even more gigantic organization: a dynamic on-line network of successful women that offers great value to participants and can easily expand to unlimited size.

I have great news for you: Today is your day to meet this amazing woman. Her name is Paula Fellingham.

How Paula and I first crossed paths

I first met Paula at a CEO Space Forum in Los Angeles several years ago – perhaps 2004. Paula probably has no recollection of me (I’m not sure we even spoke at that time), but I do recall her distinctly: I seem to have a terrific memory when it comes to “who’s who and what’s what”... And it may actually have been Maria Simone who first introduced us. (A bit more detail on Maria below.)

I recall how impressed I was by Paula’s accomplishments even back then. She had written several books, created and presented huge seminars all over the country and had that confidence born of leadership and achievement written all over her… And it wasn’t only her bright red suit that gave rise to this impression!

Fast forward five years, to present time: Just last month, it was definitely Maria Simone who invited me to take a look at a brand-new enterprise she’s deeply involved with, newly launched in September: The Women’s Information Network (The WIN.)

When Maria told me Paula Fellingham was at the helm, I said to myself: “Paula? Yes, of course! That’s just perfect!”

But first, meet Maria Simone: Conscious Business Architect

In my mind, the words “Fast Forward” immediately evoke Maria Simone – the very woman who introduced me to The WIN. Why is that? Because “Fast Forward to Success™” is the title of Maria’s Business Acceleration E-zine for her company, Passion 2 Prosperity: .

Maria (with good cause) calls herself “The Prosperity Diva” and is quite a delightful and successful woman herself. And of course Maria has set up her own program on The WIN, titled “The Passionate Business Show.

I’ve known Maria for ten years, and I want to say Hi and Congratulations to her via this paragraph. FYI, I showcased Maria in an earlier “Women’s Networking” article: find it in TNNW archives at

But let’s focus on Paula now!

Who is Dr. Paula Fellingham, and what is she all about?

Here are a few excerpts from Paula’s official bio. (Please believe me: there were many more accomplishments, but I had to cut something somewhere!)

Paula Noble Fellingham

Recipient, Doctorate of Education in Human Relations.

Author of five books, including the best-seller Believe It! Become It! How to Hurdle Barriers and Excel Like Never Before.

Honored as Washington State Young Mother of the Year 1986, and Utah State Woman of the Year 2003.

Founder of “Women Celebrating Life”, an organization for women 40 and older to help them reinvigorate their lives.

Currently, Paula is CEO of The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) The Online Home For All Women ~ All Ages. The mission of The WIN is to strengthen women and families worldwide by offering high quality audio/video presentations and articles on a wide variety of topics and many ways to connect.

In 2007, Paula presented 48 seminars in 32 cities across America. Her seminars were entitled “Ignite Your Life!” Especially empowering are her trainings on how to turn one’s passion into a lucrative business, how to become a published author and/or professional speaker, how to excel online, and how to eliminate debt.

Internationally-acclaimed speaker, Dr. Paula Fellingham has given presentations at the United Nations, for the World Movement of Mothers in Paris, at the International Conference of the Worldwide Organization for Women, and numerous other places. Paula participated in the World Congress on Families in Geneva, and at the World Movement of Mothers International Conference at NATO Headquarters.

Former Director of Women-to-Women Life Success Seminars™, giving individuals and women-owned businesses vision, voice, and clear direction. Writer and producer of the outstanding 55 minute parenting video,Creating A Successful Family: Six Essential Steps.” This video won “Best-Seller Publishing Outstanding Video” award in 2000.

Magazine contributor, Paula has written articles for People Magazine, Family Living, and Executive Excellence. Author of the parenting manual used in churches and communities nationwide: Turn on the Light of Love and Learning in Your Home.”

Paula received her B.A. in 1971 and her Doctorate in 2004. Dr. Gilbert Fellingham (Professor of Statistics, Brigham Young University) and Paula are the parents of seven children, and the grandparents of twelve.

Entering the World of The WIN

Now that we’ve traversed this lengthy – and please remember, only partial! –list of Fellingham achievements, let’s go visit the virtually brand-new site – -- and enter the world of The WIN.

The opening page displays our Welcome message. (Note: Links have been deactivated.)

Welcome to The WIN!

The Premier Media and Social Network for Women

We're the very best place online for women who want to:

  • Get Solutions: Enjoy 30 channels of shows on a wide variety of topics; presented by experts; Easily downloadable; Great articles
  • Share Ideas: Write on the Conversation Boards, Comment on shows/articles; Join a Webinar or Conversation Circle
  • Really Connect: Make friends; Join a WIN Group; Start a WIN Group; Attend future WIN Conferences and Retreats

The WIN is a network for women by women ~ and we're glad you're here!
The various options offered on this page include:

  • The WIN ezine - You're gonna love this!
  • Exerpts From the Experts
  • Featured Video
  • Conversation Boards
  • Recent Articles
  • The Daily WIN features a different special product every day. All items are deeply discounted and offered exclusively on The WIN.

Menu options on Opening page:


Lists of various types of shows available


Listed by Title or by Expert


Come join the fun… The WIN Show features Paula Fellingham, Kim Coles, and Lauralee Christensen who interview special guests. Each guest is a content expert on issues affecting women's lives.


Welcome to the WIN Community! From here you can connect with other WIN members, get updates on upcoming events and keep current with WIN News and eZine.


Merchandise categories: Apparel / Electronics / Events


Access to Profile / Friends


About Us / Show Hosts / Press Room

But now, enough of exploring what’s available on it’s time to converse with the CEO herself!

Interview with Paula Fellingham

Thanks so much for sharing your latest creation with our readers, with me!

First off, how would you briefly describe what you do your “elevator speech” or similar tag line?

“My mission is to strengthen women and families worldwide. That’s also the mission of The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) – “The Online Home for All Women, All Ages”. It will become the Premier Media and Social Network for Women. You can find us at .”

What makes you / your company / organization unique? In other words, what is the so-called Unique Value Proposition of your product or service?

“The Women’s Information Network is far more than a website. It is a thriving Community of women helping women ~ online and offline. We help women Get Solutions, Share Ideas, and Really Connect. They ‘Get Solutions’ through hundreds of audio/video shows and articles; they ‘Share Ideas’ through our message boards and groups; they ‘Really Connect’ during our online webinars and our offline conferences, retreats, and expos.”

What is your primary goal, the mission of what you do?

“There’s an ‘About the WIN’ section on our site that clearly summarizes our mission:

Women as a group tend to live longer, earn less and take time away from paid work to care for families, and typically have less in retirement savings. Now is the time when women are focusing on these life-changing issues and are paying attention to their situations in a new way.

With that reinvention in mind, The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) was created in response to the growing need to strengthen women and families worldwide. The WIN becomes the first entity of its kind to provide content-rich solutions addressing relevant, timely topics for women—the largest demographic group online today.

The WIN will provide hundreds of free, high-quality audio and video shows and articles presented by experts allowing women to receive fast solutions and focus on life-changing personal and business issues. Far more than just a content provider, The WIN allows women to connect and create relationships with like-minded women in ways no other entity has embraced.

I must also add that that philanthropy is an integral part of The WIN. We’ll work with many charities; especially targeting initially.”

Wow, Paula – I keep wanting to say Wow!

Now, would you please describe how you got started in all this, and how you arrived where you are currently?

“In 2007 I presented ‘Ignite Your Life’ Seminars to women in 32 cities across America, spending multiple days in each city. I met thousands of wonderful women who were seeking the same thing: sustained joy. They were searching for solutions to the challenges in their lives. At the end of my nine month seminar tour I was exhausted and I thought, ‘There’s got to be a better way! I need to create an entity where hundreds of experts can share their “solutions” with millions of women, worldwide, from home, for free. And the women will connect with one another and strengthen each other.’ And The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) was conceived. Truly, our community of women helping women can touch the hearts and change the lives of millions of people across the globe.”

Was there a time of breakthrough: a turning point when you chose to change your course? Any specific quantum leap(s)?

“Let me put it this way: The WIN continues to grow, day by day, into something far more comprehensive and glorious than I first imagined, in large part due to our marvelous Team.”

Which of your projects are you currently most excited and passionate about?

“The WIN!!!”

Whom does your network currently include? How far does your network extend? What is the size of your outreach?)

“We currently have an accumulated database of over 2 million people.”

Bottom line, Paula – What do you feel is really working well for you, for the WIN?

“…Working with our fabulous Show Hosts to expand our reach quickly.”

I’m wondering ─ how would one go about becoming a Show Host?

“We're receiving many requests a day from prospective Show Hosts. We don't need to "advertise" per se but we WILL soon be putting up info on Show Host requirements.

What’s the achievement you’re most proud of at this time?

“Clearly, it’s the 200+ incredible experts – our Show Hosts who are committed to The WIN’s success.”

What are your plans and goals for the future ─ especially regarding networking activities?

“The WIN will become The Premier Media and Social Network for Women Worldwide. Our first International Conference will be held on April 17, 2010, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.”

In conclusion, anything you’d like to add ─ some words of encouragement, inspiration for our readers?

“There’s a place for every woman on Come join us!”

That’s so great, Paula! – Thanks so much for taking time to share yourself and The WIN with us. It sounds sensational, even now at its beginnings. But what a powerful start! And Yes I will follow up on your invitation!


Contact information for Paula:

Paula Fellingham



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Ann Barczay Sloan, M.A.

Author & Editor / Creative Writing Coach

Featured Columnist,


Author of the forthcoming book:

How to Use the Pieces of a Broken Heart:

Recipes for Rebirth


For more information, please visit Ann's TNNW Bio.

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